5 Part-time jobs that pay off in Canada

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Living it up in the bustling cities of Canada can be an expensive option so finding an extra source of work may become a necessity. While your job as a financial consultant may keep you busy during the day, you have the potential to earn even more with a part-time job.

Here is a list of the most profitable part-time jobs in Canada as reported by Time Magazine.

  1. Web Designer: Harness your creative skills, get an unforgettable portfolio together and partner up with small to medium-sized businesses who need work done on their websites. Pay can range from $20-$150 per hour.
  1. Office Professional: Some companies just don’t have the resources to invest in human capital and this has led to many office administration tasks being outsourced. Whether you are a wiz in accounting or you have a talent for recruitment, part-time work can be a lucrative opportunity, paying anything from $25-$60 per hour depending on your specific skills.
  1. Business Consulting: Specializing in an area of business or graduating from a top-tiered university can pay off with hourly consultation rates ranging between $150 and $300. Hiring individuals on this basis has become a popular trend as internet and digital activity brings skills and professionals closer together. Top consultants can take home up to $250 per hour depending on their skill level.
  1. Dog walker: Animal fans will feel as if they are barely working with an opportunity to take lovable pooches on walks around the neighborhood. Surprisingly, this activity can draw in between $15 – $75 per hour depending on your clientele. Get plenty of exercise as well as fresh Canadian air with this fun part-time job.
  1. Bartender: Though hours can be long and tiring, some bartenders have stated that they can earn up to $1000 working 3 nights a week. Greater earning potential can be ensured with a Servsafe certification and training. Visit the Servsafe website here to learn more.

You can find part-time jobs on Indeed and Wowjobs.

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