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A-Choice Immigration Consulting Ltd, once known as R&D Immigration Ltd., is an organization of great fame situated in Edmonton, Alberta. Set up in 2012, they claim to have helped numerous customers begin their study or profession in Canada and/or United States. A-Choice Immigration Consulting’s immigration consultant, Mr Feng Baoyan is a member in good standing with the ICCRC. ]

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Website & Services

According to A-Choice Immigration Consulting’s homepage, the company offers consultancy in; Student and Work Visas and Renewal as well as Citizenship Application and Sponsorship/Visitor Visa. However, upon clicking on these options, the website failed to perform and none of the options presented on the website worked. There were many technical glitches on the website as many tabs would malfunction, which made the experience rather uncomfortable. The About page was extremely limited, though we know what A-Choice Immigration Consulting does and what they offer, further elaboration would have been greatly appreciated. The appearance of the website is bland and very basic.
Once again we are unable to fully express the depth of what they offer, as technical glitches hindered us from exploring further. One of A-Choice’s tabs called Settlement Services is the only tab that seems to work so we were able to gather a little something. It is apparent that assisting their clients with their settlement needs is the main service offered.

Social Media & Online Review

A-Choice Immigration Consulting doesn’t have any social media pages, nor does their website contain any form of testimonial page. So we are in the dark as to how clients feel after dealing with or have received service from A-Choice. Their overall online reputation has room for plenty of improvement, as we feel there many unanswered questions and slight confusion.


Though we can confirm that A-Choice Immigration Consulting has a registered ICCRC consulting member, it is still questionable whether they are still actively doing business or not.

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