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Who is Visas Avenue?


Apart from mentioning that they are an immigration consultancy service, their website makes no mention of who heads the company or the people who work there. We are just told that they are a qualified team of immigration experts. We could not even figure out if they are immigration lawyers or consultants.


Nowhere could we find any reference to the credentials or licenses that the company holds. This missing information is really concerning because it leaves us with no way to verify if Visas Avenue is legally allowed to provide the consultancy services they have on offer.


What we could determine is that Visas Avenue is based in India with offices in:


  • Delhi;
  • Hyderabad;
  • Bangalore; and
  • Mumbai


Visas Avenue Logo For Visas Avenue review


Visas Avenue’s Immigration Services


It seems as if Visa Avenue cover any immigration service imaginable. On their website it says they assist with:


  • Case studies;
  • Pre assessment;
  • Form filling;
  • Documentation;
  • Letter drafting;
  • International admissions;
  • Visa applications;
  • Career counselling;
  • Language coaching; and
  • Refusal case analysis and refilling


These services are not only available for Canadian immigration. Mainly, they also provide visa services to:


  • Australia;
  • Denmark;
  • New Zealand;
  • The U.K; and
  • The U.S.


In terms of Canadian immigration, the company seems to be familiar with most if not all the streams and categories available to those hoping to migrate to Canada. In fact, they provide detailed information on each of these programs. This is a great feature for any immigration services company.


Speaking of the website’s content, Visas Avenue’s has a fantastic blog and news section. On both of these pages they post regular, current and helpful content about immigration across the world.


Another impressive feature of their website is that they offer free evaluations. They also have a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions page that ensures that your information will be kept safe and secure.


Visas Avenues Social Media and User Reviews


Visa Avenues website is filled with testimonials of satisfied customers. As always, do not take these too seriously, because only the best reviews will be included on their website. It may even be the case that they wrote these testimonials themselves.


A video linked to their YouTube account led us to believe that perhaps, the company writes their own reviews. The clip titled “Canada PR Visa Granted Watch Visas Avenue Client Review’ features a man talking about his immigration journey with the company. Watching the video, we quickly realized that the man is obviously reading from a script outside of the frame. This fact makes the entire video unbelievable and untrustworthy.



Visas Avenue has a modest Facebook following of 9,687. Unfortunately, they have disabled the review function on their account, so we could not use this as a source for user experience with the company. In terms of content, their Facebook posts regular, useful information.


They also have a Google+, Linkedin and Twitter account. However, the Twitter account, with 1,348 followers, is the only active profile among the three.




There is much to like about Visas Avenue. They really seem to know quite a bit about immigration and the content on their site is reliable, useful and detailed. They offer free evaluations and they ensure that all of your information will be safe with them.


On the negative side, we found it quite concerning that they do not mention any of the names of the people who work for them. As a result of this, we could not find out if the company is legally allowed to provide consultancy services.


We were also frustrated with the company disabling all possible customer interaction methods on their online platforms. A company that is confident in their ability welcomes customer interaction in order to improve on their mistakes. Unfortunately, we do not know anything about how people experienced Visas Avenue’s services.


There is definitely not enough evidence to label this company as a scam, but because their website lacks certain content, it makes us doubt their credibility. For this reason, we conclude our Visas Avenue review by recommending you to be careful when dealing with Visas Avenue.


If you are not convinced by this company’s services, have a look at our many fantastic reviews of immigration services on our website. Select only the best with Canadian Visa Review.

The Review

7.6 Score


The Good

  • Provides an extensive selection of services
  • Has detailed information on Canadian immigration services
  • Free evaluations
  • Great blog and news feature

The Bad

  • Unclear if they have legal authorization
  • Suspicious YouTube account
  • No online reviews


  • Great blog and news section 90%
  • Unclear if they have legal authorization 30%
  • Provide an impressive range of services 90%
  • Suspicious testimonials 70%
  • Free evaluations 100%
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  1. Durga Prasad.K says:

    Visa Avenues are not worthy. They cheated me by not providing the required information and forced me to pay the processing fee 70k.

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