Permanent Residency in Canada


As indicated by the United Nations, Canada and Australia get the most immigrants per capita in any given year. Yearly, more than 200,000 individuals are permitted to enter Canada as permanent residents.

When affirmed to enter Canada as a permanent resident, an individual will receive a Permanent Resident Card and appreciate all the same rights as nationals of Canada, except for voting benefits and boundless stays when travelling outside of Canada. The procedure of gaining permanent residency in Canada is in a state of constant change because of various outside approach activities and regulatory modifications.

Applicants can apply under one of six classifications for Canadian permanent residence:

  • Skilled Worker Class Immigration
  • Provincial Nomination
  • Quebec-Selected Immigration
  • Business Class Immigration
  • Family Class Immigration

Skilled worker class immigration- Candidates are assessed taking into account education level, language ability, work experience, age, arranged employment and flexibility to adaption. The consolidated score is ranked from 0 to 100, with the base qualifying level set at 67.

Provincial Nomination- If you have a particular province at the top of the priority list that you might want to move and settle in, this procedure allows a province to designate people that they wish to incorporate into their choice for immigration and settlement. If and when your nomination is approved, you’re then eligible to apply to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Quebec-Selected Immigration- The province of Quebec has special agreement with the Federal Government of Canada to choose workers that best fits movement prerequisites. A separate evaluation process for Quebec permanent resident applies with categories that include: business people, students, temporary workers, permanent workers, families and sponsored refugees.

Business Class Immigration- Investors, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals are the categories in which you can apply in the business class immigration process.  Investors ought to show proof of business experience and a legally obtained net worth of 800 000 Canadian dollars with the ability to invest 400 000 Canadian dollars into the Canadian economy. Entrepreneurs too need to express business experience in both management and ownership, and require a net worth of 300 000 CAD. Self-employed individuals must have the experience, expectation and capacity to build up a business that will, at the very least, create an employment opportunity for themselves and make a noteworthy commitment to social exercises or activities in Canada.

Family Class Immigration- If you have any family members that are permanent residents in Canada, they might have the capacity to help you get permanent residency. Roughly 30% of all workers that come to Canada are supported by relatives. People living in Canada are obliged by the administration to support relatives coming to Canada for a time of 3 to 10 years, keeping in mind that the end goal is to assist them in settling in Canada.

So keep in mind these options you’ve got when applying for permanent residency in Canada.

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  1. Rupa Dhungel Singh says:

    how to track my application online ?

  2. Tricia says:

    Thanks for the information. However, Can you clarify Family Class Immigration a little more, meaning, are they referring to strictly immediate family members like mother, sister or do cousins apply here?

    Thanks for your response in advance

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