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It started as a simple thought to help with up and coming graduation ceremonies in Fort McMurray and quickly bloomed into a huge endowment of dresses, including a car load from a Saskatchewan lady who joined the cause.

Beverly Proulx Bentley of Saskatoon is doing her part to guarantee Fort McMurray evacuees have clothing for their secondary school graduation. It seems as though Beverly isn’t the only one who realizes how very important this is for many students.

“This is something that they want to remember for the rest of their life,” Bentley said. “I wanted to be part of that, to give them the opportunity to feel good about themselves.”

Proulx Bentley got involved with the Facebook group Fort McMurray Grad Donation. In the space of a week, she acknowledged more than 50 donations of graduation dresses from all over Saskatchewan. Many of which arrived with personalized notes from the previous owners of the dresses, adding a warm and personal touch. With more dresses on their way, she can no longer accept any more of them.


The prom clothing will be collected by Fort McMurray evacuees amid an occasion May 29 in Leduc, Alta, south of Edmonton. The occasion will be facilitated by the Fort McMurray Grad Donation group and its accomplice, the Prom Project, a program that brings dresses to individuals who might be unable to afford them. Any remaining prom clothing will be given to the Prom Project and different associations that would profit by the gifts.

“It’s basically going to be an open shop dress-fitting for students,” said Tarin Whyte the administrator for the Fort McMurray Grad Donation Facebook page. Tarin also stated that as of Saturday 14th May, over 1000 dresses had been donated from across Canada. Jenica Brown who also joined this incredible cause had taken the initiative to collect dresses, 80 dresses to be exact. All stuffed into her trunk as she set off to personally drop them off at those who are in need. Brown expressed that the experience of interfacing with such a variety of generosity was moving. She also said most of these dresses were still very much in style

Canadians from all walks of life have really been coming out to help where they can since the devastating fire. This isn’t the first story of its kind and it most probably won’t be the last.

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