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The Copy-and-Paste Problem Of Liam Clifford

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Liam Clifford, the owner and boss of what claims to be the most successful immigration and visa operation in the world, has launched what seems to be a new fraudulent website that gives people visas to nowhere. This time it’s called, IP Visas/ IXP Visas.

After years of being banned from acting as a company director, Clifford thought it would be appropriate to get back in the game.

Why do we think that IP Visas is a possible scam? Clifford lacks authenticity and obviously is too cheap to hire copywriters or people to redo the entire website.

Most people are raised to never judge a book by its cover, but in this case – we would say judge to your heart’s content.  IP Visas lacks originality and creativity and is a-copy-and-paste of the original Global Visas.

Website and Content:

IP Visas & Global visas

IP Visas contact us

The IP Visas website is a copy and paste of the Global Visas website. Everything from the services provided, to the About Us page and Immigration News, all the way to the Contact Us page is the same. Both company websites even have the same mistakes. The offices from the Global Visas website are the same as the offices on the IP Visas website and yes, Clifford was even too lazy to get a new office number for all the countries that IP Visas supposedly operate in.

Like Global Visas, IP Visas does not have a company identity nor is it affiliated with any company. IP Visas does not specify if a client will be assisted by a qualified lawyer or a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).

IP Visas does not have the qualified personnel to assist people in immigrating to Canada, so how are they able to assist?

According to the website, the company has worldwide associates, but it looks like a copy and paste image found on Google and not an actual logo.

Social Media:ip visas facebook scam

According to the website, IP Visas has been in existence since 1996, yet the Facebook and Twitter page that were created have never been used before.

However, do not fear as there is a Facebook page dedicated to exposing this company. Unhappy clients visit the page to warn potential clients of their dealings with the company.

If that is not enough, IP Visas is extremely sloppy  and they make no effort to try to appear professional. For example, their website is littered with errors.

Has anyone complained about them? Rest assured there are lots of testimonials on the web showcasing IP Visas in a bad light.

IP Visa complaint 2 IP Visa complaint IP Visa complaint 5

The company has drawn so much attention, that an investigative TV show even featured a short expose on the site:

In a recent episode of the popular South African current affairs show, Carte Blanche exposed Global Visas by going undercover to investigate the company in Cape Town, South Africa. Using hidden cameras and investigators pretending to be potential visa applicants, the show was able to prove that the company was selling immigration packages to prospective immigrants who would never qualify for these packages.  It was clear after some investigation and research that Global Visas was and still is a scam – and now they have opened a new scam portal – IP Visas.

Prospective immigrants should take care to ensure that companies or individuals are trustworthy before contracting an agent and paying a large amount of money for services that will not be rendered.

Always look for reviews online and ask the company for proof of their legitimacy.

Have you had any experience with IXP/IP Visas? If so, leave us a comment telling us what you thought about IXP/IP Visa’s services.




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  • IXP/IP Visas is a copy and paste of the well-known Global Visas which is a scam

You can visit their website here: www.ixp/ipvisas.com

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  1. SEVEN says:

    They took my money and run away no any action since 4 years….ı paid 3271 CND dolars. All they do is push you to make fully payments and then after they got the money by by to you no any answer to any call or mails at all. I feel so bad it was very very hard earn money…what ı shame…

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