Student Visa to Study in Canada


Why International Students Study in Canada


Canada has some of the best higher education facilities in the world. With 98 universities and many other tertiary schools, the education opportunities are virtually limitless.

It is known as the most educated country in the world as almost half its population boasts tertiary qualifications. You can work towards your degree, bachelor or masters qualifications within virtually any field of your choice. Canada’s universities are filled with people from different cultures and ethnicities.


What is Student Life Like in Canada?


Student life in Canada is extremely affordable, making studying within easy reach of most people. Tuition fees and the cost of living for international students are amongst the lowest in comparison to other countries.

Canada houses a dynamic multicultural society with students from every corner of the globe. You can meet new people and immerse yourself in a variety of religions and cultures. Their campuses offer you enormous possibilities for learning and leisure. From Olympic-quality sports facilities to public concert halls and art galleries, you will be able to meet new people and make memories that will stay with you for the rest of your life.


What do you Need for a Student Visa in Canada?

Documents for a Canadian Student Visa

If you plan to study in Canada as an international student you must be accepted and registered with a acknowledge Canadian University or other acknowledged schools. You will need to provide proper documentation according to the admission requirements of that particular university.


How to Qualify for a Canadian Student Visa 

As part of the process, you need to have proof of funds for your studies, as well as living expenses. These finances need to be able to support both yourself and any additional family members that might accompany you. In addition, you will need the funds to be able to return to your home country upon completion of your studies.

You must have no criminal record, or constitute a threat to Canada or its citizens. Canada will also require information regarding your health status and you must be willing to submit to any required physical examinations by qualified physicians.

The last step is to have the approval of an immigration officer.


Exceptions For Canadian Student Visa Applications


There are a few unique conditions that could exempt you from the requirements of obtaining a study permit.

For example, there’s no need for a study permit if your course of study will be up to 6 months. You will, however, have to complete the course in this scheduled time.


If you plan to come to Canada in the future why not take a look at some of the trusted Canadian Immigration Services?

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  2. mohamud yunis adan says:

    hi my name is mohamud yunis am from kenya
    i will like to do my diplomas in canada
    how can i apply and get college from canada?

  3. thomas says:

    I am Registered Nurse in Kenya and i would like to study and possibly settle in Canada?I wanted to now how can one extend a your stay after PGWP rejection? do you get another student visa or a Job?

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    Hi i m davinder singh from india. Can you give me the information about schooling viasa
    My first child is fifth year complete and is 2 year. She ia able for schooling visa.

  5. Ram karki says:

    can i apply without any english test ?

    • Canadian Visa Review says:

      Hi,Ram Karki

      You will have to do the IELTS to qualify for a student Visa.Thank you.

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    My name is Hamid Ali shah i am 26 year old my date of birth 1 / January / 1989 i am from Pakistan i work in Saudi Arabia as Autocad Draftsman Architecture and i want to study for International degree …

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