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Transcend Consultant Review of Hompage


Transcend Consultants Review


Transcend Consultants is an immigration consultancy firm that started way back in 1999 in Ontario, Canada. The company is run by Mr Deepak Kohli, who boasts over 15 years of experience in Canadian immigration. Kohli is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), #R413599, registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).


On the surface, the company has it all, from expert services to detailed web content. Our Transcend Consultants review takes a closer look at the finer details of the company’s online presence. Find out if they are right for you.


Transcend Consultants’ Website


The company’s website is easy to use, however it is very dated in terms of design. This is not necessarily essential, but we do think that they should consider updating the site for a more enjoyable user experience.


On the website, you will find links to useful information on the various immigration programs they provide assistance for. It seems that they cover quite a large number of immigration streams, if not all of them. The content is informative, but it could do with more specific details about the processes, for example, you will not find any in-depth writing on the individual Provincial Nominee Programs.


Despite the dated design of the website, their information on policy changes in immigration is current. We really liked the updates on the availability of the various immigration categories Transcend Consultants make on their pages. It makes for a happy, informed user.


However, we did find issue with their “What’s New” tab. We found it quite ironic that this page does not contain any information about the year 2018. It seems as if this section used to be current and up to date with previous immigration news, unfortunately, they did not keep up this practice.


The website does not contain a privacy policy, terms and conditions or refund policy. This is very disappointing as these documents help provide credibility to the company. In order to protect yourself from fraud, you must know how the company handles your information.


Transcend Consultants’ Services


According to their website, the company adopts a client-centric approach to their services. This means that they put the customer first in all matters and they promise to provide all their clients with personal care.


Apart from their Canadian immigration services, Transcend Consultants also assists with applications to:


  • The U.S.;
  • Malaysia;
  • Bulgaria; and
  • Dominica


We enjoyed that the firm is upfront about the prices of their services. Their online evaluation is free of charge, but their other packages can cost between $250-$500.


Transcend Consultants also has a very unique feature that we found quite interesting. Clients, who have received a positive assessment report after they submitted their profiles, can sign up for weekly webinar sessions. Apparently, these lessons are designed to keep clients up-to-date with Canadian immigration news and policy changes.


Transcend Consultants’ Social Media


We are quite impressed with what Transcend Consultants offers on their website, on the other hand, their social media presence is an entirely different story.


We discovered that the company’s social media platforms are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.


Their LinkedIn account is Kohli’s personal account, where he posted articles about recent immigration news. However, the practice has been neglected. The last article was posted in 2016.


Their Facebook account, with 2,366 likes, has similarly been neglected. The last post was on 2016 and if you click on them they just redirect you to their main site.


Twitter seems to be their only active account.  Here Transcend Consultants still regularly tweet for their 203 followers. However, it is just brief summaries of the latest Express Entry draws.




Transcend Consultants boast really impressive credentials. They are clearly experienced in the field of Canadian immigration. However, we recommend they stay current with design and news in order to accurately communicate their prestige to clients.


It is very easy to associate an outdated website with dead social media accounts to a careless company. We are not saying that they are scammers, in fact, we think their professionalism is pretty evident. However, we question what it must be like to work with a company that does not care to keep up with the times, especially in a field like Canadian immigration that is always changing.


So to conclude our Transcend Consultants review we would like to recommend the services of this professional company. Though they are far from perfect, we believe that they are good enough to be trusted.


Please let us know if you have had any experiences with this company in the comments below.
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The Review

7.5 Score


The Good

  • Very experienced RCIC
  • Webinar sessions

The Bad

  • Neglected social media
  • Out of date news section


  • Very experienced RCIC 100%
  • Webinar sessions 80%
  • Neglected social media 60%
  • Out of date news section 60%
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