Millionaires Deported After Canadian Immigration Scandal

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Millionaires Fall From Grace


Xiao Qing Li (49), a millionaire who used the Quebec Investor program to make Canada her home in 2005 has been deported from Richmond, Canada.


This happened after she used an unregistered Canadian immigration company called New Can Consulting Ltd and another company by the name of Wellong International Investments. This was just the beginning of her Canadian immigration fraud.


A Family of Crime


Li was not the only one in her family to run into trouble with the law; both her son and husband lied about their permanent residency in Canada. They claimed to have spent the required time in the country to apply for permanent residence in 2006. Since then it has been proved that they lied. In reality they spent most of their time outside the country’s borders and could not in fact legally qualify.


The family also attempted to renew their permanent residence cards for Canada using the services of New Can Consulting. This illegal company created fake documents like job offers, work experience proof and other documentation to make the family look like legal applicants.


These rich criminals thought they could get away with their crimes – they were proven wrong. In September, 2017, New Can Consulting went under investigation. Over 1,600 of their clients were found to have done exactly the same as Li’s family had. Currently, 770 of those clients have faced persecution by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and have subsequently lost their permanent residency in the country. There are even more clients that will eventually face trial in the coming days.


The Lies Don’t End There


The owner of Wellong International Investments, Xun Wang, is also facing charges but not just for immigration fraud, he was also charged for tax evasion.


To continue the drama, Li, tried to stop her deportation from her $8 million Vancouver mansion in June, 2017. Even after knowing that all her actions had been illegal and that she could not legally qualify for residency in 2011, she appealed to the court on humanitarian grounds.


To make matters worse, Li claimed that she spent only 837 days outside the country, but the Canada Border Services told a different story. Apparently, she had spent more than 1,332 outside of Canada.


Because of Li’s actions and those of her family, they will no longer have a life in Canada.


Immigration Fraud Is A Serious Offence


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If you have had any problems with Canadian immigration fraud please comment below and share your story.

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