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WIS or World Immigration Service is a company based in the middle east. They offer immigration services from Canada, Australia, the U.S, the U.K, Germany and several other countries.


The company goes on to say that it handled more than 25,000 immigration cases during the year to help their clients with business migration, spouse visas, work permits and more.


Our World Immigration Service review looked to see if the company lived up to their promises.


Their Website


Our World Immigration Service review examined the company’s website, which is easy to navigate with a really simple design.


There is a sad amount of actual information about the different visas and the application process of the company. The company does mention that they will handle the application process after customers have completed an ECA (Educational Credential Assessment) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System).


As we continued our World Immigration Service review, we were happy to notice that the company has both a Terms and Conditions and a Privacy Policy on their site. These documents cover all of the basic legal requirements to help protect the consumer and the business from misuse.


A refund clause is also found in the Terms and Conditions and says that refunds generally take around 10 to 45 days to process, if you qualify of course.


The company also offers a free assessment to see if you qualify for a visa, using the slogan:


World Immigration Service Review services


We found that the site also has some very short news blogs about immigration topics from New Zealand to Express Entry. It the articles are recent, although we could not check older posts on their site, which was a bit frustrating.


Their Services


We continued our World Immigration Service review by looking at the services they offer. WIS services include:

  • Business visas;
  • Visit visas;
  • Spouse visas;
  • Study permits; and
  • Work permits


Canadian immigration programs used by the company seem to be linked mostly to Express Entry. This is the only program that is described in any detail.


This section of the website sadly does not include the requirements of the program or talk about any of the major visa programs that use the Express Entry system like the Skilled Trade Worker Program or Canadian Experience Class.


The company also mentioned that they hire consultants to “guide you through the application and screening period, up to the time you arrive and settle in Canada.” Unfortunately for WIS, we could not find any RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) linked to their company.


Whether the company has not updated their RCICs’ information on their site or if they have not registered the company’s RCICs with the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council), it is still an issue that should be looked into.


Social Review World Immigration Service


Our World Immigration Service review examined how people reacted to the company on social media. We found that the company had a Facebook account



World Immigration Service Review facebook

With a really decent following of 102,007 people, WIS seems to be a popular company. They do not post often on their site, but we did notice a lot of good customer interactions between the company and the clients nonetheless.


WIS is also very responsive on messenger and reacts to what the customers have to say, which is a positive thing about the company.


In fact, the company has a very good average rating of 4.4 from customers. Customers had a lot to say about the company ranging from:


world immigration service review facebook 2


To other customers saying:


world immigration review facebook 1


We could not find any other social media platforms used by the company besides their Facebook page.


Conclusion to Our World Immigration Review


To round up our review, we found that the main website could have had more information about the visa requirements, since it was sadly lacking in that area. We did like that WIS has a free assessment to see if you could qualify. The site a Terms and Conditions as well as a Privacy Policy that covers most of the basic legal issues.


We were also a bit let down with the latest new section of the site where we could not access any other title other than the three headlines displayed on the site. Another issue we had was that we could not find the company’s RCIC or immigration lawyer. This is a serious issue that the company needs to address, as no one but a legal representative can actually offer paid immigration services.


However, we were happy about the number of good reviews that the company has on its Facebook page. Many customers had a lot to say about why they were happy about the services they got from the company. WIS is also highly responsive to customers which we also liked.


Have you had any experience with this company? Please comment below.


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The Review

5.2 Score


The Good

  • Free assessment offered by company
  • good social media presence and customer interactions
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Conditions are on their site

The Bad

  • lack of useful information on their website
  • Couldn't find their RCICs or immigration lawyers


  • Free assessment offered by company 70%
  • good social media presence and customer interactions 90%
  • lack of useful information on their website 20%
  • Couldn't find their RCICs or immigration lawyers 10%
  • Privacy Policy and Terms of Conditions are on their site 70%
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