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Who is Sync Visas?


Sync Visas is an immigration company that provides an immigration service to a number of countries; the UK, the USA, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark and Canada. They claim to have lawyers that work for them in the UK, the USA and they have immigration consultants that are registered with MARA, ICCRC and IAA (New Zealand Advisory Authority).

Sync Visas offers you free impartial advice and a free online assessment. They will only take on your case if you qualify for a visa and if you are eligible.

Sync Visas claims to have years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers.



The Website

The website for Sync Visas has a professional layout and it is not cluttered. There is a privacy policy, a refund policy and a terms and conditions provided on the website. There is also a free online assessment for you to fill out but it only asks for very basic information.

Something that we found concerning on the free online assessment is the “No Visa No Fee Guarantee” as this may give people the wrong impression. In the refund policy for Sync Visas they do state that they will not be responsible for any refunds made to a third party. Sync Visas also lists the situations in which a client will be refunded their money. Surely their statement, “No Visa No Fee Guarantee” covers all situations?

A major problem that we have with this website is the fact that there is no mention of who their immigration consultants are or who their lawyers are. There are immigration organisation’s seals provided on the website but they don’t link you back to the related websites.


We searched for an RCIC agent on the ICCRC’s website and we came up empty handed. This is a major issue for us as Sync Visas has provided no indication whatsoever of who they work with and this is the main reason for us questioning the immigration company’s legitimacy.

Sync Visas provides immigration services to a number of countries yet they have failed yet again to provide information on who does each country’s immigration.

The information provided for each Canadian visa is also limited and doesn’t really help you understand what you need in order to qualify. There is a News page for Sync Visas but the last post is from 2014.

Social Media

There are social media links on the website for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google+.

The Facebook page was created in 2014 and it has over 16 000 likes. Please note that Facebook likes can be bought. The posts to the page are regular and they are varied. They are not concentrated on Canadian immigration, which is a good thing. The traffic through the page isn’t very high and Sync Visas does not always reply to questions posted.

The Twitter account has a small following but the posts are similar to that of the Facebook account. The LinkedIn account has the basic information on it with a few posts from the Facebook account.

Our Conclusion

The website for Sync Visas is easy to use and provides you with very basic information. The fact the Sync Visas has failed to provide any indication of who their immigration consultants and lawyers are is very worrying.

There is not a single name mentioned on the website and this is often an indication that an immigration company may be a scam. We would advise that you proceed with caution when using this company as they have failed to provide the most vital pieces of information.

You can visit their website here:

The Review

1.6 Score


The Good

  • free online assessment

The Bad

  • no RCIC members apparent


  • Company Identity 30%
  • Legitimacy 10%
  • Features 20%
  • Service Feedback 10%
  • Published Content 10%
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117 Discussion to this review

  1. Vishal says:

    Dear All,

    Please help me to know if this SyncVisa agency is genuine or not.
    I got several calls and mails claiming that I am eligible and need to pay 8800 Dirhams, then negotiated at 5800 Dirhams finally came down to 5250 Dirhams.
    Another agency here in Qatar told me that I am not eligible for Canada due to my age but sync visas said I am eligible.
    I am in confuse state of mind what should I do.

    please help and suggest.
    Thanks a lot in advance.

  2. Ameliaclarke says:

    One of my friend advised me to take services of this Company, I am simply amazed with my experience.

  3. Naina Singh says:

    Thank you so much for providing the assistance and kind services delivered on handling and issuing my Visa so quickly. Once again, its my great pleasure to use your excellent service and look forward to cooperate with your esteemed office in the future. I will also recommend all my friends to try you.

  4. Basant Kumar says:

    synv visas a fake agency .

  5. Fatima Khan says:

    In my opinion there is no better consultancy in Dubai for Canada immigration. I trusted them with my case and they successfully got me my PR! I want to thank my case manager for their guidance and the dedicated Immigration team for their efforts. I also want to tell everyone who wants to move to Canada as quickly as possible to approach these guys and take up their services. Thank you once again for making my dream come true!

    • Kamal says:

      After seeing all the positive comments for Sync Visas I registered my application in 2016. They are running a money laundering business.

