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Is Liam Clifford At It Again?

Brigher Visas

Liam Clifford, founder and owner of Global Visas, closed down Global Visas, IXP Visa, and Launch Immigrations after being accused of fraud and not supplying clients with visas to Canada. Now, it would seem that he has opened another company ready to rip people off, but this time under the creative name “Brighter Visas”.

Why, you ask would we say that this is yet another possible scam? Because Liam Clifford has done this before.

Popular South African current affairs show Carte Blanche exposed Global Visas in 2013. The show carried out an undercover investigation into the Global Visas Cape Town office and with the help of hidden cameras and researchers posing as potential applicants, it appeared that the company had been selling migration packages to people who would never qualify for them. It was clear that after some investigation and research, that Global Visas was and still is a scam.

Brighter vs globalNow because creativity seems to be lacking these days, we found that the Brighter Visas website is a copy and paste of the Global Visas website. Everything from the services to the company supplies and right through to the contact page are the same. The offices of Global Visas also has the same address as Brighter Visas offices. Coincidence? We think not!



brighter visas/ global visas

There is no website or company identity and it is not affiliated with any company making their website a ghost website. Brighter Visas, like Global Visas, do not specify if they have legitimate lawyers or consultants recognized by the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) or Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

Brighter visas facebook complaints


If that is not enough, Brighter Visas/Global Visas has gained such an dubious reputation that people have a Facebook page dedicated to showing other people that this is a scam. The Brighter Visas Facebook page was activated October 10 2014 – images, posts, everything only from October 2014, yet the company has been in existence since 1996 – the same as its sister company Global Visas. There are no other social media platforms or engagements except people’s complaints.
Most of the dealings that people have had with this company have been bad, and the testimonials on the Brighter Visas website are all signed with “God Bless you (clients name).” The Corporate Clients that Brighter Visas claim to have are the same Corporate Clients that Global Visas had.

Visa applicants are encouraged to do their homework before signing over thousands of dollars for visas to Canada or anywhere else in the world – especially to Brighter Visas. Do not do it!!




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  • Brighter Visas is a copy and paste of the well-known Global Visas – which is a scam


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  1. Ghassan says:

    I am already victim by global visa, because I did ignored to do search and see the review from other website, some one from global visa he name Ajeek and promised me to provide me visa within 4 months and he will fabricate the IELTS score, but when I did down payment 2,500 UAE (604 USD) he told me sorry I can’t do any thing about Ielts and i asked him to refund my money, and he refused to refund it.

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