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Are SYMY Immigration & Recruitment experts in immigration?

SYMY Immigration and Recruitment are a consultancy who operate out of Edmonton, Canada and offer immigration solutions to those looking to come to Canada – specifically Alberta, Saskatchewan and other surrounding areas.

martyWasting no time getting into it, SYMY immediately introduce us to their RCIC member in their ‘About us page.’ The RCIC member, Marty Baram, is a member in good standing with the ICCRC and holds several business licenses all throughout Canada, namely in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. On this page, we are also told that SYMY are “experienced professionals” capable of “taking care of the complex Canada Immigration process” for their clients – But are they really?


The Website & Services

SYMY offer several viable visa options including express entry, business visas, family sponsorship, temporary visas, immigration appeals and citizenship among others. While we appreciate that they offer so many options and that each visa program has its own page with a clear description of what to expect from each program, some pages are lacking in content in comparison to others.

On their website, they describe themselves to be “dedicated professionals committed to taking care of your Canadian needs” and they also offer free assessments to those who are seriously looking to immigrate.

Regarding the ‘Recruitment’ aspect of their business, we found very little information, only that they offer a platform for potential employers to advertise and provide a form for placement.

SYMY also has a blog on their website, which is accessible via a link on their footer. Here, you’ll find short useful articles relating to Canadian immigration published by SYMY. Admittedly, we found the blog to be quite neglected as the last time it was updated was October 2015. SYMY also has a news section which consists of links to well-known Canadian bulletins.

SYMY’s website is good-looking and relatively easy to navigate however it lacks a terms and conditions document as well as a privacy policy page – two documents which are pertinent in dealing with online consultancy. As a result of this, we were not able to find out any information on whether they issue refunds or what their policies are on cancellations.


Social Media & Online Review

This immigration recruitment constancy has a Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account. Their Facebook seems to be the most interactive – with more than 1500 likes and a few 5-star rated reviews. Oddly enough, these reviews did not have any actual testimonials attached. Their Twitter fades in comparison, with only 1 follower and very little tweets.


Upon further investigation into their services, we also discovered that SYMY also has a clean reputation online, or more accurately, no reputation to speak of.



SYMY Immigration and Recruitment check out as what they claim to be and we can verify that they are regulated to handle your immigration needs. We did hope to see more about the recruitment aspect of their business, but we are content with what they have to offer thus far.

You can visit their website here:

The Review

7 Score


The Good

  • Easily navigated website
  • Regulated

The Bad

  • No T&C’s or privacy policy
  • Little information on recruitment


  • Company Identity 90%
  • Legitimacy 90%
  • Service Feedback 50%
  • Published Content 50%
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