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Visa First Review

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About Visa First



Our Visa First Review begins with the company’s About Us. The company claims that it was started in 2003. They also talk about how they are an “independent visa agency”.


Visa First states that they operate, “with offices in more than 40 countries”. We found that they had offices in only 16 countries on their homepage.


They say that they can provide visas to nine different countries as they work as your personal immigration agent.




At first look, the Visa First website is pretty simple to use and navigate around. There seems to be relevant information about the different sorts of visas that Visa first supplies.


Their site does link to some useful FAQ sections, which are up to date with certain visa programs, although FAQs are not included on all of the visa pages, which is slightly disappointing.


In their About Us page, there is an offer for a free assessment form. When you sign up with their company and fill in your personal details you are said to get a call from their agents.


Free assessment form offer by Visa First

The website also has detailed Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy which is GDPR compliant and a quite informed content about their cookie policy.


Other than that, working links and a clean design make for easy use of their website. Just one complaint can be made, is that their blog is not updated more than once a month.




We did notice that on the site’s footer Visa First mentions awards they have received. Like the:

  • Ernst and Young Entrepreneur Award;
  • Deloitte Best Managed Company; and
  • European Business Award


This seems great until we noticed the dates that these were awarded. The Ernst award was given nearly ten years ago. The Deloitte award, awarded in 2012, was the most recent.


Whether the company has changed its policy or a change in management has occurred, it is hard to tell why no recent awards have been given to Visa First or why the site has not updated to the more recent awards.


Visa First Awards given in 2010

Social Media Links


The sites does not have links to their social media account, but we did find that they have a Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin account.




Visa First seems to focus mostly on providing the following services for visas to over 45 countries, mainly:

  • Tourist Visas;
  • Business Visas;
  • Work Visas;
  • Green Cards;
  • Student Visas; and
  • Working Holiday Visas


Visa First main clients come from Ireland. These clients are offered a variety of immigration services.  Visa First also appears to offer a variety of alternative services as well.


We did try to find authorized representatives specifically for Canadian immigration, but we could not find any mention of RCICs.


Visa First Online Reviews


The site has a very large number of reviews on their site, which is a pretty standard practice for many companies.


The customer reviews are positive and seem to revolve around the idea that their staff is professional and efficient.


We did find some complaints online about the company on an Australian complaint board. Below are some of the issues customers had.


Visa First customer review about their services


Customer’s having trouble with Visa First additional services




Their Facebook page has a modest following of 51,531. It appears that the news they post on their website blog is the same as what they post on Facebook.


They do not post regularly. It seems they only bring out new content once a month, however, there are huge three month gaps between their more recent posts.


It seems that the review option on Visa First has not been enabled, so we cannot tell whether customers have had either a positive or negative experience with them.




In comparison, their Twitter account has a very small following of only 1,248, since the account was created in 2008.

Visa First Twitter Account

When we first opened up their account, we were greeted by multiple posts about a social media enhancement program, which had nothing to do with immigration. These irrelevant posts continued from Feb 2018 to May 2018.


We did notice that the account has not posted anything important about immigration since February this year. It seems likely that Visa First may have forgotten about this account.




For such a large company, Visa First seems to have a very small professional staff, with only 27 employees on their LinkedIn account.

Conflicting information about Visa First

There was also another inconsistency on their page, when it mentions that they provide, “visas to over a 100 countries”. On their website, they only provide visas to 48 countries.


Whether this was an unintentional error or not, it should be changed as it can be misleading to customers.




In our Visa First Review, we did find some things that make Visa First seem very professional. The problems come from certain information that is posted incorrectly on multiple sites, like their awards, how many countries they supply visas to and how many branches they operate.


Although they have a sizeable following on Facebook, their monthly posting is quite disappointing.


We did find some reviews that did not show Visa First as highly professional, which is worrying. We are not sure how far we can trust reviews that Visa First has on its own website, since they disabled the review option on their Facebook account.


The fact that there was no mention of RCICs, authorized representatives or legal immigration lawyers for Canadian immigration impacts on the company’s professionalism.


It also seems that most paperwork is sent to embassies rather than sending it to the relevant government institutions.


We do not think the company is a fraud, but we believe that their business standards may have fallen since 2013. As always, please be careful when hiring the services of any immigration agency or passport companies that promise visas and instant solutions.


Have you had any experience with this Visa First? Please leave a comment below. Tell us your story!

The Review

4.5 Score


The Bad


  • Easy website navigation 70%
  • Basic visa information 60%
  • No RCIC or regulated lawyers or immigration professionals found 10%
  • Conflicting information on their website, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts 20%
  • Outdated social media platforms 40%
  • Strong Facebook presence 70%
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