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  1. Dear sir give me my visa. sir support me. thank you

  2. Kmal says:

    One such company company for good reviewal is visa solutions

  3. Vishnu Kumar says:

    How much time you need to stay in Canada to get a PR?

  4. vishal says:

    How to submit immigration reviews?

  5. ISLAM MD NAZRUL says:

    hi i want to go for canada for working can u help me how to apply visa for canada

    • Canadian Visa Review says:

      Good Day,

      Thank you for getting in touch with us. Kindly note that we are a review site and therefore do not provide visas. We do give top advice on immigration services, so please go through our Trusted Agencies as they should be able to answer any/all questions pertaining to visa applications.

      Kind regards,

    • Qamar ul zaman says:

      Yes I going to canada

  6. Hi peaple of canadian immigration embersy, I have a tree types of work mecci, I mean brealeying buildind contractor in civil enginneering!!….I also a barbing saloon, nd a tialer tise

  7. Hi I’ll be very glad if I get a great job in canadian spend meny years nd have a beta family

  8. Mr carey says:

    hi we are a family of three i am an irish citizen my wife mexican and young daughter can you help

  9. Asslam o Alaikum warahmatullah hi wabarahkatahu Sir I leave in Canada and work over there

  10. I am Pakistani and I want to go Canada to visit Canada

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