      I lost 4,000 AED promising me a work permit visa to Canada. Nothing happened yet.

      My hard earned money gone to trash

  6. niki says:

    not reliable, aggressive and rude!
    They seemed to only call from mobile numbers and if you ask them to wait for your decision to move ahead, they end of blaming you for wasting their time!

  7. Hina says:

    Hi I recently registered with them, and have already paid 2 installments.should I stop following further and apply on my own, need sincere advise.i did not check review before registering.

    • naveed says:

      i think they are fraud….becoz initially they were chasing me and once I deposited money now I m chasing them and no body is calling me back, everytime that lady used to say that you will receive call shortly… I think to get refund we have to make complain to DED dept Dubai, so that we can get our money back and also these guys get banned.

  8. Thomas says:

    Thank you Sync Visas Team. I got my visa approved from Canada immigration. Here attached my visa copy link,

    Thank you so much Sync Visas team Dubai.

    • sam says:

      Thomas come on !!! this visa you attach its the same visa they sent to me on their mail so please advice ?

  9. danish says:

    got screwed by them…they re big scam..they way they are now talking to me after I paid SAR 6000 its making me depressed. rude and I was like laughing at me that I am asking for a favor…please dont lok for the positive reviews, they are cheaters guys..

  10. Prachi Jeshwal says:

    Hello sir, I am Prachi Jeshwal from new delhi.I want to know the immgration process of canada.I done B.E. -Electrical Enginerring in new delhi and also work in new delhi.I have 6 month work experience in this fild.So can you guide me about this process?.Thank you.

  11. Debina Richra says:

    Hello Sir,I am Debina Richra from saudi arabia.I want to information about immigration of canada.I am really intrested for this country.My qualification is B.E. information technology and also 1 year experience in Software developer.So please guide me about that process.I am waitting for your response.Thank you.

  12. akshay says:

    hi anyone can you tell me how is it sync because i wanna applay +96898005239 my email

  13. Shoaib says:

    Hi Guys,

    I don’t know if this negative reviews are true and legit but based on my experience in Sync Visas. I enrolled to their services last June 2016 and my file was submitted in the pool on November 2016 I was surprise because I got my visa for permanent residence visa for Australia in just less than 3 months and for those who wants to verify and wants to look my visa I’m open to send my Visa Grant Paper. just email me @ and Rajeev is my case manager for Australia from the start until the end he updates me and work on my file so don’t believe in what you see in the internet all you need is to trust this guys and pray.


  14. Dilip says:

    Dear Guy’s,

    My Name is Dilip Kumar Kamisetti My Case ID: 726935.

    I applied for refund two months before and they asked me to send the proof of payments which I already send a month ago until now I didn’t get any update from Their side I am trying to contact the head office but couldn’t. when I called to UAE office Mr.Rajeev Case Manager he is keep on promising me Next Week Next Week Next Week I really don’t know when that next week will come.

    • jhing says:

      Why the refund Mr. Dilip? i mean, you didn’t wish to continue the application? for what reason? just asking, i am same like you wishing to find my luck in the other country.

      • Shemeem Sharaf Villa says:

        Hi jhing,

        If you are planning to move any country, don’t go to any agent. Go to the immigration department’s website of that country, study all the details and procedures, and you can do yourself if you are eligible. No need of this fraud agents.

    • Shemeem Sharaf Villa says:

      Dear Mr. Dilip

      Please dont trust this guys, I am waiting for my refund more than six months. This Rajeev is a big fraud, he stopped replying to my emails. I contact Ms. Lauren , who was my first contact, she is also not replying to my emails. If you have proof, lets go legally and let them pay for us, as well as the court will fine them and get it closed to save other innocent people from being victimized from them.. I wish others who had same situation join me, so we can make a move,.. Sync Visa is a big scammer..

      • winter says:

        I’m going to submit my documents to them. How long this company being in Dubai. They are telling if my applications are rejected, they will refund the money.. Please reply me

        Please tell me good counselor to continue my immigration process..

