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Don’t trust Canadian Visa Expert with your money.

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Reviews like the one above are not uncommon when it comes to Canadian Visa Expert.

There are claims that Canadian Visa Expert has scammed people trying to immigrate to America and now there is a possibility that they are trying the same tactics on people hoping to move to Canada.

Mistakenly trusted by many, Canadian Visa Expert has allegedly  embezzled money from countless people for years. On November 4 2014, Canadian Visa Expert received their 100th complaint, yet this seemingly corrupt institute is still up and running and manages to take and take without giving anything back.

100th complaint

Who is behind this legal team of “professionals”?
The first red flag thrown up by Canadian Visa Expert’s website is that it gives no indication of who will be assisting applicants, so we do not know if you will be assisted by a qualified immigration lawyer or a qualified RCIC consultant, or if they even are qualified to help with visa applications to start with.

Affiliated with other Scams.

Alarmingly, after doing some research, our team has discovered that Canadian Visa Expert is tied to the infamous – a notorious American Green Card Lottery spam and scam website, which charges for entry into the Green Card lottery.CNV

How did we discover this? The footer of Expert’s website clearly states they are “owned and operated by the EU company, PRONET Online Marketing GmbH” – the same company responsible for

A quick Google search reveals that the company identity of Pronet Online Marketing is possibly an untrustworthy one.

This, plus their affiliation with (sister site) makes Canadian Visa Expert’s legitimacy very questionable indeed.



Need more convincing?

Search online for “Canadian visa expert review” and the number of negative reviews about this company are frightening. Yet, despite this, their website features a single positive review from 2012, which is odd as most of the reviews about them are negative.

Video “testimonials”

With all the negative reviews about them, it would seem that Expert has attempted some reputation management, or dare we suggest it: fake testimonials.

There are a number of these so-called video testimonials about Canadian Visa Expert showing up on Google.

For example, the testimonial above was made by “Claudia”, and may be authentic. But is it? Watching the other three reviews quickly reveals a common theme: unlike reviews posted elsewhere online, these reviews are all VERY positive and sound more like sales pitches than true experiences.

This woman, apparently Jenny Roberts, keeps looking to the side as if reading a script and does not seem to be very authentic. She claims to have started the immigration process with a lawyer, but changed to Canadian Visa Expert because “things just weren’t moving fast enough”.

She fails to explain just how much faster Canadian Visa Expert was. While she doesn’t say where she was originally from, or how long she has been in Canada for, she has a very strong Canadian accent, which is odd if she really has only immigrated recently. Which we doubt she ever did.

Who is Sharon Visa?

Normally, when there are online testimonials about a company, people either post them on their own accounts, or the company will upload it to the company’s YouTube account.

Oddly, all of Canadian Visa Expert’s video testimonials are hosted on the same account, called Sharon Visa. You’d be forgiven for assuming that the account belongs to one of the people posting the videos. However, reading the single-line description on the YoutTube account’s “About” tab shows that the channel actually does belong to Canadian Visa Expert. Why isn’t the channel CALLED Canadian Visa Expert then?

And why are all comments disabled? Are they afraid of what people may be saying about them?

Dedicated Scam Facebook page

Nothing shouts SCAM ALERT louder than when someone has created a Facebook page dedicated to people who have been scammed by a company.

facebook fraud

Canadian Visa Expert Arnaque/Scam FRAUD is an entire Facebook page with well over 1000 likes/followers dedicated to telling people that Canadian Visa Expert is a scam.

If that is not enough to tell you that everything about this company could be fraudulent, they are also not a BBB Accredited Business.

How much does Canadian Visa Expert cost?
No one can truly answer this, as the company seems to charge different people different amounts. Rather, you can expect to lose whatever money you do pay, and never see a dime again.


Be very careful if you choose to use Canadian Visa Expert as they are seen to be a possible scam company.

You can visit their website here:


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31 Discussion to this post

  1. Khalid Zunaim says:

    Dear All, this is a big scamming organization.. Don’t be sorry for what you have lost with them. but do not continue the game can go longer if you make it longer. Just stop and as for a refund

  2. shiela says:

    I also applied on their service. I always ask them regarding this negative feedbacks i saw on social media but they keep saying that its all not true and they are legit.
    As of now I already pass on their assessment stage and i paid a amount of 1224usd.
    at this moment they ask me if i’m still willing to go on the next step.
    Do i need to continue or just stop on it?
    Thank you.

  3. moe yassir says:

    I have applied through Canadian visa expert , and I am in the middle of the procedure now so do you recommend to continue or not ?

    • shiela says:

      same here. I already passed the assessment stage. Now they keep on updating on my next stage.
      i always ask them regarding those negative feedbacks regarding them. but they keep on saying that they are legal.

  4. Obi chizube says:

    Hi I want to confirm if this name David lia his phone no is 09035654479′ he ask me bring $500, to use process the visa lottery

  5. Aly Rustom says:

    I was scammed by Canadian Visa Expert and I am now in the process of filing a complaint. A guy contacted me. His name was Gabrielle Marsh. After speaking with him he assured us that it would cost $2000 from start to finish. When we got through paying that Marsh disappeared and a woman by the name of Mia Morgan contacted us and said that we needed to pay even more money. They have refused to refund our money, saying that they could only give us a $700 discount, but still had to pay more money. In the end we got scammed out of $3000. Don’t let that happen to you!

  6. Masih says:

    I wonder how such fake companies can advertise in instagram!. They called me and said i have to pay 819$ to start my application, even asking for credit card number. I noticed that this was strange so i said i am busy now and hang up on them! later on they sent me email today (12.03.2017), saying I can register for only 15$ and the email was send from this email!
    Now seeing this news I just got sure

  7. Tony says:

    I had a similar experience, and I do believe this is a scam. Naively I gave them the information about myself and family and they charged me US$840 off my credit card. Later they called saying I qualified for everything and wanted me to pay another US$1250 to complete a double application. I told them I did not have that type of money so he said to pay a part. I told him no. So he hung up. I changed my credit card information with the bank and recovered some of the money. He called himself George Johnson.

