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Canada Immigration Service is an immigration consultancy that has quite clearly failed in its attempt to appear as a regulated Canadian Immigration consultancy. The management of Canada Immigration Services has gone out of their way to copy and paste every bit of information on their website from the website of which is a well known reputable, legal and accredited Canadian Immigration agency.

Canada Immigration Service’s embarrassing lack of originality and competence has led them to copy and paste everything on their website. From promotional videos to information about their RCIC agents who all work and are associated with the legitimate, the entire website appears to have been duplicated. In addition to that, Canada Immigration Service are using the name and other contact information of and their RCIC’s Consultant Identification numbers so we can only assume that this is to hide their illegitimacy and lack of credibility to fraudulently deceive unwitting clients and it is our duty to reveal this act of plagiarism and gross misconduct.zcam






The rest of Canada Immigration Service’s website including their about us page, Canadian visas and why use an RCIC pages are exact replicas of the information found on’s website including images. There is not much in way of information about who owns Canada Immigration Service as the only form of original content available on their website is their phone numbers and email addresses. We tried to dig further and contact them through the phone numbers provided but our efforts proved futile as they all remained unanswered.

Website and Services









The website for Canada Immigration Service looks very unprofessional and hastily done with the copy and paste job making it even worse. The website does not contain any information about the owners nor does it say anything about terms and conditions or refund policy, however, it does have a privacy policy that doesn’t really convince in terms of content and coherence.

Canada Immigration Service have a free online assessment page and their Canadian visa services page claims they provide visa services such as student visa, family visa, work visa among others, the glaring problem is that all this information was pulled from the website, showing all the signs of scamming intents.

We seem to be the only review website to do a detailed review on Canada Immigration Service as there is not much information about them on the internet.

Social Media

The website for Canada Immigration Service lists a number of social media platforms that it runs such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ among others. As with most of what we’ve come across with Canada Immigration Service, none of them exist and it’s simply a blank page.


The fact that Canada Immigration Service has copied and pasted much of their information on their website from the website of should be reason enough to keep away and avoid association with them. We strongly caution potential clients from dealing with Canada Immigration Service and would therefore not recommend them to anyone.

The good

  • N/A

The bad

  • Lack of important information
  • Unprofessional website
  • No social media presence
  • Plagiarism of information
  • Not regulated

You can visit their website here:

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5 Discussion to this post

  1. Deepak Motwani says:

    I received a call from Nextdestination Canada claiming that they are the only authorised organization for the PR visa to Canada, they also shared the name of the agent with her licence no & showed her profile on web, all seemed quite true, but they wanted me to transfer $750 to start the process, really confused if they are geniune or fake, toll free number shown on the agreement copy is not reachable.

  2. Mudassar nazar says:

    I am mudassar nazar am from Pakistan but i am now working in UAE 10year experience i need working in canda

  3. Denise says:

    Hi, CIS consultant contacted me asking if i have a valid international bank account which needs to be checked first before we can continue… this is to apparently see if i could sustain myself when i arrive in Canada… To me this seemed a bit suspicious and i gave them the wrong details… They did a quick cheque whilst i was on the phone and told me the card is from the US..and I am from South Africa.. This too me was quite suspicious… i disconnected the call… they have not tried to call me back… #soundslikeascam

  4. shiela says:

    Hi Good Day!
    I applied for canadavisaexperts for express entry visa. I would like to know if this one was legit.
    they keep on saying that those negative feedbacks can be seen in social media are not true.
    hope for your response.
    thank you.

  5. Sergiy says:

    Please advise if I can use their services for Canada immigration service. Please advise. Thank you

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