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The Rip Off of Canada Abroad


Canada Aboard claims to be an immigration company that will help you immigrate to Canada with their expertise and knowledge. On the homepage of the website they claim to work with RIC agents, who are these? We do know about RCIC agents that are recognised by the ICCRC.


We have done a review on the immigration company Canada Abroad, which has a very similar name and they have warned their clients on their website that there is a fraudulent company with a similar name. Canada Aboard is also one of our Trusted Agents.

This is very troubling as it straight away creates doubt in our minds with regards to the legitimacy of this immigration company.

The Website

The website for Canada Aboard is professional looking, aside from a few spelling and grammatical errors, and it provides you with the basic information. There is a privacy policy and a terms of use, within which there is a refund policy. However, getting your money back will not be an easy process.

There is information on the various Canadian visa applications that Canada Aboard offers with an option to fill out an assessment for each application to check your eligibility. We tried to fill in the assessment but were unsuccessful.

Canada Aboard has a Products page where they list the stages that you will go through and what each stage entails and its cost. We feel that the prices that Canada Aboard charges their clients is a bit extreme. Here is an example:

  • Online assessment – $600
  • Basic package – $2200
  • Advanced Package – $2800
  • Extra package – $3500
  • Submission of application – $800 – $1000

Before you have even spoken to one of Canada Aboard’s consultants or agents you are down $600.


Throughout the website Canada Aboard talks of their immigration consultants yet nowhere on the website is there an RCIC agent listed. There is no seal for the ICCRC displayed anywhere on the website but then there are no RCIC agent names either on the website.

On the homepage of the Canada Aboard website they claim to have been in business for over 10 years and helped hundreds of clients immigrate to Canada. We looked up when the Canada Aboard website was made and we got a shock as it is just over a year old. This seems odd for a company that is over 10 years old.

Social Media

There is a link for a Facebook account from the website, the account was created in 2014 and it only has one post from the 11th of November 2015. What we found strange is that the Facebook account for Canada Aboard has over 36 000 likes. How has Canada Aboard generated that much traffic through one post that is not even relevant to Canadian immigration?


It is possible that Canada Aboard has bought their likes on Facebook as it does seem impossible that they have that many likes from one post.

Our Conclusion

We are reluctant to say that Canada Aboard is a legitimate Canadian immigration company as they have failed to provide any indication of who their immigration consultants are. Who does their immigration? Who deals with their clients? There are too many unanswered questions.

The legitimate Canadian immigration company that we have reviewed, Canada Abroad, has called them out on their fraudulent activity on their website which worries us even more.

We would advise that you proceed with caution if you choose to use Canada Aboard to help you with your immigration process. If you have dealt with Canada Aboard, please leave a comment below and tell us about your experience.


Scam Conclusion


  • There is a privacy policy, terms of use and a short refund policy


  • There is no indication of who the RCIC agent is
  • You are charged for an eligibility assessment
  • There is a warning about their fraudulent behavior from one of our Trusted Agents, Canada Abroad


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43 Discussion to this post

  1. Paweł says:

    You can report the fraud, because I did: ‘If you know anyone else who believes they have been a victim of fraud who wants to report the incident please ask them to complete the online report found at, or phone the contact centre on 0330 303 0800.’ Final beneficent of my money is Activa Services UK LTD. My bank charged me more than 100EUR to provide me only this information, so it is comfirmed. They refused to do recall of my money and resend them to me. So you can start typing. If more of you report this crime more evidences will be provided. Regards!

  2. Paweł says:

    Hi! Is here somebody from United Kingdom?

  3. Paweł says:

    Hi! I was also cheated by them! It was mean. Because they have no feelings. And they are driven by greed do not care about somebody’s hope or material status. They know that so many of us want to change something in our life and really had a hope to start better life in Canada. So they invented this procedure on our trust. But I have a question. How we can help now each other? To put them in front of justice or receive our heavy earned cash? Regards!

