Top Skilled Trade Jobs to Work in Canada


10 of the Best Skilled Trade Jobs to Work in Canada As


Canada depends on the work of skilled trade workers to keep the country running. As such, skilled trade workers always remain in high demand in Canada – especially immigrants who have both the practical and theoretical knowledge of a trade. Skilled trade workers in Canada have good salaries and job security.


Average Salary for top 10 Skilled Worker Jobs in Canada

Need to know how much you could earn in Canada for your work? Check out the table below for the average salary you could earn in Canada as a Skilled Worker.

Rank Job Title Average Salary 5-Year Wage Growth 5-Year Job Growth
1 Electrical and telecommunications Contractor $72,800 13 28%
2 Long shore workers $70,720 30% 13%
3 Heavy Construction Equipment Supervisor $62,400 15% 50%
4 Oil & Gas Well Operator $70,720 30% 15%
5 Construction Manager $72,800 9% 19%
6 Locomotive Engineer $62,400 20% 15%
7 Construction Trades/Contractors Supervisor $60,008 14% 27%
8 Pipefitting Contractor & Supervisor $69,326 8% 43%
9 Power Line & Cable Worker $66,650 7% 3%
10 Industrial Electrician $62,400 9% 5%

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