  8. Salahuddin says:

    I Like Canada, I am a peaceful person any body help me

  9. Manny says:

    I just a call from them also and talked for an hour. I was almost got duped by their tactics and sweet words. Thankfully, my credit card company, which is Citibank, didn’t allowed the transaction to go through and called me right away to inform me. And then I checked this website if it is really a scam and it turned out to be true. God, these people are so mean.

  10. Donna says:

    Hi I just get a call tody and they full an application snd then they ask for my credit card and take 983$ US . I don’t know how I do thas but I feel afraid it’s big amount please any one till me if they take money from you and you got a visa to Canada

    • Edna says:

      Don’t do it. It’s a total SCAM! No matter how convincing this may sound on their site, check them out first on the web. From there I’m sure you’ll get the real truth about that organization.

  11. Eko says:

    So canadian visa expert is real company or scam?

  12. it’s very helpfull.thanks for the valuable information

  13. trish says:

    Hi..i have a question and comment. Firstly. Canada Visa Expert are frauds. I dealt with them but got advice never to pay them. Secondly..i am going to apply for my visitor visa so i can network and make connections. I have started already using the linkedin network.

    However..i need to know how do i convince a Canadian employer to hire me (an outsider) over a Canadian? Even though i am very qualified.

    Thanks for all the information and articles shared to us.

  14. Edward C. says:

    My wife filled out the canadian visa expert for more information on a friday or saturday , gave them her cel number and name, they call day after on a Sunday morning , and talk to her for about half an hour , and told her she needed a personal curriculum fill out in english and to give the first 6 numbers of her credit card, after they check her credit card, they continued saying she needed to take a test in english and that it would take 30 days for a contact and the hole process like 18 months to get a visa and work for her, after that they told her she needed to pay $819 US dlls with her credit card for them to advice her and contact her with advisers, and gave her an app number, when I told them we did not want to pay, to see some results first , they got mad and passed me different person that said can you pay $100 us dlls right now and later the rest, I said no, and he said way are you waisting my time, I said you never mention $819 us dlls payment at the start of our conversation or on your web page, we thought you were connect with the canadian embassy and this was a free service and just had to pay for the application fee or other fees after you found a job for my wife, he got angry and hung up.

    • Jay says:

      Hello Edward,

      I got exactly the same experience today Sunday 19.6.2016.
      I confirm that this whole idea is suspicious.

      • Wan Norafli says:

        Ive got exactly the same call ( 18.5.2017 ) – same language ( praising how qualified I was and that I need to move to Canada as soon as possible ) – but instead they asked me to pay a whopping $2804 USD .
        Since they were “praising” me too much – I realize that something was wrong. I told them I will think about it and they passed me to a different person ( still trying to convince me ) .

        At the end I hung up …. directly google search “Canadian Expert Visa Fraud” and found this page.
        I am super glad my 6th sense kicked in …..

  15. rubel says:

    sir i don’t have any higher qualification. Now this situation i con get Canadian visa?

    • Canadian Visa Review says:

      Hi Rubel,

      Thanks for your query. Yes you are able to still apply for a Canadian visa without a higher qualification however you may need to have an assessment and IELTS test done before applying for the visa. Please consult our Trusted Agents page to view a consultancy that would be able to help you.


      • rubel says:

        that means without IELTS can’t go Canada

        • Canadian Visa Review says:

          Yes. You need to first do the IELTS test before applying for a visa.

  16. Julian says:

    You can be completely sure, they are scammers. They Call me a day after I filled a short form form Twitter; The guy said that his name was Joseph or something like that (without giving his last name). The call lasted something like an hour, I´m a young man from Colombia, looking for new chances to grow up, and give my family new opportunities, So I decided to listen to him, I gave him all my personal information including the name of my children (What a fool you will say) But, when you really are dreaming with something better you don’t think clearly, besides this scammer don’t give the time, he told me something that I still remember: ” Julian just relax, give me your credit car number, we are professionals, I have family too, this is your big chance” … They sent me an email with information for payment, saying that I still had to pay $700US, When the call finished i received a message from my bank, They stole me, $300US, in Colombian pesos are $900.000COP a lot of money for me, 1 mont of work. They had the nerve of saying me by other mail that I had a due with them for other $400US.

    Let me give you a free advice, take care of your money, If you want to move to Canada be patient and make the correct choices. Prepare your own CV, save some money, study the customs, read about the country and prepare your self because is something like traveling to other new world.

    Good Luck, sincerely Julian.

  17. Ehsan ul haq says:

    I wanna apply for work visa

  18. Ruhozu says:

    I did apply immigration through canadian visa expert and they charge me $ 1482.72 namibian dollers but am not happy or trust them at all!!!!!

  19. Islam Md Tajul +6590780342 says:

    Hi I have apply for Canadian Visa. Then two days later I got a call from Visa office . Sorry to say due to sleep I could not understand properly what he say. Now I expect they call me agin.

  20. MdSaydurrahman says:

    I like to Canada

    • Canadian Visa Review says:

      Read through our trusted agent reviews, these are companies that are trustworthy and will be able to help you with your immigration process.

      Thank you for your comment

  21. foysal ahmed says:

    good morning, we is from now Saudi Arabia,i work that is country,I want work Canada , I’m election worker,
    thanks !

    • Canadian Visa Review says:


      We do not deal with Canadian immigration but if you look at our trusted agent reviews you will be able to choose an immigration company and work through them.

      Thank you for your comment

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