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Unfriendly Customer Service Is Just the Start of this Immigration Company


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Visas simply is an immigration company that will help you immigrate to countries like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the U.S. and the UK. Visas simply claims to deal with immigration for over 30 countries, however we are not sure who the other countries are. There is an RCIC agent and a MARA agent that you can look up by clicking on the ICCRC logo and the Migration Agents Registration Number for Australia. The RCIC agent is Mohsen Safavi and his RCIC number is R418151.mohsen 2





The Website

The website for Visas Simply has everything that you need on it, it may not be spelt correctly or grammatically correct, but it is there. The website is easy to use and professional looking. We could not find any other immigration consultants for any of the other countries, which we found strange. On the website there is also a free online assessment that you can take. Simply Visas is open 24/7 and they are able to assist you whenever and with whatever you need.

Nowhere on the website does it say who started Visas Simply or when it was started. There is no mention of anyone who works at the company or who the people are that will be helping you. We only know of Mohsen Safavi and Damneet Singh Ahluwalia, the immigration consultants. We do have another problem, on the website Visas Simply says that their immigration lawyers will be able to assist you with your immigration process but nowhere does it state who these lawyers are.

We had the pleasure of dealing with Angela on the pop-up chat that is provided on the website. When we asked Angela who the immigration lawyers are, she sent us links for the MARA and RCIC agents. We then said that we know that they are immigration consultants and not lawyers. She did not seem to understand the difference between the two and told us that we do not understand. This was alarming as we would expect Customer Support employees to be able to answer these simple question. Angela was unaware that we were from Canadian Visa Review. We have put a small clip at the end of this article so that you can view the full conversation with Angela.

The website provides a terms and conditions, privacy policy and a refund policy. There are also testimonials that are provided on the website for you to browse through.

Social Media

There are social media links that can be found on each page for Visas Simply’s social media accounts. The Facebook page for Visas Simply has 3927 likes and there are regular and relevant posts about immigration and the various countries that they will help you immigrate to. What we noticed is that there isn’t much traffic that goes through the Facebook page. There aren’t many likes or shares of posts. The Facebook page was created in 2013. The Twitter account has 903 followers and also has regular and relevant posts. The Twitter account was created in 2012.

The LinkedIn link from the website does not work and you are simply redirected to the top of the page that you are on. There is also a Google+ page that has a few posts on it about immigration but the last post is from April 2015.


We are unsure about the legitimacy of Visas Simply as we have many questions. There is a registered RCIC agent and a MARA agent. But sometimes this is not enough. There are testimonials provided on the website but we thought that we should look online for any bad reviews, we did not come up empty handed. The amounts of complaints about Visas Simply from Indian clients is overwhelming. This immediately raised red flags as our customer care consultant, Angela, was rude and pushy.

visas simply complaint 2

Visas Simply provides you with all the correct information but the customer service that we received along with the many bad reviews that we found online have led us to believe that Visas Simply is a scam.

If you have dealt with Visas Simply please let us know by leaving a comment in our comment section below.


The Review

2 Score


The Good

  • There is a registered RCIC and MARA agent
  • There are terms and conditions, privacy policy and a refund policy

The Bad

  • The customer service provided is not worth your time
  • There are many complaints about Visas Simply online
  • The language and grammar on the website is quite bad
  • On the website Visas Simply says that they use immigration lawyers yet there is no mention of the lawyer’s names


  • Company Identity 20%
  • Legitimacy 30%
  • Features 30%
  • Service Feedback 10%
  • 100%
  • Published Content 10%
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23 Discussion to this review

