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West Coast Immigration Consultants (WCIC) was founded in 1988 by Mr. Parmjit S. Mangat who is the Program Director of WCIC. West Coast Immigration Consultants has years of experience and they are one of Canada’s top immigration consulting organisations.

West Coast Immigration deals with your immigration process as an immigration consultant and as a lawyer. Parmjit Mangat is registered with the ICCRC and he is an advocate. His RCIC number is R41515 and he has a great deal of experience with regards to immigration appeals.

We are unsure whether Mr. Mangat is a lawyer or a RCIC agent or both. We did a RCIC search and we found Mr. Mangat’s name and RCIC number.parmjit-mangat

View the website here:


The Website

The website for West Coast Immigration Consultants is very professional looking and it is easy to navigate. It provides you with all the information about the different visa options that Canada offers.

There is also a page for Major Case Wins and on this page there are a few appeal cases that Parmjit Mangat has won. We are still unsure whether Mr. Mangat is a lawyer or a RCIC or both.

Something else that we saw on the website is that Parmjit Mangat has another side to his company, World View Adoption Association. This is mentioned on the website and you are also told that Parmjit Mangat will deal with appeals relating to refused international relative adoption cases.

The website has no refund policy or a terms and conditions but it does have a privacy policy.

What Social Media?

West Coast Immigration Consultants has no social media presence at all. We searched Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn and came up empty handed.

We find this very strange as social media is a big platform for free advertising.


West Coast Immigration Consultants has a very impressive website and everything is very easy to use. The information provided about the different visa options is thorough and helpful.

There are “testimonials” that are provided in the Major Case Wins but they are not directly from previous clients and we feel that client testimonials are always nice to have. Something else that we spotted in the Major Case Wins is that the one case was repeated. And although the information is a little different, we doubt that there were two cases that were so similar.case-win-2



The fact that there is no social media presence is a bit worrying but then the company might want to avoid the masses and keep their business more personal. We can understand this as another side to their business is adoption.

Something that we found quite confusing about this company is whether Mr. Parmjit Mangat is a lawyer, a RCIC or both. We feel that it should be made clear on the website as other people may be confused by this. If Mr. Parmjit Mangat is a lawyer we would like to know what bar associations he is registered with.

We do not feel that West Coast Immigration Consultants is a scam but if you have dealt with them please leave a comment in our comments section below.

The Review

4.4 Score


The Good

  • Registered RCIC, Parmjit Mangat

The Bad

  • No refund policy or terms and conditions
  • No social media presence


  • Company Identity 60%
  • Legitimacy 60%
  • Features 40%
  • Service Feedback 30%
  • Published Content 30%
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Discussion about this review

  1. Althea John says:

    My husband and I are very pleased with the Immigration services of Mr. Mangat. He is very knowledgeable and professional. We learnt about him through word of mouth referral from one of my co-workers. She had an excellent experience dealing with Mr. Mangat, and so she decided to share her experience with us. We therefore decided to have Mr. Mangat as our Immigration consultant and we too have had an excellent working relationship and success with him. He explained our spousal sponsorship application very thoroughly. He and his staff were always there to answer our queries in a very kind and professional manner. We can proudly say that the ‘word of mouth’ referrral we received from my co-worker about Mr. Mangat, was very valuable; we have experienced the greatness of the word of mouth social media and the man in the media. His team of workers are also very knowledgeable and professional. Our application process took nine months from the time it reached the out of Canada Visa Office to the time passport request was made for visa entry. My husband and I are now in Canada eighteen days now. Thumbs up! Mr. Mangat and excellent team of workers. We give you a five star rating because we know that you deserve that and more.
    Collin & Althea.

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