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We thought we were the only people exposing immigration companies for taking advantage of people, but now it looks like employees are blowing the whistle on the their employers as well.

According to a post on a popular consumer website, a Miles Connection Visas (MC Visas) employee went online and exposed the immigration company as a scam.

The employee has exposed the company for claiming to have immigration lawyers, but not actually having any qualified lawyers. The anonymous employee goes as far as to say “I asked them who the ICCRC person for Canadian immigration was…and they said they are not allowed to have one and have been banned from Canada,” claims the former MC Visas employee.

According to the post, the employee describes the owners of MC Visas as a man and his wife, living in Dubai, pretending to know the ins and outs of immigration. The employee furthermore says “I worked in the office and you will be SCAMMED,” he further advises people wishing to immigrate to “use a better company in Dubai for proper immigration.” While an anonymous person says that it is a lie and that the owner of MC Visas is well respected and prominent figure in the UAE.

However, instead of taking the anonymous employees word for it, we went and did our own research about the company.

Miles Connection Visas, also known as MC Visas is said to be part of the award-winning Miles Connection Group which was founded in 2001 and is apparently a leading provider of immigration and visa services to clients in the Middle East and worldwide.

No Qualified Consultants:

According to the website, MC Visas assists people in immigrating to six different countries, including Canada, the US, UK, Germany, Australia, and Denmark. The website states that the company employees “are nothing less than ex-immigration experts, government-accredited professionals and qualified immigration lawyers” that will help you get the right type of visa for your needs. MC Visas countries

This sounds great, just one question…who are these qualified immigration experts and lawyers and how does one know that they are qualified? Nowhere on the website do they mention who they are and how we can check their credentials. MC Visas ICCIC

Red lights continue going off with the consultants. There is an ICCRC logo for Canada, an Australian MIA logo as well as a UK – OISC logo at the top of the website. When you click on the logo, it does not show who the “immigration experts” actually are. We only counted three countries, so what about Germany, Denmark, and the US and who is representing those countries?


Although the website looks professional and gives you a free assessment, there is no company legitimacy. According to the website’s Terms and Conditions, a client can get a 50 percent of money back if they do not receive their visa. The board of directors have to state that the client was given the wrong information and that this resulted in the failed visa application, while the home page states “NO WIN – NO FEE”. MC Visas logo

If you click on the Canada tab on the website, it gives you a Wikipedia version about Canada and the other countries which does not really help in terms of the immigration process.

Some of the links do not work properly and you are frequently misdirected, which is extremely sloppy for an immigration company. The only tab that seems to be working properly is the payment plug-in.

There are mixed reviews online about the company’s services. Most people are not happy with their work, while a few odd anonymous comments say that they have been helped and have received their visas. On the site, the company goes as far as to put former clients’ feedback as testimonials including the clients passport. They do blur the faces and names, but this is still unsafe.MC Visas site testimonials

There are no social media pages or blogs anywhere, so we wonder how they keep clients informed about the new regulations and immigration news.

Although the so-called former employee may just be angry and lashing back at the company, we do advise that people do their research when dealing with this agency. There are just too many red flags and it looks like a scam.

Have you had any experience with MC Visas? If so, leave us a comment telling us what you thought about MC Visas’ services.




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  • There is nothing on the website about immigration and there are no social media pages


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4 Discussion to this post

  1. X Employee says:


    I am one of the early X Employees of Miles Connection. The company is a SCAM !!! Do not Go there.

    The company was Established in 2011 as an advertising company who supposed to print a booklet and give it to the passengers in Ukrainian Airline flying to Dubai. THIS NEVER HAPPENED. They used to print only few copies and deliver it ONLY to clients who advertised with them. THEY WERE NOT RELATED TO VISAS AT ALL. I have their Trade License and I can show it to you if needed.

    They were purposely hiring people who do not need Employment Visa in an illegal manner so that they can fire them without headache. Additionally, they did not pay my salary nor salaries of other 4 colleagues of mine. We did not know about their Scam and once we discovered we had to exit this company. They are BIG CHEATERS. One of my colleagues decided to sue them in Court of Law and she WON the case at the end.

    MC Visas is not licensed to work in Dubai ( i Doubt that they have license with regards to visas). Their license is Commercial Broker only !!! MC visas was launched on the website somewhere in 2014 maybe. I am not sure. Since then, they are cheating people.

    Owners of this company are one woman Uzbekistan and one man from Egypt but he pretends to be a Billionaire from Albania. The woman came to Dubai at age of 13 or 14 as ” Go GO Dancer” In a night club. I dont want to talk about the owners because there are too many things to say but I would stick to the company and its operations.

    The company is a fake company and they do not respect any one. They are living by stealing money from innocent people.

    IF the your website would like to contact me to expose MC Visa, I would be more than happy to cooperate and warn people from dealing with them.

  2. Sabu says:

    MC Visas also don’t have anyone in particular responsible.each time time we call either no one answers or they say that person has changed and other person took over the company , then again after a month they say another person took over.but now no one is responsible and their office is closed down..while still the applications r not completed.

  3. am says:

    MC Visa is a real scam. they had breach of contract against me but she said she does not have money to pay me back

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