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About Wisdom Immigration Consultancy




According to their website, Ishwinder Waraich is the director and founder of Wisdom Immigration Consultancy Service. Born in India, he pursued a post-secondary education in Toronto, Canada and later became a member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). This makes him one of the best people to help you immigrate to Canada, as he knows all the hassles of being an immigrant and the need for excellent immigration services.   


The company offers immigration services to the following countries:


  • Canada;
  • Australia;
  • United Kingdom;
  • The United States;
  • Singapore; and
  • New Zealand


One would assume they have qualified consultants for all these countries, however, they do not show who the immigration consultants are for any of them, except Canada. On a positive note, Wisdom Immigration Company does have a registered RCIC consultant by the name of Ishwinder Waraich (founder of Wisdom Immigrations), RCIC Number R421247.  


So who are these immigration consultants for the other five countries and are they qualified and recognized by the said countries’ immigration authority?


Wisdom Immigration also offers people a chance to become an agent and work for the company.




Website and Services


According to their website, Wisdom Immigration is a federally incorporated Canadian firm that offers a full range of immigration services for clients all over the world. Based in Ontario, Canada – Wisdom Immigration offer services that range from obtaining a temporary visa for entry into Canada to permanent residency in Canada.


The website looks simple, clean, easy to navigate and is somewhat informative about the immigration process. It also has what most immigration agencies seem to value a lot – a free online assessment.


The website, however, has a few spellings errors that need to be corrected as it makes the company look unprofessional.


When you go to the Canada “Service Page”, the page is not found. The “About Canada”, “Free Assessment”, all say page not found. If they do not give attention to small mistakes on the website how can they expect people to trust them with their immigration documents?  


According to the website, the company also provides immigration services as an Authorized International Student Recruitment Agent for:


  • Seneca College;
  • Vancouver Community College;
  • Fleming College;
  • Okanagan College; and
  • Sheridan College


Social Media and Reviews


The company has a Facebook page with just over 21,000 followers. Wisdom Immigration Consultants does not only reach their clients on social media, but they also advertise their immigration services on the popular Indian television channel – Chardikla Time TV.     


There are not many testimonials and reviews about the company online or on their website, however, the company does have reviews from clients on Facebook.


Wisdom immigration services review


According to a couple of complaints on the website, clients have confused Wisdom Immigration Company with another popular scam site, Ratnesh International. Unfortunately, Ratnesh International’s website is no longer operating and we were not able to find anything more about this company, but clients are warned to keep an eye out for them.




Wisdom Immigration Consultancy is a legitimate company that is regulated to provide immigration services. While the legitimacy should be applauded, the company has a number of shortcomings that they need to correct if they want to gain the trust of prospective clients.


They need to correct the spelling mistakes on their website. The pages that have faulty URL also needs to be resolved. These problems reflect badly on the company’s professionalism and trustworthiness.


While their social media presence is good, we feel they can still improve by having more engaging content on their platforms.


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The Review

4.2 Score


The Good

  • RCIC

The Bad

  • Errors on website


  • Company Identity 30%
  • Legitimacy 50%
  • Service feedback 30%
  • Documentation and website features 60%
  • Published Content 40%
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