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Pathway Visas are an immigration consulting firm based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Their base in the UAE their one and only office which also serves as their HQ.

In terms of ownership and management, there’s not enough information on Pathway Visas. Their About Us page is very vague and doesn’t give any prospective client who exactly they will be dealing with, and this is very worrying in an immigration industry riddled with many fraudulent consultants. Pathway Visas have dropped the ball in not revealing who their owners are, and what are their credentials as this plays an important role in creating trust for prospective clients.

On the other hand, Pathway Visas claim to offer immigration services to countries such as Canada, Australia, Denmark, Germany and the US just to mention a few.

In one of the statements on their “about us” page, Pathway Visas state that:

“Our goal is to be the preferred and most trusted immigration services company in the GCC. We offer fair cost-effective policies to those who are tired of being cheated and dealing with dishonest practices. With our MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) accreditation in Australia and our Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) accreditation in Canada you can rest assured that our skills and services are of industry standard.”

While this statement is commendable and hits all the right notes, however, it does not give us an idea on how they will achieve these goals. Because apart from having a MARA consultant number, which we verified to be under the name of Mr Alexandra Spatarel (#0401432), Pathway Visas have provided no evidence as who are their registered consultants for Canadian immigration or any of the other countries they claim to provide Visa services to.



The website claims to provide services to many countries including Canada, but as previously mentioned, they don’t seem to have any links to regulatory boards. Their FAQs and About Us page neither provides much helpful information nor answered any questions we had about how to immigrate to Canada or how they will assist in the process.

Under their ‘about us’ tab, we expected to find a list of their registered agents or a little more information about who they are and what they do, but that page was also empty. In addition to these concerns, when we searched for any customer support, we noted that they do not have any branches listed but they do have an email address and telephone number available.

Site Content and services



As we alluded to earlier, Pathway Visas provide immigration services to a number of countries including Canada and the United States. They also mention that they provide free assessment and surprising enough, they also state that they have a No Visa, No Fee Guarantee. We find this very misleading, as it gives the impression that clients get a refund if their visa application is not successful. However, when we took a closer look at their Terms and Conditions page, we found that this policy is not as simple and straight forward as it seems and there’s a lot of red tape involved.

They also have a blog section which is unfortunately outdated and neglected with international immigration news and other articles from far back as October 2016.

Social Media




Pathway Visas have a strong following on Facebook, with almost 60k followers and regular updates on immigration news and positive reviews of their service. Their page is regularly updated with the latest information in the immigration industry and this is very commendable.

On the other hand, their Twitter page is equally impressive with over 300 followers and regular tweets on latest immigration information and content.


Due to the lack of concrete information about their services, we cannot say for sure whether they are to be trusted. We feel that their site may need some updating and that they should be more transparent about what they do and how they assist in the recruitment/immigration process.

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7 Discussion to this post

  1. TR says:

    thanks for the information. i shall do a detailed research again

  2. Mike says:

    I don’t know how can these people be happy after cheating their customers..These people need to be exposed.

  3. Rahil says:

    can any one give more reviews about them please. I’m receiving calls from them and kind of interested. Now I’m bit confused after reading the first comment..

  4. A says:

    100% true..I am one of their highly unsatisfied client and trust me, I am not the only one. They will be very nice to you till they get your money and will give you big promises like you are an ideal candidate or power couple but as soon as they get their hands on consultancy fees, they stop calling you or updating about your visa status. When you call them, they are rude as they are doing a favour to you. Guys please invest your hard earned money somewhere else. Unfortunately, I am stuck with them as they are very clear on not giving me a refund. Don’t fall for fake promises.

  5. If you wanted to check any company’s legitimacy, below mentioned is the easy solution for that.
    Open the below-mentioned link:
    On this page write Pathway Visas on “Agent’s last name”, and you can find out our registration consultant number and our lawyer details in Canada.
    This is also for your future reference, you can check any company legitimacy doing this process.

  6. Mohamed bakir Mohamed ansar says:

    I want to goint to canada

  7. M says:

    Agree with this article.
    Refund is only when you submit and if for any case application gets rejected.
    They take all money upfront and then ask for points to gather. The current ranking for CA immigration is closing near 500.
    There is no way that a 38+ years person could get that point. They have high points for young age and high IELTS .

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