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Well UNIMIG is off to a great start. Not only has our Malware program warned us that the site is insecure, it may also be a phishing website. For those of you who do not know what phishing is, it is when websites try to gain sensitive information like your credit card details or passwords while pretending to be a legitimate site.

INIMIG review phising

We decided to take the risk anyway to give you a detailed UNIMIG review.


UNIMIG review website

UNIMIG promises many things with their services. They insist that they will make “your visa application process prompt and smooth” as a migration authority that offers immigration services to six different countries. They go on to say that they are “Your one stop solution”. These promises sound fantastic, but can UNIMIG deliver?


As we continued our review, we found that they operate out of New Delhi, but another company is mentioned on their “contact us” page. We assume that they are either a parent company or an agent company.


The company mentioned is RD Overseas Immigration Consultants. These consultants offer services for UK immigration. Besides the reference to RD on their website Contact Page, nothing else is mentioned about them on the site.


We fact-checked UNIMIG to see if they do actually do have verified consultants. We could not find these consultants on the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council’s website. This is always a worry, because only legal representatives, like a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) or immigration lawyer, can charge for immigration services.
UNIMIG Services


The company offers many services. The state they can assist with:

Express Entry profiles;
Student visas;
Visitor visas; and
Business visas


They also state that they can help with “Work,” which doesn’t cover anything specific. The information that is given is vague, poorly written and generally confusing, giving us nothing to work with. Do they assist with CVs? Are they a job agency? We do not know.


At no point are we given the costs of immigration or consultations. Unlike many consultants who offer a free evaluation, nothing is mentioned on UNIMIG’s site.


UNIMIG claims that their, “agents can assist in building PR profile which would enable your chances of getting ITA (Invitation to Apply) from the Canadian Immigration with high probability.” This is strange as they do not refer to their agents as RCIC or immigration lawyers.


There is nothing to recommend about the website. As we mentioned before, the site is not secure meaning that it really is not a good idea to pay online with this company as your personal information may be compromised.


The site is also missing a key component for online security, an HTTPS certificate. This certificate helps ensure that any online transactions is completed without third party hackers getting access to your account.

UNIMIG review

We did try to look around for a Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions in our UNIMIG review, but we came up empty handed. The only vague reference we could find had to do with the company’s disclaimer. Not only is it poorly written, it is also extremely confusing and does not cover a large number of issues.

UNIMIG disclaimer

Social Media UNIMIG


It seems that UNIMIG only has one social media account, Facebook. UNIMIG has around 366 followers on their account and a total of three reviews.


All the reviews were positive, but gave us no information about why the people liked the company’s services.


This small social media presence is not really helpful for finding out if the company is trustworthy as there is very little information to work with.


They do not post regularly and most of these posts are generally advertisements. We could not see if they were really responsive to customers because there was very little interaction on their Facebook page.


To conclude our UNIMIG review we recommend you proceed with caution. If you plan to hire their services, be aware that there are major problems with the security on their website.


UNIMIG is mentioned as a phishing site and is not HTTPS secure, making us doubt the company’s security.


Not once are we given any real information about visa program names, qualifications or even how the application process works with the company.


We are only guided to contact the company through email or via phone calls. The fact that there is no mention of Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy or even a Refund Policy is a huge worry. All of these documents are essential as a legal form of protection for both customers and the business. The lack of these documents is not a good sign and does not give the company any real sense of legitimacy.


We also could not find any authorized representatives under UNIMIG. This means that the company does not have legal authority to charge for their immigration services. The Canadian government will not accept any application that is handed in by an unauthorized representative!


If you have had personal experience with this company, feel free to comment below. But if you are still looking for the right company for you, why not check out other reviews we have done on trusted companies?

The Review

2.3 Score



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