    • Hanit says:

      Hi. I’m also one of those who were cheated, but I did not lose hope and addressed Visa, the credit card company I used to pay the WHOLE fee. I got my money back after Visa asked the bastards to pay me back. That was good of course, but when I asked why they still working with them they said they can’t do anything unless WE ALL COMPLAIN. Only then they can decide to close their account.
      Seems like it’s a start, so if you paid by card, why don’t you give it a try?

      Hope we find a way to pay them back!


      • Paweł says:

        WOW! I paid by money transfer from my internet account to Trust Pay a.s. in Bratislava Bank. And when I asked my bank to help receive my money, Trust Pay a.s. refused. This took some time. So I am confused.

        • Paweł says:

          So, I personally mailed this Trust Pay. And I reached some informations about beneficent of my money. I googled the name and I have found full address of this broker.. They are located in London, England. But it is described as scam broker in internet..I saw the address in google maps. Nice house with luxury cars if ront yard. What should I do now?

          • Nancy Moraa says:

            Hi Pawel, they have conned so many people if you have found their address please report them to the police or rather share their address and location so we can all report. Please help us stop them once and for all. I was equally a victim.

  4. Daniel says:

    Hellow unfortunaly i am also a scam victim. I came across in the summer 2015 because i was lookin for a company to help me build a file to be submittited for the province nominee program and i thougt that it was easiest for me because i work as a truck driver in EU and i have very little free time.
    First of all i was contacted by a Consultat named Emely Lang wich made me to pay 400 $ for the Assessment stage wich i agree to pay because all the immigration company ask for this type of payment upfront.
    Ok after i have paid 400 $ for beeing assest i was declared eligible for imigration and another request for money was made in the form of 1500 $ Documents verification stage in this time i was moved to another consultant name Michael Green wich made me to take the IELTS test with a minum grade of 7 at all skills.In this time the colaboration with this immigration company company with phone calls from now and then.And after a period of time a last payment came from another strange name consultant Alex London for the Submitting Stage not less and not more then 1275 $ and after that the story ends beeing unable to reach them by phone or mail since 13 April 2016 .
    Anyway they where very good at what they do with phone calls being redirected from secretary to costumer service with voice mails and with an answering machine wich said press 1 for costumer service press 2 for ….. press 3 for….. and while you where speaking with them at the phone there was a background noise that was sounding like an big organized office. Somethimes they haved put me on hold to check some things with the superiors.
    All this period i was scceptic about sending money to someone for nothing but i knew that the procces of imigration is a long process and at that time requesting the help of an imigration company sounded goood. I was advise by a lot of people not to send money to unknown people but in the end was a bet that i haved lose.
    At this time i have lose the trust that i can go to Canada with the help of an imigration company because i have zero trust to start all over with other company wich also will asking money from the start.
    With this beeing said be very careful to who you send money and be aware of the saying ” if something sounds to good to be true walk away” wich i didnt take in consideration

    Ps at the start o colaboration with canadaabord they send me an Consultant Identification number: R407551
    If you have any question feel free to put them in reply be safe guys and better stay in your home country instead of dreaming to another better place because sometimes that place do not exist.

    • Hanit says:

      I had the same experience with these scumbags… When I realized I was cheated I contacted the credit company. They sent them a strong request to give the money back, and guess what… I got it ALL back. So defenitely try to speak to the credit company first. The more complaints they get the bigger chance they will stop working with these guys, so PLEASE report to the credit card company. They have they way to convince even filthy people like Ann, Lucas and the others in that hope one day will be burnt down office to pay back. So don’t lose hope, just believe and try. GOOD LUCK!

    • Paweł says:

      Hey Daniel. How did you pay them? By Credit Card or money transfer?

