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Can you trust World Immigration Services Ltd?

World Immigration Service Ltd. (WISL) is yet another immigration consultancy based in Bangladesh. On their website, they claim to be “experienced, skilled, dedicated and honest in their service performance.  Licensed by the “Ministry of Labor, Govt. of Bangladesh”, WISL aims to “make dreams come true for every Immigration & resettlement applicant by offering highly ethical & affordable services.” But do they really?

WISL make no mention of being regulated by any Canadian immigration governing bodies, nor do they have and ICCRC seals displayed on their site. This is particularly concerning as they claim to offer a “professional” immigration service and “expert” advice but do not tell us who will be handling these affairs.

The Website & Services

The WISL website offers immigration services to different countries – USA, Australia, Denmark, Singapore and Canada. As we have outlined above, they don’t seem to have any regulated officials on board, yet they offer assistance on several well-known visa programs such as the Canadian Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Program as well as the H1B  Visa for USA and the Skilled Migration Program in Australia. WISL also claims to administer free IELTS French tests.

The site is missing some important documents such as a terms and conditions and privacy policy, which would have been vital in lending more credibility on who they are and how they conduct their business.

Even though it loads in English, there is a section on the footer of the site that remains in Bengal along with other ads running through the page.  Another thing we noted on the footer was the mention of them being a ‘sister concern of Amir Group’ who also seems to offer related services. Is Amir Group regulated? We doubt it.

Who are they?

director_immigWISL has a page that familiarizes us with their board of directors as well as other key members of the staff, but we still did not come up with anyone who is associated with the RCIC. One individual in particular stood out, Mr Shabbir Hoosain; the alleged director of immigration, however there is no other information provided other than his name and title.

On deeper inspection, we did come across a Lawyer profile page that introduces us to a few individuals who seem to have the necessary related accreditations to deal with immigration – but they make no mention that these individuals actually work for WISL. In fact, these individuals are listed under another company called CJ International Group Inc. What is the connection here?

According to the CJ International Group Inc. website;

CJ International Group is a multinational company with branches in China, US, Europe, and Hong Kong. The Group offers professional services on project and investment management, and legal advisory in areas covering immigration, international education, intercultural communication, and overseas investment.

CJ International Group Inc. is the exclusive distributor of the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program for FIN-XO Securities and Eterna Trust, both of which are duly financial intermediaries authorized by the Quebec government. It is also an authorized distributor of both the Royal Bank of Canada and the Korea Exchange Bank of Canada Federal Immigrant Investor Program, both facilitators authorized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. – But are they regulated?

Social Media & Online Review

The very first online review we are confronted with on WISL’s Facebook page looks (and is also phrased) as if it had been written by the company itself. This is particularly disappointing as we would have liked to see an honest representation of their services. Nevertheless, the Facebook does have a large following of over 22k likes and they do keep it updated with related content and links leading back to the site.



Given all of the unanswered questions above, we simply cannot say for sure whether World Immigration Services Ltd can be trusted. We appreciate that the website itself has lots of information and published content, yet they don’t seem to have the necessary information to make them credible enough. For instance, they fail to name their regulated officials and the legal representatives they have named are not mentioned to be affiliated with them at all. We also weren’t too impressed with their lack of honest reviews on Facebook and the fact that they have so many affiliations with other services we can’t seem to track.

You can visit their website here:

The Review

3.8 Score


The Good

  • Free French IELTS

The Bad

  • Too many unexplained affiliates
  • No RCIC members present
  • No terms and conditions or privacy policy


  • Company Identity 30%
  • Legitimacy 40%
  • Features 30%
  • Feedback 40%
  • Published Content 50%
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