        • Shemeem Sharaf Villa says:

          If you have a lot of money just to throw away then you can give.. When I submit my documents, they were in a temporary office in Business Bay, later I came to know there are many scammers running in that area…

          Regarding the refund, never expect… Which country you are trying? why don’t you try directly with the immigration website, without the help of these frauds.

          • Vishal says:

            Dear Shemeem,

            Please advice how someone can do the visa process by their own and what are the procedures.

            Thanks a lot in advance.

      • Najam says:

        Hello Shemeem,

        I am with you. I am also cheated by them and they are also not responding me. If you are taking any legal step against them, I will be with you. So they will not cheat others.

    • sanjay rawat says:

      please try to contect me what happned

  15. Allay says:

    All communication was dilligent and prompt, and my case worker was extremely helpful in building the file and assisting with questions. The process was extremely smooth and hassle-free.
    Thank You Sync Visa.

  16. Nirza says:

    Had good experience while applying skilled migration visa under help of Sync Visa consultant team guideline. I see Sync Visa team really helpful and responding quickly.
    Thank You Sync Visa.

  17. Ashim says:

    Thanks for the assistance and support with our visa application process. We got the Skill migration visa and its my pleasure to say Thanks everyone.
    I’ll recommend your service to our friends and others.

  18. jhing says:

    Hi Everyone,

    It seems that the comments posted are both negative and positive for sync visas agency, so i think there will be a hardship in the part of those who would like to inquire because they will be trap in a big hole. Well, no one can actually see or learn the authenticity or legit agency without first knowing them. If you feel that the offer is huge overwhelming and promising think about it first. Well i guess some of you are working abroad, and u know for a fact that life in abroad is not just a milk and honey and sweet. Same thing when you plan to go to other countries such as Canada, Australia or New Zeland. Balance the situation, make a thorough observation and analyze the situation before jumping into a big decision of your life. And as much as you do, follow your instinct if you feel that your having a second thought, think twice. Find the way on how you can check if the agency is legit or not. Don’t give money if you feel unsure.

    I was same like you guys, having a doubt feeling, unsure about my decisions. So check first and make a thorough investigations, which i am doing the same. If Syncs Visa is a legit agency, good for them and if not they’re name will be put into a bad limelight. Don’t believe in any hearsay, believe in yourself and the things that you can do.

  19. YanaKhan says:

    Experience was made easy and simple by the Sync Visas team.Sync Visas is just so professional and simple.Thank You Sync Visa.

  20. Kevin Santos says:

    Hi Guys,

    My experience in Sync Visas is really awesome because before I have doubts with the company because of It’s negative reviews but one of the consultant Mr. John explained to me about it so I try to have chance on it totally I don’t have any idea how is it going I’m just doing what the Immigration case manager’s instruction and in Just 7 months I got the visa. Good thing I trust Sync Visas if is not because of you guys I will not have this kind of opportunity . Keep up the good work many thanks to the SYNC VISAS team and may you help a lot of people in the future . Don’t believe in what you see there’s no harm in trying. Cheers !

  21. fernastik says:

    Awsome…It has been a journey come True, with all the preparation and support, and with regular guidance for all the consultants.
    Very efficient service and always promptly answered for any queries. Sync Visas immigration consultant Services really Worth the money.

  22. Hussain says:

    Hi Guys,
    Please dont consider any of the above mentioned comments/Lies about sync visas.I am a dentist and have good work experience and They are 100% legitimate,I had aaplied for my canada visa from them and paid Aed 7300.00 in cash in month of December 2016 and today in the month of April 2017 I am holding my ITA for canada ALL THANKS to syncvisas teamm.

    • Shemeem Sharaf Villa says:

      Post a proof , instead making fake reviews… Everyone know they are big scammers, I lost 6667 AED with them…

      • Hussain says:

        Here is link for the so called proof,you can see here
        And I dont have personal attachment to sync visas but I was always following what sync team instructed,as a result I have my ITA now.

        • Jasper says:

          Hi Shemeem ,

          I think the company is legit and I contact the persons who made a positive review and they send me all their visa approvals so I’m thinking why your case be like this seems they are legit.

