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Sri Lankan Lawyer who also became an Immigration Consultant.

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The Law Office of Zenith Immigration was established in 2000 in Sri Lanka to cater to the needs of Sri Lankan immigration candidates. It also states that Zenith International Center with Sri Lanka and Zenith Immigration Inc. in Toronto, Canada and formed the Zenith Immigration Group creating a wider international network.Zenith Immigartion RCIC Constultant

Bandula Abeysinghe is registered as a Canadian Immigration officer in Canada, RCIC Number R406319 and let’s not forget his other qualification, an Attorney at Law in Sri Lanka.


Website and Content:

The content on the website is informative and easy for people to understand with a downloadable assessment form to boot.

A full page of former clients leads us to assume that there have been many immigration success stories through this service. Zenith Immigartion usefule links

There is a Bits and Pieces section, which looks like a blog reporting on the immigration world, however there are only three stories available. The website also offers useful links to their Information Seminars and assistance to new immigrants if they settle down in Toronto.

There is no Terms and Conditions or Privacy Page, information which is usually found on an immigration website.

Social Media:

There is an entire section on the website describing life in Canada, offering advice on everything from finding a job to shopping for food and finding a home. There is also a YouTube page that shows the different food available in Canada, however it looks like a homemade video taken with a phone.

The YouTube channel is listed as abeyzenith, which we find odd. Why not call the YouTube channel Zenith Immigration? It looks more like it is Abeysinghe’s own personal account and not the company account.Zenith Immigartion - facebook

There is a Facebook page with just over 200 likes, and the only content is made up of posts for immigration seminars, which is updated a few times a month. There are unfortunately not a lot of reviews and testimonials online, however Zenith Immigration is a BBB Accredited Business.


Under the “Our Services” tab, the website gives a detailed diagram of the service procedure and the different options available. Zenith Immigration offers a 10-minute individual consultation to clarify any issues after an assessment if a client’s application has been rejected.

Zenith Immigartion - service procedure

So how much do you need to pay for a 10 minute consultation? Luckily, Zenith Immigration gives a detailed breakdown of the consultation fees on the website. It costs Rs 7500 for a 10-15 minute consultation.

Zenith Immigration looks pretty legitimate, but the website could use a little revamp.

Have you had any experience with Zenith Immigration? If so, leave us a comment telling us your thoughts about Zenith Immigration’s services.


The Review

Zenith Immigration Review

4.6 Score

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The Good

  • Registered Immigration Consultant who is also an attorney in Sri Lanka

The Bad

  • Outdated website


  • Company Identity 80%
  • Legitimacy 70%
  • Service Feedback 20%
  • Features 30%
  • Published Content 30%
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3 Discussion to this review

  1. Zenith says:

    looking for work permit

  2. indika says:

    The electronic information I got from you was always accurate and up to date from zenith and the same i got it from another consultant asset gold pvt ltd. Completing the immigration forms online was very easy and fast, and the information I provided was always transcribed exactly as sent., but i have to select asset gold because of there price was so low

  3. manjula says:

    I applied for Canadian resident visa through zenith migration, but for he past 2 years he is say i will get visa , but still it i have not gone foe the medical even, i am going to another agent, it is a total waste of time

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