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We decided to take a look at travel visa company that promises to help you have a vacation of a lifetime.


This company promises you an application process of only four steps. This sounds great, so we took a closer look at them with our Thomas Cook Travel Smooth review.


Canada is not the only place that this company provides visas for, they also include a list of other places if you want to spice up your life like:

  • Malaysia;
  • Dubai;
  • Thailand;
  • Singapore; and
  • Sri Lanka


About Thomas Cook Travel Smooth

thomas cook travel smooth review website


The company is based in India and focuses strongly on everything to do with travel. This extends to:

  • Foreign exchange;
  • Air flights;
  • Insurance; and
  • Travel packages for hotel stays


The company also offers live time tracking of your visa application, bookings with the embassy and “[increased] chances of visa approval with Thomas Cook expertise,” well, this was a statement and a half.


As we took a closer look at the company, we found that they also offer business and tourist visas, although, for some reason, the site also mentions that they provide work and study visas as well. We could not find any additional information to support this though.

thomas cook travel smooth review visas

One thing we did like about the site is that it gives a real clear idea about what sort of documents you need to apply with. However, they need to update their information, especially when they talk about Indian citizens not needing Biometrics to apply. Canada has actually made it compulsory for all Indian citizens to apply for Biometrics from this year onwards.


The company even includes an estimation of the costs and processing times for their visas. Although, we noticed that the price can go higher than the company specified. They also state that it should not take longer than 35 working days to complete your application.


This is pretty normal processing times for a Tourist Visa or any short term business visa, unfortunately, we were rather confused about the company mentioning a work visa again.

thomas cook travel smooth review work visas services

Even with a short term work permit, it will still take at least 17 weeks to apply from India and a study permit takes at least 6 weeks. This does put a bit of a damper on the whole 35 day process, if Thomas Cook does assist with work visas applications. We are still not sure at this point.


If they do provide visa services for work in Canada, the company will need an authorized representative who is either a Canadian immigration lawyer or RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant). No one else can legally charge for immigration services.


Thomas Cook Travel Smooth Website


The layout of the website is easy enough to use, although there are definitely some issues they need to address, such as their online security. Turns out that Thomas Cook’s website is not secure against third party hackers.


thomas cook travel smooth review security

No matter what website you go on, always check that the site is HTTPS secure before you fill in any sensitive information. The fact that this site is not a secure one is really disappointing, especially since the company promises so much and has so many additional features that make it stand out.


Our Thomas Cook Travel Smooth review also hit another snag. We spotted the site’s legal Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy hoping to be happily surprised, but we got another rather unexpected surprise instead. Turns out the site’s links to these important documents do not exist.


If you click on them, you are just directed to a blank page. This is both irritating and unprofessional, as legal documents, like Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies, are used to show what services you are signing up for and how your personal information is handled and kept safe by the company i.e credit details.


Social Media Review for Thomas Cook Travel Smooth


Besides four reviews we found on their site that were made by anonymous users, there was not much else that was noteworthy on their site. Just remember, you should generally not put too much stock on website reviews as most companies will not post the negatives reviews on their sites.


So, we took to the internet to find some online reviews. We did find a customer panel that had a lot to say about the company. Below are just a few examples we found.thomas cook travel smooth review 3

But, on the other end of the spectrum, we also found people who were very angry at the poor service provided by the company, like the following.

thomas cook travel smooth review security

Yet another review also had other issues with the company.

thomas cook travel smooth review 2

Thomas Cook also has a very active Facebook account with a very impressive following of 537,874 people.


Another positive is that the company seems to be really responsive on this platform, which is a really good thing to have in any company. The company has also kept their reviews on the page active, showing that they have more positive reviews than negative.


Thomas Cook Travel Smooth Review Conclusion


If you are in the market for a holiday package tour to help you enjoy a vacation outside of India, Thomas Cook Travel Smooth definitely seems like a legit company


Their social media is managed well and the customer support on their site gives a refreshing touch, along with the numerous customer reviews that give a mostly positive view of Thomas Cook.  


To counteract this point, we were let down by the site’s security and the fact that both the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy were not present on the website.


If Thomas Cook does offer immigration services for work visas and study permits, they must have an authorized representative on hand or they cannot legally assist with certain visa applications without facing legal repercussions.


Are you a happy customer of Thomas Cook? Tell us in the comments below, we want to hear from you!


But if you are looking to move to Canada as a permanent resident, why not check out our other trusted Canadian immigration consultants we have reviewed?


If you like our Thomas Cook Travel Smooth review and want to hear more from us, just message us!

The Review

5.5 Score


The Good

  • Good following on social media with responsive staff
  • Mainly positive customer reviews
  • Live tracking of purchases and visa applications

The Bad

  • Poor site security (Not HTTPS secure)
  • Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy do not exist
  • Confusing whether the company offers work and study visas to Canada or not


  • Good following on social media with responsive staff 90%
  • Poor site security (Not HTTPS secure) 10%
  • Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy do not exist 10%
  • Mainly positive customer reviews 90%
  • Confusing whether the company offers work and study visas to Canada or not 30%
  • Live tracking of purchases and visa applications 100%
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