          Hope for your reply.

          • Shemeem says:

            Looks like a fake invitation, and why are you hiding the reference number?

          • Hussain says:

            Shemeem…you need to grow up and please understand that this ITA has my personal information and I cant share all of my personal info on some random blog;the reason I have writing on this blog is to give heads up to people around so that they know just paying money wont get the visa for you.Along with the agency you will also have to put your efforts where required…thats all it takes….Initailly you wanted proof which I have posted and now you have come up with these petty comments….as I said earlier….its high time,please grow up

      • sajith says:

        can u post a proof?

  23. Hussain says:

    Hi Guys,
    Please dont consider any of the above mentioned comments/Lies about sync visas.I am a dentist and have good work experience and They are 100% legitimate,I had aaplied for my canada visa from them and paid Aed 7300.00 in cash in month of December 2016 and today in the month of April 2017 I am holding my ITA for canada ALL THANKS to syncvisas team.

  24. Jeandre says:

    I got the Visa yesterday ! Thank you so much Sync Visas the CRS score draw yesterday was 415 points and I’ve got the visa. Thank you Thank you.

  25. Jeffrey says:

    I’m literally confuse and doubt if i have continue my application. I got a message and phones call from a fellow Filipino Sr. Case Manager (sync Visas) saying my case was approved.

    • Shemeem says:

      They will take your documents first, and will give you a positive feedback.. They will inform you that your profession is highly demand in that country, and lets start processing.. They ask for the payment, you have to pay minimum 50% before start processing. They will give 3 months installment option for the balance 50%. Because the process will not finish within 3 months, so they will get paid… Anyway they will not do anything more than you can do yourself, they will say they have lawyer and consult with him, all are big lies.. If you can fill the forms in immigration website, then you can do it by yourself. They are charging huge amount for that only.. Once you paid everything, then you will not get proper answers for your queries…Just cheating the poor job seekers, they are really blood sucking parasites, don’t throw away your money. I have really bad experience with them..

    • Najam says:

      Hi Jeffrey,
      Please don’t go with them. They are cheaters. I have been cheated by them. They told me that I am eligible and I have to pay the fees to start the process. When I actually applied and went through the process, I realized that I am not eligible.

      So I will not recommend to go with this company.


  26. Najam says:

    This is true.
    I would like to inform about this company. They are cheaters and I can 100% confirm this as I have been cheated by them. Initially they will call you and send you messages to be registered with them. Once you are registered and paid the % of fees then you will chase them.
    They will never reject you in your initial assessment and confirm you that you are eligible and request you to register immediately with them, so they can start the process. They did the same with me. I have invested lot of money because of them and when I started my immigration process for New Zealand, I am not eligible and I didn’t get the required score as suggested by Sync Visa peoples.
    So, I have decided to write this post for everyone, who is interested in immigration and trying to contact with Sync Visa. Please don’t trust them and don’t west your money and time. They are theft and cheaters. They are also not registered with New Zealand immigration department. I am also going to complain with New Zealand immigration department and will share all the documents and emails which have been exchanged between me and Sync Visa.
    Please share this message with everyone, so we can inform to everyone as we can.

    • Hussain says:

      Hi Guys,
      Please dont consider any of the above mentioned comments/Lies about sync visas.I am a dentist and have good work experience and They are 100% legitimate,I had aaplied for my canada visa from them and paid Aed 7300.00 in cash in month of December 2016 and today in the month of April 2017 I am holding my ITA for canada ALL THANKS to syncvisas team.

      • Shemeem Sharaf Villa says:

        I think you are a staff at Sync Visa… Posting the same comment everywhere to support them..

        • Hussain says:

          I am putting comments because I have got the ITA,If your case was not successful I am 100% sure it would have been some error from your end;I will suggest you to check where your application is falling to meet the set criteria and work on it.
          And talking about “Posting the same comment everywhere to support them..” It was error from side bcos of which it got updated several times.


