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Beware: Canadian Visas is NOT the same as Canadian Visa!


If you were not careful, it would be very easy to confuse with the website After all, the only difference is that one says “visa” and the other says “visas” in their name. However, that’s where the similarities stop, because while (read our review about them here) is a legitimate immigration consultancy, is a potential scam pretending to be the same company.

Another Stolen Name?

The well-known scam site USAGC Organization, is not only ripping people off but also stealing legitimate company names in order to rip people off.

USAGC Organization is the scam that isn’t ready to call it quits. The popular scam site has now decided to use a well-established immigration agency’s name for its own con. After stealing the name – USAGC Organization came up with the creative

Because of the similar names, people tend to think that (legitimate company) is the same as (possible scam). They are in no way similar or affiliated with each other. USAGC Organization just added an “S” to make it seem different and creditable.

A site within a site

Masked by the new site, there are three other possible scam sites embedded within the site. has OV Canada, OV Australia and the other popular scam site USAGC Lottery Service under its belt.

What people think is a link to learn more about the Canadian Visa Application – is actually just the OV Canada website. The site leads you to the ghost website of OV Canada where clients can fill out their information. In addition, when you click on the USA Green Card Lottery link – it directs you to the USAGC Lottery Service, a well-known scam site. When you click on the Australia Live and Work Application, it takes you to another popular scam sign-up site – OV Australia. 
OV Canada




OV Australia



The original website – doesn’t have different languages, but the back end sites (OV Canada, OV Australia, and USAGC) have different languages – 10 languages to be exact.


This so called immigration agency doesn’t even try to create a proper site with only one video and a few pictures.

The video posted on the website is from the “MrCedarCottage” YouTube page. If this truly was a video, why isn’t it posted on a YouTube Page? It just looks like the video was stolen and is being passed on as “” video. The “Canadian Work Visa” video also has an IMMA Group logo on, although it looks like they got it from google and added it to the video.

At the bottom of the page one can see that the site is created on WordPress and it even shows the theme it is using. It shows a log in portal and we suspect that this gives hackers the perfect opportunity to hack the site. bottom page

The “About Us Page” is also a “Contact Us Page” and it doesn’t say anything about the business or who they are. It just has a contact us form that a client should fill in, which probably leads to the unreliable sites. There is no company address or contact number and there are no social media pages or - about us

Needless to say that the person responsible isn’t just lazy but is sloppy too. The site says nothing about the visa programs people can apply for, it says nothing about the company and it says nothing about an RCIC consultant.  There is no RCIC consultant or mention of anyone qualified as most scam sites try to do. There are no Terms and Conditions or Privacy policy pages.

The logo appears as if it was taken from Google images – not exactly professional.

Nothing about this site looks like it was planned or thought through. It looks like a sloppy rush job that we recommended people should stay away from.

Do you have any experience in dealing with Let us know what you thought about their services in the comments below.




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  • is affiliated with OV Canada and USAGC Organization – notorious scams

You can visit their website here:


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