  5. Marian says:

    My name is Marian, im also a victim I have paid 400$ for a start, I was told to pay 2200 for the second step, I told them I don’t have money, I was told to pay it four times, I have paid one part, they told me to send them my documents to assess it to know the type of visa that I’m qualified to have, and also my pictures, through email they ask me to wait that they have send everything to their lawyers, the problem now is that I can’t get through to them on phone anymore and they don’t reply my mails anymore I don’t know what else to do.

  6. nancy moraa says:

    i was a victim too last month, am a student in Germany and came across canadaaboard website thought why not i have heard good things about Canada. like many reviews I have read, the bubbly Ann was so sweet and convincing. Had to make the 400 payment as they had a “special offer” the guy with an indian accent went on calling me on packaging thing. thank God am just a student and couldn’t afford that kind of money. what baffled me is that they would call you on a Sunday 400 is a lot for a foreign student in Europe i hope they get caught! they belong behind bars. anybody from Canada please expose these scam-burgs to the Canadian Authorities

  7. Hanit says:

    I just can’t believe it happened to us too. And I thought I checked whatever I could.
    We already made the payments, now there is no one to talk to… The lady Ann was really nice and supporting, but then she had to be replaced by another agent who hardly made any contact. Now I’m trying to reach him on the phone, and get this weird music and no one to answer. Anyone here who succeeded with the process after all?

    • Eni says:

      Exactly the same thing is happening to me, I’m very sad and I don’t know what to do 😕

      • Hanit says:

        Hi Eni. This is very sad! I know the feeling just too well. But don’t lose hope! If you paid by credit card you should try and contact the card company. I did, and after 2 month of waiting I got my money back. Every cent of it! The thing is we see they work with VISA so we think that’s safe enough, but apparently VISA can’t control this. They can however contact them and put some pressure so they cancel your payment. More important is when they see so many people complain about them they block them from using credit again. So please try and contact the credit company and try like me to say that you felt safe because their name was on it. It might help. Good luck with this, I really hope you get your money back. Would love to hear about that if you did.

  8. Paul says:

    Well, i might seem to be the unlucky around here, as i paid in February 2015 firstly the 400 $, and then in March 2015 secondly the 3000 $. Bad luck, what can i say? I was to blinded and acted influenced by the moment of time…Hope that they should be caught in the act…

    • Hanit says:

      Hi Paul. Don’t lose hope. Try to contact your credit company. If you can prove that you didn’t get any service they will make sure you’ll get your money back. I did… Good luck!

  9. Juan Ch. says:

    Sad… I already paid the $400.00 i wanted to move from CentralAmerica to Canada but I now don’t know if pay the $2200.00 the want for stage 2.

  10. Arthur says:

    very sad that people here instead of checking the company, just bad mouth it,if VISA and MUSTERCARD workng with them how they can be a scam? there isn’t any checks for the company that uses their services? strange.
    and from all the scam companies that is warned about, why there is only comments here, and no comment on the other posts? how can i be trust this web page for not bieng in cohuts with the “trusted” agents?
    even the “trusted” agent that is advertised here wants 150-200 usd for consultation fee, without dooing nothing,
    so i got realy confused, becouse is there any legitimate company that can actualy help in the process of immigration to canada? it seems that evry one want to take money upfront.

    last thing, i do understand the concern about iccrc number here, but unfortanatly i have been scamed before by a immigration “lawyer” with the iccrc number, and the canadian goverment done nothing to help me retrieve my money back.

    so anybody could suggest a trusted agent/consultant/lawyer that can realy help me immigrate to canada?

  11. kurnia says:

    I just had a phone call with a person i told her that i cannot make any payments asap but she pust me to make a payment very soon because of the discount. I had to pay 500 USD but with discount its going to be 430 EURO. After reading this it’s a little bit strange that if Canada want to get people from out of Canada why they have to pay the visa. Because from my point of view we first need a job to get 100% sure that we can go overthere. Strange way of acting this way to pay a full amount of 2000-4000 euro in different of payements. Glad i read the reviews…so better dont pay….thanks all…

  12. Kashif says:

    Hey there
    How are they fake? They have contacts with Masters and Visa card companies, their name was published on Yahoo, anyone can deny that?
    Most of the people commenting here, just paid 400 dollars, but didnt go on with the process just because they saw it here being fake. But how is it fake when no body proceeded on trying it?