          • Shemeem Sharaf Villa says:

            My case was not rejected, they didn’t do anything.. They just took money from me and I was the one who upload and paid for NZ immigration. They said I have 140+ points as per their calculation and I will get it for sure, but I didn’t have that much point and I was not selected in draw…

            Regarding your repeated comment, its strange mistake that you post the same comment in reply to all negative review. Are you working there? or they are paying for for this?

    • Shemeem Sharaf Villa says:

      Hi Najam,… How much you paid? I also lost money with this frauds.. We have to go against them legally in Dubai courts, and make social media campaign against them.. At least we can stop them cheating other innocent job seekers..

      • Pak Ganern says:

        Thanks for the review. During our phone call, I asked the lady to send me all the links , requirements, etc on my email to verify if everything they have told me is legit. I didn’t fell on their encouraging, sugarcoating sales talk. I told them that I have to verify their agency first before I even asked her why should I disclose my CC number to a stranger?lol

  27. rashid says:

    You have made life easier for us both in this stage of our lives.
    Thank you so much Sync Visas. I got my Australian visa approved today. I can’t wait to be out of this place.
    Once again Thank you so much for the hard work. God Bless You

  28. Iza A says:

    Hello Everyone, we are planning to start our immig process thru their service, but it seems like there are a lot of negative feedback regarding SYNC. Would you mind giving the names of your consultant that has provided good service. Thank you

  29. Lard says:

    Any of you guys where we can file case againts this froud

  30. Canadian Visa Review says:


    Please visit our Trusted Agents page to find our highly rated agencies here:

  31. Shemeem Sharaf Villa says:

    They are big scammers. Took away 6777 AED from me. They didn’t do anything more than we can do online on immigration website. Whenever I call them, the guy will tell me that he will check with Lawyer, call back but it will not happen.

    Please don’t pay anything to any country. You will loose your money for nothing.

    • Deepak says:

      They are very unprofessional, if you are thinking to approach them, you will just loose your time and money. Strongly suggest do not rely them, they are a money trap.

  32. Rutu says:

    To be honest our consultation with Sync Visas was a sweet one. We got very sensible advice which helped us all along the way. We have come to understand that there is nothing like having superior advice in anything you are doing. Thank you for being that support we needed at that crucial point in our lives

  33. jana says:

    Let that companies closed, file complaints for them, and let them return all the monies they took. Its big scam

  34. Happy says:

    My husband and I want to express our gratitude to our chosen visa agent, Sync Visas, for the excellent service. We got our visa in just 9 months and that is more than excellent. That however wouldn’t have been possible if not of your support and oversight all through. We were able to complete our skills assessment because you helped us that would have been a tough one to go through alone. Thanks for helping with the visa forms too.

  35. Aadi says:

    Sync Visas are fully doubtful, Scammer ? On my visit to their office they told me we have partnership with the lawyer in Canada but they did mention any name or reference number for the lawyer. Just they are asking for money i Paid them 4K and told them to hold until you will be verified.

  36. Leslie Garcia says:

    The Sync Visas agency is run by immigration professionals. They guided us through every step and gave details. We didn’t need to work much about filling application forms or about the documentations that are needed. They took care of everything for us. All our questions were readily answered. The process was smooth and there were no delays from their side. In less than a year, we had our visa stamped. Thanks to Sync Visas.

    • Zitronee Dey says:

      Hi Leslie

      You feedback become very helpful for me.
      I thought Sync Visas is one of those I see online that promises immigration and a lot of stuff. After I have tried and been assessed by on ef their staff, I was convinced to apply and take my chances. I was advised on how to grow my points in the assessment and it helped me a lot.

      Thank you once again

    • Zachary says:

      Hi Leslie, I started my application today. Are you now in Canada? Hope our application will succeed.

  37. Melissa says:

    They are experts and they know exactly what to do every time. They dealt nicely with us and I am sure that’s how they do with every customer. They are well organized and responsive to our needs. Many thanks to Sync Visas and team.

    • mustafa says:

      can you give your contatct number i wanna apply with sync visas.

