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Liam Clifford is At it Again


Yet another immigration scheme has popped up and in our opinion we think that Liam Clifford and his team need to call it quits now.

From Global Visas to IPX Visas/IP Visas to Brighter Visas and now there is another potential scam website called, Liam Clifford and his team seem to not mind being called out and exposed as a scam agency time and time again.

VisasTo is the shiny new immigration agency that is a copy and paste of Brighter Visa. And when we say copy and paste, we mean copy and paste! same - visasto is an actual replica of Brighter Visas from the content all the way to the landing pages and images…I mean, let’s get new images Clifford and team – Google has an endless supply that you could choose from. website is a copy and paste of the Brighter Visas website. Everything from the services, right through to the contact page is the same. In addition, the contact number for VisasTo is the same as that of Brighter Visas, Global Visas and IXP Visas.visas to contact

There is no website or company identity and it is not affiliated with any company whatsoever, resulting in our suspicion that their not so great website is a ghost website. like its sister websites, does not specify if they have legitimate lawyers or consultants recognized by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) or any of the other countries they represent.

If we thought they could not get any smarter with their ideas, they have added every country in the world to their immigration list… so name a country from A-Z and you will find it on their immigration website. They offer immigration assistance to every country in the world but provide no proof that they have actual immigration consultants or lawyers.

Light at the end of the tunnel?

Looks like there is some sort of light at the end of the tunnel for Clifford and his team, they actually attempted to put on their thinking caps this time. The new website has a news section which the other sites lacked. Not only that, but it looks like they have news from every country they “REPRESENT”.visas to news

They have removed the company address off the website, so now we are left with only the number. However the numbers are still the same as Brighter Visas, Global Visas and IP/IXP Visas.

VisasTo does not have the qualified staff to assist people in immigrating to Canada, so how are they able to assist people in all these other “new” countries they claim they represent?

Reviews and Testimonials:

There are testimonials on the VisasTo website, however,  because it is new there is nothing online. They were actually smart this time and decided to remove the Corporate Clients form the site as the last Corporate Clients they had on the Brighter Visas website matched those found on Global Visas.

Visa applicants are encouraged to do their homework before signing over thousands of dollars for visas to Canada or anywhere else in the world. Your visas will definitely be denied with them.

Do you have any experience in dealing with Let us know what you thought about their services in the comments below.




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  • VisasTo is a copy and paste of the well-known Brighter Visas and Global Visas which is a scam

You can visit their website here:


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