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Beware: The Ghost website with a beautiful design.

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To read more about Ghost Consultants and how to identify them, read here.

There are a lot of companies that promise you the moon and stars and deliver absolutely nothing. Then there are those that promise that your future is safe in their hands, and well we know it is not true.

Take Canadian Visa Services for instance – their website is beautifully designed and the first thing that you read on their website is “Your future is in safe hands.” Unfortunately they promise nothing but air: Canadian Visa Services is a possible scam.

According to this beautiful website, Canadian Visa Services is recognized by the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) as well as the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). However, it fails to provide us with the names of said immigration consultants or their registered numbers. If Canadian Visa Services had these said “qualified consultants”, we would be able to check if they truly are on the ICCRC website.Canadian visa ICCRC

There are no details of the company behind them,  including a lack of company identity, insights into finding a job in Canada and who they use  as recruiters. canadian visa services - visa types

Canadian Visa Services, like most unreliable companies lure people in by offering an online assessment to check if they are eligible to immigrate to Canada. The website gives you a detailed explanation on all types of visas that can be acquired and what they can do to help you; from the family class sponsorship to the tourist visas.

How much does it cost?

So that you do not get the shock of your life, Canadian Visa Services lists how much their visa assessment services will cost you on the website. From applying for the citizenship assessment to the tourist visa assessment – they list them all. This is a good sign because you know how much it will cost for an assessment upfront, but most companies like VisaPlace offer a free assessment and tell you what visa you qualify for.candaian visa services prices

If it costs $1500 for a citizenship assessment, how much does it cost for them to fill in the documents and to actually apply for this visa? How much does it cost for them to submit your documents to the Canadian Government?

These are all things worth thinking about before giving your money to a ghost website.

Social Media and Content:

Canadian Visa Services has a Facebook, Twitter and Vimeo account, but the company is so sloppy that when you click on the social media icons- the page just redirects you to the Canadian Visa home page. You have to manually go and Google “Canadian Visa Services Facebook”.

There are no reviews about the company on the website or on the web, maybe because it is a new company- registered in 2014, but the only reviews found are on the Facebook page.  canadian visa services facebook

The company is relatively new and although it has a beautiful website, there are too many red flags, leading us to believe that one should not trust them with their money. We suggest that you stay away as they seem unreliable.






  • Canadian Visa Services clearly state they cannot guarantee you a visa


  • No RCIC or company identity
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  1. Cynthia says:

    My sister-in-law received a phone call from Canadian Visa Professionals but they did not identify themselves so she got a little suspicious and called me here in the USA to call the number and I did…3 times! The first person who answered did not give his name and only said “Immigration Center,” So I started to tell him what had happened and he was very rude to me, he did not answer any questions and I asked him why they had called her and his response was “that’s between her and us.” He proceeded to hang up on me. I called again and the V/M just says “Immigration Centers, all our representatives are busy with other clients please leave a message.” I was leaving a message and I got cut off. Then the third time I called I asked what the name of the company was and he said “Canadian Visa Professionals” I asked his name and where in Canada they were located. He gave me the info but it was like pulling teeth! Then I was in the middle of asking “Joshua” a question and he says “well the best of luck with everything.” What the hell is that? They cut you off even before you finish speaking. This just DOES NOT SEEM RIGHT TO ME!! Furthermore, my sister-in-law has NEVER applied to live in Canada, she lives in Ecuador, does not speak any English and has children that were born and raised in Ecuador. They have NEVER even had the thought of moving to Canada!! BE CAREFUL EVERYONE!! THERE ARE A LOT OF SCAMMERS OUT THERE.

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