  38. Dr.Mohammed Rizwan says:

    One of the worst agency i have come across..
    The initial assesment went good cos they were waiting for my payment once the amount got deposited they started showing their true colours…utterly unprofessional behaviour and moreover all the paperwork is dumped on us and no initiative whatsoever is taken by the agency to update u on ur case… they keep changing the case manager and ur file is back to square one..
    Aamir and rajeev r the guys working on my profile and they have absolutely made sure that nothing is done in my case..submitted documents in 2015 and profile isnt ready even now…all i can say is that my hard earned money has gone down the drain…
    To all fellow members plz plz steer away from this agency..

    • Dr m m says:

      Dear dr rizwan
      Please share your contact details with me
      I am thinking to apply for immigration via sync visa

  39. Suresh says:


    • Yousef says:

      They are spam… Huge fraud… Don’t trust them… They are actually 2 companies under 2 different names.. (sync visas,visa permits) open both and compare.. U won’t find difference.. I have known many people give them money and no refund and no me.. And they write good reviews for themselves.. They don’t have any contact number only Landline and always busy.. From experience

  40. VAL DIZA says:


    • Aadi says:

      Really looking for the same answer, Can you write me an email at below mentioned email so we can think to lodge a complaint about them. or text me 0557884465

  41. VAL DIZA says:


  42. Merz says:

    Hi. I just started to apply in sync visas dubai. I already sent 3k aed as initial payment. They gave an invoice to that but still i have a doubt as the case manager told me there is no other way of contact except their personal phone. Also, aftr 3 days of working with the case manager, they gave me another person . The reason is that there was an emergency leave. Kindly check this website also. It mailed me saying that i opened an account to them but i cannot check my account because i dont have the password and reference no, and i could just have them after thet review my papers. Sync visas told me it is a direct email from canada. Please help. Thanks

    • love says:

      Hi merz, I’m also having doubts here. if you could send me a message in mY email so we could share experiences and figure things out I would really appreciate that. Here is my email

      • Solita says:

        Hi Love and Merz. I also applied for migration to Canada with Sync. I paid 4k dirhams and it is now on going. So far, I can say that they are legit. A fellow Filipino is the one processing my case. I have researched as well about Canadian immigration online and I can verify that they are telling the same thing. I am a civil engineer here in Dubai and wanting to migrate to Canada.

        • Pamela says:

          Hi Solita,

          Did you manage to get your visa processed with them?

    • MITCH says:


      • Chetan says:


        can you please share your updated status of visa process. Actually i am also goin to aply for canadian PR with hem.

        But have doubts in mind. Kindly reply…

        • Ajith says:

          hello i lost 9000QAR with Syncivsa, never pay.

          • RAJ says:


      • nysha says:

        i was going through all your messages.Can you please let me know the updates of SYNC VISA.

  43. brijendra says:

    hello I am brijendra I also applied for Canada and they tell if u summit all fee than your process is going to arly & they are not brief any thing what’s going on your process …I already summit all fee when I ask for money they told me we don’t return any single plz tell me what I will do…I want to return my money

  44. Yousef says:

    Anyone have bad experience with sync Visas plz plz plz. Contact me on my mobile 0559419898…or whatsup plz plz plz

    • Shemeem Sharaf Villa says:

      I lost 6667 AED.. Plese dont pay anything… They are big scammers

  45. Hadiyyah says:

    Working with the Sync Visas team gave us great joy really. The process we thought will be so complicated was made so easy with the expertise you guys displayed. We highly recommend Sync visas to anyone we meet that might have a similar need for a consultant. The peace of mind of knowing that everything is being handled properly is really worth every dime we spent to hire this team. The sweetest part of it is even that we got our visa in less than a year!

  46. khawar says:

    Syn Visa is a pure scam.They are showing them as registered with Canada, NZ, Aus through a third party.They themselves are not registered in any of these country.They will call u again and again for depositing the money and after u have deposited all the money, they will take 6 months to an year for collecting and submitting the documents from you.In the end the case will be rejected because they do not have the correct experience and knowledge.They will trap u by saying to get sync visa engaged as soon as possible othey wise there will be a change in the policies…Plz be careful before depositing a single penny to them.Ask them to get the immigration done and than take the fees.Or ask them to take 10 or 20% of the consultancu fees and remaining after imigration.If they are so sure abt the immigration than they will agree other wise they will push u to deposit all the money at once or in 3 to 4 installments….

