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Working in Canada has become a reality for so many people and it is easy to see why. Canada is a leading producer for lumber and oil, has an excellent economy and is a leading international trader. Due to the fact that Canada’s economy is so strong, their currency is dependable and stable and hence has many job and financial opportunities for both Canadian citizens and immigrants.

Types of Work Visas

When looking to enter Canada and work, you have so many different options that you can choose. Some of the more popular Canadian work permits or visas are; Federal Skilled Workers Visa, Quebec Skilled Workers Visa, the Caregiver Visa, Express Entry, Temporary Work Permit and a Working Holiday Visa.

Employment Opportunities in Canada

Canada is experiencing a work shortage so you are able to take full advantage of this by looking for work in Canada. 75% of Canada’s workforce is in the service industry so there are many service jobs available. As we mentioned before, lumber and oil are the biggest industries in Canada so there are also many positions in these fields. Canada’s fishing industry is also one of the biggest in the world. The Canadian healthcare industry is also very well established and offers many opportunities.

Jobs in Demand in Canada

Popular jobs in Canada for foreigners include:

  • Forestry jobs – most of the jobs are located in and around British Columbia
  • Mining jobs – many of these jobs are located in and around Alberta
  • Nursing – nurses are in demand throughout Canada
  • Jobs in the trades (electricians, plumbers etc.) – there is a great demand for these skills throughout Canada
  • Translators – there is a demand for translators for all major languages throughout Canada

How to Find Work in Canada

Finding work in Canada is not hard at all. Because there are so many jobs available in Canada and as there is such a high demand for workers, the opportunities are endless. Some of the immigration agencies and lawyers that we have reviewed offer recruitment services too.

How to Apply For a Work Permit in Canada

There are 3 ways in which you can apply for a work permit in Canada:

  • Online – you will need a scanner or camera to make electronic copies of your documents and a valid credit card
  • On paper – you will need to get the application forms, fill them out, make the payment and send the application forms
  • Through an immigration consultant (RCIC) – this has become a very popular way for people to immigrate to Canada. If you look at our reviews section you will see we have reviewed companies that deal with immigration. We Also have our Scam Alert section where we let you know about fraudulent sites. Using this as a method of immigration saves you a lot of headache and stress as RCIC registered immigration consultants are highly knowledgeable about the required documentation for Canadian Work Permits.

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