    • Hana says:

      I did the whole sum and got nothing but dead line in the end… So yes, it IS a fraud, and if you are on their side you must be one of them! No one but you have anything good to say about these horrible people, have you noticed???

  13. jazzy says:

    hi to all,

    i read all of comments about canadaaboard now i am sure it is totally scam, i was searching on google about this scam bcoz i also received a call today from canadaaboard to get opportunity to move canada but i was busy that time i said her to call me tomorrow now i got too much detail about them ,,,let see when they call me for this great great opportunity ……………

  14. Carla says:

    Thank you so much for this. Same thing happened with me just now when I got the call. Want to move from SA to Canada. What’s weird is that it is now 4:30 am on a Sunday morning in Ontario and they’re working?? Really? First they tell you that this special of $400. is only for “today”. I told her it’s fine I will pay the $600. tomorrow. Then she immediately told me that there is another option to pay $200. now and that will secure my assessment process. When she kept hammering on the money, I knew… Sad to think that they are so good I almost fell for it. Also the “Only 20% of people pass this first stage and congratulations you passed it” kind of gets you. Also told me some story of how she immigrated and that Canada Aboard is most successful company in the world. I can’t deal. Trolls!

    • Christa Spoelstra says:

      HI Carla, that is my exact story. My husband just sent the link to me, unfortunately we already paid the money. The lady Ann who I spoke to just wanted the money asap, she said that they need it now to get the amazing special. I asked her to give me a day to talk with my husband ans she talked me out of it…very sad

  15. Hedy says:

    Great I found out this review! I was in doubt for some time. After my telephone contact with CA I got the same info plus email and ‘discount’. I then replied on the emails, saying to know you are eligible, you can fill out an online assessment for free, on the CIC website.. Than, I told them what I am in need of (a job) and if they could sent me a price list. All the visa stuff, you can arrange by yourself, if you choose to do so. I specifically asked them to keep in contact through email. Than 2 days later, on Easter Sunday, I got a call from CA. Weird. On a Sunday??.. The day after again (Easter Monday). I didn’t answer as I was on a short break and it felt weird, overall. Anyway, I just got phoned again, and when I looked it up on the internet, it’s now 5am on a Sunday in Toronto..! Glad I found out it’s a scam and payed nothing!

  16. Federico Monti says:

    You have opened my eyes. All operators work in similar way. They give Promotional discounts. Many people wrote that they had got a Promotional discount. It means that, according to their Terms of use we cannot receive money back, if we paid 400$ “Promotional price” (The original price of the assessment standing at $600).

  17. Dewald Prinsloo says:

    I used the CanadaAboard agency and paid the $400. After 3 days they contacted me and said that we have been successful and that I have to pay the package fee to proceed to step 2. I now fear that I may have lost a lot of money.

    • Kashif says:

      Did you pay the money for Stage 2?

      • Canadian Visa Review says:

        Good day,

        Depending on whih consultancy you are dealing with, you may have to pay money yes.


  18. andre says:

    This is most definitely a scam! I was also contacted by them and after loosing my $400 they still keep on contacting me back.
    The below information is what I have received…most probably fake too.

    Our Address is:
    5020 Woodbine Ave, Suite 320
    Markham, Ontario

    Kate Ross
    Immigration Expert

  19. Mary says:

    My son has been scammed of nearly 400 euro as he was interested in emigrating from Ireland to Canada, a lousy thing to do especially as they knew he is currently out of work. How can he get his money back?

  20. louis says:

    i paid the 400$ (for the online assessment) as well as the first 550$ (of 2200$). now it seems like it’s money down the drain…? is there any way i can get it back?