  47. Ayadin says:

    Hello All
    To be honest my experience with really amazing. i remember my friend recommended me sync visas services and on website i submitted request. after 1st conversation over call with Ms. Lauren i decided to go with sync visas and today im very happy & thankful for Sync Visas for the help and the support they have given me every step of my application for Canada immigration. Im sure without their guidance it would be very hard for me to get through this application process. I would like to specially thank Ms. Lauren of Sync for all the great help she has provided me.

    Thank you!

  48. Saqib says:

    I also lost 13k in sync visa.They have no registration in either canada, newzealand and Australia.Now they are trapping ppl for Denmark too…They attract ppl by saying that, see our face book likes….these are all fake…If u visit their FB page, or any advertisement on FB, u r not allowed to post comments.The only option is to like or share…
    They will ask u that they will do free assessment, and after a day or two, you will recieve a Congrats mail or call.Than they will ask for money….Dont be trapped with Sync visa or any other consultant ….Only registered consultants shd be preffered.

    • Hasan says:

      I am struggling with Sync Visas for the last 10 months and still my application is not processed. Now I believe it’s a scam. Please stay away from them.

    • Hasan says:

      I think we should lodge official complaint

      • Unknown says:

        Yes you should lodge a complaint They have another company named Permits and Visas and the owner of the both the companies are same.

        they doesn’t even know the process Totally fraud

        • ScammedBYsync says:

          anyone can suggest which ministry body in UAE dubai can report this scammer, they already collected millions from the people they scammed.. I lost 1,700 USD (6,500 Dinars).. they promised to refund our money, since then we received auto reply in email, 14 day, 20 days & so on notification they will reply. it’s a truly SCAM

    • Nani says:

      Hi,Can you suggest any registered consultants names plz..

  49. NOMI says:

    Sync Visa is not at all reliable….They r a big Fraud.They will take money from you and than will ruin your case.My sincere advise is to choose only that consultant who is registered in Canada under ICCRC. or for Australian immig in MAARA.Dont pay any consultation fees without verfying the registration your self.
    Sync visa is not registered any where.Ask them to give the registration number.You can search through the registration number if a consultant is registered or not.They will tell you that they have lawyers in UK ,Canada and NZ etc….Ask them the names of registered person and his registration number.I lost 15k AED with sync visa and wasted 1 yr with them.

  50. rhea says:

    is sync visa a reliable immigration agency to migrate to canada?

  51. Danish says:

    can I have a list of legit agencies in Gulf

  52. Chard says:

    Is there a list for legit agency here in dubai to migrate in canada? Thank u and godbless

  53. Muhammad Adnan says:

    Sync Visa is just making the people fool….They just want the money first hand.They are not aware of the rules and regulations of Canada,Australi and Newzealand.I lost AED 12k for Newzealand.My case was rejected due to non professional and ignorance of Newzealand immigration laws. by Sync Visa…
    They are not registered in Aus,Canada or in Newzealand.They have some good sales persons who will assure you that you can get the visa easily but in the end you will loose your money…My advise is to go only with the registered immigration consultants only….These can be found in respective country’s immigration websites.

    • Eugene says:

      Please stay away from Sync visas. They are fraudulently using real mara agent’s credentials. However they do not have any mara agents working for them. Stay away!

      • RAJ says:


    • Asim says:

      Dear Adnan,

      I already applied for new Zealand with Sync team and I have few queries so could you please share your contact details???

      • Asim says:

        Please confirm, have you applied under skilled worker immigration?? Why your case is rejected , gonna know exact rejection reason.

    • Unknown says:

      Agreed I have worked with their another company named Permits and visas and they all are cheat

  54. Janice Agustin says:

    Is this legit?

    • Canadian Visa Review says:

      Hi Janice,

      We were unable to verify their legitimacy as they did not provide any RCIC names or numbers on site which unfortunately brings their reputation into question.


      • Esty says:


        Will you able to let us know the trusted agent to work in Canada? Appreciate for your response :)

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