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Who is Visa Center Inc.?

This quaint little immigration consultancy operates out of Dhaka, Bangladesh and claims to be “government approved immigration advisors.” From what we could decipher on their website, Visa Center have only been in operation since 2015 making them less than a year old. Visa Center claim to have an RCIC member, but they do not mention who this individual is. The only identifier we are given is the RCIC number which is # R411439.

When we conducted a search on the RCIC website, we uncovered that this RCIC number belongs to Tatiana Gulyaeva. What we found suspicious is that they bothered to make this person’s RCIC number available, but why not their name?

For transparency purposes, we insist that at the very least, a consultancy have a name present to identity the individual by. At this point, we know that Tatiana Gulyaeva is a member in good standing with the RCIC and that she is actively practicing, but we have no way of actually confirming whether she really works for Visa Center Inc.

What we found particularly interesting about this website was a statement on their homepage that states that their clients can “enjoy the benefits of Canadian Authorized Lawyer” and RCIC member as if it is not requirement to have one. It is in fact required to have a legal representative or member of the ICCCRC to give immigration consultations.

The Website & Services

Visa Center Inc. originally loads in Bengali, but we had no qualms translating most pages to English. There were a few elements that remained in Bengali. As for the rest of the site, we noted a lack of real company identity and they also tended to be vague with the information displayed on the site.

Regarding the actual service that Visa Center offers, according to their website, they are said to offer assistance with immigration, study permits, visiting permits and work visas. When we clicked onto the links to direct us to a consultation, we were faced with more links until we reached a sign-up form. Visa Center also offers free assessments.

On their ‘resources’ page we expected to find helpful links to introduce the immigrant to life in Canada, but there was nothing but a telephone number and a message to contact them for consultations. Visa Center Inc. also neglected to make a terms and conditions with a refund policy and privacy available, so we have no way of telling how the immigrant will be billed or whether they issue cash back on cancellation of service.

Social Media

The website itself displays no links to their social media profiles but we were able to find them on Facebook with a surprisingly large social following. As expected, most of the posts are in Bengali but they do seem to link back to the site and are related to Canadian immigration.


Most of Visa Center’s review section on Facebook are made up of queries on how to immigrate to Canada but we noted that they do not respond to any of the queries on the review page. They do however reply on the comments and on posts.

Their Twitter page is hopelessly outdated as the last post dates back to 2014. There is only one tweet and it seems that the account must have either been abandoned or forgotten.


While this website has provided evidence of an RCIC member, we cannot for sure confirm it since they have not included a name. We are concerned that Visa Center do not have a terms and conditions or privacy policy available on their site as it shows transparency. The fact that some parts of the site do not translate in English also proved to be quite annoying too.

You can visit their website here:

The Review

2.8 Score


The Good

  • Simple site

The Bad

  • Bengali site
  • Vague information
  • No T&C’s or privacy policy


  • Company Identity 40%
  • Legitimacy 40%
  • Service Feedback 20%
  • Feedback 30%
  • Published Content 10%
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