  1. Deb Andree says:

    DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!!! I paid AUD700 for my daughters 2 year visa to Canada. We needed this quickly so I thought I’d engage this company. They were very helpful if not too friendly. Calling me at night asking about my children. Strange but did put up the first red flag. The 2nd day I noticed the profile application documents had my daughters name wrong so this was changed. When I checked online there were 4 resubmits because I kept seeing mistakes. They would not give me the CIC logins so I can check the status. They were very rude telling me to stop calling them and to trust them. I spoke to the Indian Man calling himself Keith Adams then afterwards a Michelle Rogers They gave me a receipt but showed a different bank account to where I sent it. Then I realised I’ve been scammed! My daughter was travelling in India/Nepal at the time and these people have her ID so I was very worried. Suffice to say when I accused them of being scammers they would yell and hang up and they asked for $1000 as there was a problem with the application. I didn’t get my money back and eventually I was able to attach that application with a new CIC login account. Wasn’t easy as there were mistakes all over it. I worked out the probably purposely make errors so apps come back declined. Then they ask for lots of money to try to get around the obstacles. I only lost $700 but it was so stressful. I don’t know how these people are allowed to still advertise. 100% scam

  2. Will says:

    Isa din kami sa nabiktima and now were taking legal actions agains them. Kung gusto niyo magsalita just email me @

    • Camille says:

      Hi Will, What is now the status of the case? The Indian scammer already left the Philippines. They have these dummy partners just to open their business.

  3. Ulysses Aquino says:

    first of all never ever trust this company. They did the same thing to us. Rhea Mapula (we don’t know if it’s her real name) called my husband and said we are qualified to apply in Canada our son was 6 months old that time and I remember her saying that we will be celebrating his birthday in Canada. We were asked to pay 100,000 fee (we were assured that we can withdraw that money anytime if we are not satisfied with the service of Visa Simply or if ever our Visa would be denied) and work for the required documents, we were also asked to deposit 7000$ in the bank which we loaned from the bank in a very high interest.
    She said that they assure us that we would be leaving Philippines within one year and here we are our son is turning 5 this August still in the Philippines, lost our 100,000 as well as got into more loan as we had to pay so much interest to the bank. When we asked our money back they said they cannot give it back…. just like that? If they are truly serving people so what is it they do to us and other people? where is the justice ?
    Maybe Duterte’s administration can do something to them, we got into an unforgettable trouble but at least other people will not have to face it. How can they easily cheat people and enjoy their life?

    • Gerry says:

      What’s your email Ulysses? to discuss actions more further.ty

      • Princess says:

        Im on the same situation po.
        Here’s my email add
        Let us work hand in hand so we can have what we deserve.
        We’ve entrusted to them a lot but what Visas Simply did is to ran away and have our money as Simple as that.
        Hindi biro ang hanapin ang ganon kalaking halaga.
        Sana po magawan na ito ng action.

  4. kevin Moris says:

    About a year and a half ago when we dreamt of settling in Australia we were a bit skeptical to appoint an agent or rather do it by ourselves. We started to read reviews of various migration consultants and ended up meeting with few shortlisted one.
    And that is when we connected to ICS Visas Simply. Their staff helped us and explained each and everything in detail. This Agency worked round the clock to submit our application. And today we hold the Australian permanent residency.
    We thank ICS Visas Simply for fulfilling our dreams and would like to recommend this Agency to everyone who wants to move abroad.

  5. Heidz says:

    I paid PhP120,000.00 last March 2016 and want a full refund since I am cancelling my application. How can I get the refund? I have been contacting Mr. Radzan Resente of Visas Simply but never heard a word from him.

    • Gerry Dela Cruz says:

      You are not alone in this fight and trouble ICS Visa brought. I have filed a case against the company and even Mr. Radzan for holding up my money and getting no service in return after I paid,also last March2016. Pls mail me to discuss actions more further.ty

    • Princess says:

      @heidz, diko na din po siya ma contact. I and a friend were also asking for a refund since mag 1 year na ang process pero wala ni anong update ang naibbgay sa amin.

  6. james ramos says:

    I am writing to say thanks for the great service. Since I needed my visa on short notice, I was a bit worried about which company I should choose to process my paperwork. I obviously made the right decision with ICS Visas Simply. I really appreciate the email confirmations that I received every step of the way and your staff is also very helpful, they explained each and everything to me patiently. Thank you so much and I will recommend your service to my friends and family.