  21. Jane Doe says:

    Yesterday I received a call from Jessica Johnson from Canada Aboard. She told me that the original assessment price is $600, but today (yesterday) they were having a special and it was $400. She informed me of the process, that they find work and accommodation for you prior to you arriving, she asked me a couple of questions about myself and proceeded to e-mail me the details including her contact details and the physical address of the company along with a link to their Website. I must admit they are pretty good at making a person believe they are legit. But not good enough…After a few minutes chatting with her, she asked me which payment option I would prefer. (Apparently there are 3) After telling her the 3rd one would suite me, she went on to tell me that unfortunately she DOES NOT HAVE THE INFORMATION AND LINK FOR THE 3RD ONE, SO CAN I GIVE HER MY CREDIT CARD DETAILS OVER THE PHONE!!!! Obviously I didn’t and asked her to rather forward me the 2nd option details, which she then did. She then asked me to open the link and next thing I knew she was asking me to click on the button to make payment. I told her I needed some time to read through the Terms and Conditions and be 100% certain before I make any payment. She told me she understood, but reminded me that the $400 special was for ‘today’ only. I told her I understand, but I rather pay the full $600 knowing that I’m comfortable and certain about my decision. She then started getting agitated and told me that she can send me a link for $100 payment and if I pay that today, that will secure my place I can pay the remaining amount at a later stage. By now I was 200% certain this was a scam. I declined again, and told her I needed time and would get back to her because I have her contact details. Again she brought up the $400 special, pressured me into giving her a time when I would have made my decision, told me she will call me by 8pm (as that was the time their offices in SA closed) , and if I still didn’t have an answer she would call me on Friday (tomorrow).

  22. Samir Abdullah says:

    Respectable author,
    I registered with this company a few days ago and find your page.
    I wanted tourism visa and paid what they ask of me and give the documents.
    Since I have a company of telemarketing I understand the need to charge clients for fee of service, but I am not sure this fee is fair, I can be wrong since diferent country has diferent pricing.
    So far my documents sent to CIC and everything filled out. I am going this week to get biometrics done and so far everything was okay, just waiting for aproval of CIC.
    But now I am afraid because of this post.
    What do I do? I am very close to the finish.

  23. Kobus says:

    Good Morning
    Thank you for this warning. I also placed a request online to immigrate from SA to Canada. Last night at about 21:00 I received a call from a gentleman with the name of William Queen claiming to be an agent for Canada Aboard.
    Also came up with this package deal of 400 dollars for the assessment. Luckily I did not pay anything and told him that I was visiting friends and did not had my MasterCard with me.
    Thanks again

  24. Erika says:

    My husband was contacted by Canada Aboard after he had placed a request online that he is interested to immigrate from SA to Canada. He had to pay $400 for the assessment which he paid after I had told him that this could be a scam. I have warned him about Canada Aboard being a scam and yet he does not believe me because they know exactly what to say to make him feel good and to pay the funds over to ‘proceed’. i am glad that i came across this site and i will definitely inform my husband.

    • Canadian Visa Review says:

      Hi Erika,

      You are right in saying that Canada Aboard is a scam. There is, however, a legitimate immigration agency called Canada Abroad. Have a look at our Trusted Agents ( and you will see that we have done a review on Canada Abroad.

      Thank you for your feedback
      Canadian Visa Review Team

      • kurnia says:

        thats only a different letter switch aboard or that u can see that they are scam.

        • clemence says:

          Hello to all I have the same brobleme you all, on september10, 2015 I received call from canadaaboard have paid $ 400 & than the initial price evaluation and $ 600 first step the 2nd $ 1000 3rd $ 1100 4th $ 1000 and $ 1100 for the tax immigration and he told us that our file and part in immigration and it is very difficult to have it in phone and more

          • clemence says:

            How to recovered my money it is a great sum have is in anguish

      • Marian says:

        Please How can I get back my money from canadaaboard?

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