  7. A kelly says:

    This company is a joke i had paid about 700 dollars to obtain my visa and the customer service from the workers in the company is shit. I have been receiving emails from the cic with is the canadian goverment saying that my application had been updated and i could not go into my application and check tried contact them a number of times they never got back to me finally i got a hold of them and they rang me to say that my visa has been refused and they had known for over a month the person i was talking to was soy checky he said i could pay another 1000 dollars to clear my criminal history from oz and he what just all saying we tried to contact you by phoneing you which i had a new mobile number but i always had been contacting them buy email and the guy i was talking to was all like ” well what do you want me to do ” i would recommend no to use this company as there have no costumer skills and found the whole thing very stressful. I believe one word could describe them “COWBOYS”

  8. Haidie says:

    Thanks a lot to Visas Simply and Especially their staff who were actively involved in my journey for getting the Canada Visa. They have done a great job”

    “I always wanted to settle abroad but was not very sure of the success rate, but when i got to know about this Ics Visas Simply Agency i got convinced that they can handle my case and get me the success. I sincerely acknowledge resourcefulness, professional efforts & proactive approach of their team of Specialists. I appreciate the way they are following their duty perfectly.

    Good job guys and more power to your company.

  9. Drishty Tanwar says:

    Hi Richa/Pooja,

    Would like to thank Team Visa Simply and especially you two for your help during the VISA process. I am happy to report that i am going to South Australia on Saturday, 22nd Aug 2015 and have booked a hotel for 1 week from 23rd Aug to 29th Aug.

    Thanks & Regards,

  10. Deborah says:

    I contacted Visa Simply on Friday and a lovely lady Michelle Rogers explained how they would assist my daughter to obtain a working holiday visa very quickly. She asked me to sign the agreement and pay the $715 so we can view the checklist and send the application straight away. My daughter has struggled doing it herself so this was a gift for her or so I thought. I was promised if I sent the confirmation payment receipt then and there they would start. I wS then assigned a case manager Keith. We rushed around gathering all the documents for Monday morning. I was then told Monday late they have to wait for clearance at their bank so delayed by 2-3 days but not to worry. Yesterday I called to ensure they received my money and they said not yet but they will send application off. All of a sudden the lady I spoke was ill and then now Keith is. Today I call and they tell me the account details they gave me on their agreement belonged to a company that is in liquidation and they don’t have access but to call my bank and ask to cancel (we know you cannot do this when its a Pay Anyone to a Bsb no. This got me very angry and I found my way to many complaints about them. They said there is no problem they will still lodge no extra charge. I demand logins just now only to discover my daughters details are all wrong (no name under surname and her surname appearing as middle name, email wrong). I called Michelle and she said “we” did it wrong not them. So “now we have to do a lot of extra work for you” she was very rude and told me off when I told her I have her details. Besides they had all the documents which verifies her full name, email etc. now they say they have to start a new case. What the hell??? I have wasted $715 and now my daughter has gone overseas so she cannot verify or sign any new application and she is away for 4 weeks!!!! DO NOT GET SUCKED IN LIKE I DID.

  11. No Name says:

    Where do you start with this company?? From the get go they were terrible! Customer service was shit, paid all this money and got no where. I was always chasing them up for updates and they would reply after a week. My case worker was useless, would only reply when I cc’d someone else in the email. They sent me an email saying I hope you are well, your visa has been rejected with a letter, which they received 10 days earlier!!

  12. Pissed says:

    I just today had a similar experience to to Jules. Same pushy phonecall, same credit card first then when I asked for a refund, resounding ‘No’ and that they would never refund the money.

    The NSW department of Fair Trading have been notified and I’ve lodged a dispute with my bank. Slimey, horrible, predatory scum of the earth.


  13. jules says:

    WARNING DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY MONEY!!! October of 2015, I found visasimply to use to obtain a Canadian visa, I made a phone call to enquire about how they can help me etc. I was told i would receive a phone call back.

    Within a 7 minute phone call, If i wanted to proceed ahead i was asked to transfer $715 right then for the conversation to proceed and the visa application to begin, once i transferred the money stupidly enough and being really excited to start this process, the gentleman forwarded me onto a lady who told sent me a form via email to sign it and send it back to start the process, i signed a form and sent it back, she said there was more payment to be made. After that i had realised that something didn’t seem right at all.
    Spoke to my housemates and they told me i should cancel my card to make sure that payment hadn’t gone through. Because i have been scammed. Canceled cards, proceed to contact them and they said NO REFUND because i signed a form, i emailed them and spoke to them on chat via there website and they were completely rude and extremely illiterate!! It was crazy. they proceed to contact me about sending them documents but i told them to remove to me from their system! 22 yrs old losing 715 bucks sucks especially trying to travel

  14. Raman says:

    Hi All, Visa simply is fraud company never ever deal with them . They will tell you that money would be refunded if case does not apply or rejected but they never return.. so be aware from this company.

  15. nee mee says:

    i have the same experience with mam esther… rhea…camille and carl from visas simply are not helping

    • nee mee says:

      Complainant alleged that herein Subjects enticed her to apply for a permanent visa in Canada. However, Subjects failed on their promise despite of the fact that Complainant submitted all the required documents and paying the professional fee Subjects were asking.

  16. Esther V. Lopez says:

    My husband and I decided not to pursue anymore our plans to migrate to Australia. We were frustrated with the services Visas Simply provided us. We felt that we started to experience the bad service after they have collected the whole amount of our payment. Their office will always get in touch with us if they are collecting payments, however, with regard to the status of our application, we are the ones who is always making the follow up.

    Further, we were dragged along with the misinformation and disappointment given to us by Ms. Rhea. Ms. Rhea assured us that we will be migrating to Australia within six (6) months to one (1) year. However, that did not happen until she resigned.

    After the resignation of Ms. Rhea, our frustrations and disappointment continued when Ms. Grace handled our application. We were given another option but no definite solution. Sorry to say this, that we were only given false hopes to delay our application because maybe they can no longer provide solutions to our case.

    We thought our bad intuition would end when Mr. Carl Alvaran took over, but then again, everything is the same or maybe even worse. As the Operations Manager, we expect that he will be the one who could recover us from all the stress and frustrations that we had experienced from his former staffs/colleagues. However, we were wrong because he don’t even know how to attend to a simple request, the courtesy to return our call or reply to our sms when we tried requesting him several times. He just ignored us.

    Moreover, we were disappointed with the service that was given to us by our assigned Case Manager Ms. Poojah. She is not prompt with regard to answering our queries, particularly when being asked about how we will proceed. Due to her late reply, this caused delays in the processing of our application.

    Adding to the pain, their office did not inform us on he result of my Vetasses. The result came out December 2012 (?) but I was never informed. I got knowledge of the result when I made a follow up last May 2013, just Imagine inefficiency, 6 months! What’s worse, the reason why I got a negative result in Vetasses was because, they lodge me without proper deliberation to my work experience, my experience did not match to the job require/not enough experience for the job. We gave our trust to their people believing that they are experts in what they are doing, but they are careless in lodging my application.

    March 14, 2015 – As agreed at this day’s meeting, you stated in your email, that you will provide us all available options latest April 6, 2015 for us to decide how we want to proceed with our application with your office. However, no email was received even until April 7, 2015.

    We believe that these are enough reasons/justification to demand for our refund. We have given you a change to prove that we were wrong. However, we were right all along that your company is only good at the start, and that includes you when you stood us up on what we have agreed in our meeting.

    We’ve been patiently waiting for almost 3 years now, we just want what is due to us and refund us our hard money but instead they offered us a free tourist visa to any country in the world and gave us a deadline to decide until this November 2015

  17. Hilda de Leon says:

    The visa simply representative just called me a while ago and encourage me to apply for a Permanent Residence Visa in Australia ,with the following costs 120000 for the processing fee,35 thousand visa fee for my son,and 140000 visa fee for myself

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