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This Qatar based immigration agency has been in operation for over 14 years according to their site. With a self-proclaimed team of experienced professionals and ‘in-depth knowledge’ of the immigration industry, Stratix Consultants aims to provide their clients with “accurate and outstanding solutions to [their] relocation needs through efficient strategies and a positive outlook”.

Upon further investigation on who owns this company and who deals with the immigration process, we were not able to identify any registered ICCRC agents nor any legal representatives.

The Website:

Stratix Consultants has a professional looking site which offers services not only to immigrate to Canada, but to USA, Australia, UK, New Zealand, and the Caribbean too. Once again the question begs, where are their regulatory seals?

Under the ‘Canada’ tab on their site, they provide you with general information about the country as well as state motivations for why anyone would like to visit. Stratix promises to provide three Canadian Visas namely: the Skilled workers program, the business visa and a student visa.

Under each Visa category, they provide a detailed explanation on what each visa entails as well as the steps each immigrant needs to complete in order to qualify for the visa. We also noted that nowhere on the site do they mention how they actually assist in the immigration process.

In their ‘Contact us’ page, we discovered that they are located in three other countries which include Dubai, Kuwait and India, which also explains why the site is presented in English, Arabic and Indian.

What we found concerning was the fact that most of the tabs at the bottom of the page did not open. Among these was their ‘Legal’ policies page as well as their certification and their partner’s pages. With no list of their partners, how are we to put our trust in them if we don’t know who we are dealing with? One user expressed agitation at trying to contact their India offices only to find that “it is closed for good.”


Stratix Consultants’s website is well saturated with information about the different imlimigration processes to the different countries they offer, but they seem to offer very little information about what their role is in this entire process. If not for the sign-up forms to the right of the page, we would easily mistake this site for something else. Our biggest concern is that they say that they will offer ‘solutions’ to those looking to immigrate, but they do not say how they do this – much less who is behind it.

They do offer free assessments though and as previously mentioned, they offer immigration solutions to a wide range of countries, but it is debatable whether they have any regulatory seals for either of these countries as their site gives nothing away.

Social Media & Online Presence

As previously mentioned, we have received a complaint that all is not as it seefbms at Stratix. The user encountered the same difficulties with the tabs at the bottom of the page as we did and became suspicious. As quoted by the user; “when you click on the bottom of the page certification the link doesn’t work means they not certified partner link on the bottom left goes no where tried calling India office, it is closed for good”.

Their presence on Facebook is impressive though, with regular updates and more than 27k likes. We note though that likes can be bought for Facebook.


This site does not meet the necessary requirements of an immigration agency. It lacks key information pages such as a terms & conditions page, a privacy policy, a regulated consultant (for all of the countries they have to offer) as well as company information. If you are dealing with this agency, we advise you to exercise caution and if you have already dealt with Stratix Consultants, please let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

You can visit their website here:



The Review

Stratix Consultants - Canadian Visa Review

5.6 Score

"This Qatar based immigration agency has been in operation for over 14 years according to their site. With a self-proclaimed team of experienced professionals and ‘in-depth knowledge’ of the immigration industry, Stratix Consultants aims to provide their clients with “accurate and outstanding solutions to [their] relocation needs through efficient strategies and a positive outlook”."

The Good

  • Good information on website
  • Good social media

The Bad

  • Website links do not work
  • No RCIC or other country registered consultants mentioned on site
  • Customer complaints


  • Company identity 80%
  • Legitimacy 70%
  • Service feedback 20%
  • Features 50%
  • Published content 60%
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71 Discussion to this review

  1. Tamer says:

    My FSW immigration application (Score: 506) to Canada was rejected by IRCC due to the insufficient funds. I have provided the requested amount of funds by Stratix lawyer, Mr. Vishal, as he failed to advise about the right proof of funds.
    Also, Stratix failed to guide me in a few documents, they do not have experience in Saudi Arabia. Google was more helpful than them.
    I & my wife have wasted more than one year of our life and spent a lot of money for our application and Stratix did not even apologize to us and when I requested to refund Stratix fees, they ignored me.
    I do not recommend anyone to deal with Stratix, save your money & prepare your application by yourself or hire a professional consultant.

  2. Jijish says:

    I process my documents via PNP Saskatchewan for skilled migration to Canada and i got my nomination in 2 months of time . i am so thankful to Stratix consultants Kuwait branch who did an amazing job by guiding me during the whole process. now i am settled in Canada with my family So glad .

  3. Kyle Martinez says:

    We greatly appreciate and would like to acknowledge credibility of Stratix Consultants! They have fulfilled my dreams to reality. We were given feasible advice accordingly with the most cooperative staff for the immigration process. They have gained my trust 100% and shall endorse them to all my friends and family members who has dreams of relocating anywhere in the world.

  4. Shehan Careem says:

    Extremely Unsatisfactory and Unpleasant Post Landing Services – Stratix Consultants

    My name is Shehan Careem and I was a client of your who successfully received the PR through your services. This mail is with regards to the post landing services we were entitled to receive as per the agreement. Please note that upon communicating with Geethi she confirmed that post landing services are provided to the client 35 days prior to the landing date. I contacted her via email as instructed exactly 35 days before our landing date. After following up with a couple of reminders Geethi responded and advised a person from the team will contact me. From the 21st of May 2018 (which was exactly 35 days before our landing date) I sent 6 reminders to Geethi and Hitendra including 2 international calls to check the status of my request. Multiple e-mails were sent to Jorawar Singh (your director and founder) and there was no response from him either. I reached Hitendra over the phone twice. First time he said that he will call me back in 15 minutes and the second time he did not answer my call when the call was transferred. Until 13th of June 2018 I did not receive any response or call from Stratix. Upon having an aggressive conversation with Geethi, she said she will urgently look into this and subsequently advised that a real estate person will call us from Canada. We received a call from Sukhjeevan Sharma on the 21st of June 2018 (2 days before our landing date). Mr Sukhjeevan was equally disappointed as to why he received my number just 2 days before my landing date!! which was utterly ridiculous. This experience I had was extremely horrible and unsatisfactory. Absolutely none of the services mentioned in the agreement was looked into. No assistance what so ever in relation accommodation assistance, airport transfers, job placement etc. Imagine If I was a client who had no friends or family in Canada?? How would a person/family be able to adjust themselves when they migrate to a new country?? Kindly note that my exact experience in relation to this will be published in all forms of social media and I will advise my 2 friends who are currently working with you on their migration needs so that they do not face the same situation. If not for Mr Vishal Chaudhri who provides excellent service to the clients your organization will receive negative feedback. I do not want comment on how efficient Mr Vishal’s service as I have already provided a written recommendation. I do not expect in anything in return. This mail is just to bring this to your urgent notice and to ensure that the other clients are not put through this disgusting inconvenience I faced. Kindly improve this aspect of your service!! After all I did pay for this!!!

  5. ZAHEER says:

    STRATIX CONSULTANTS KUWAIT is a big cheater . After I paid hug money to them nobody interest in my case. I am facing big problem after paying consultancy fee & immigration fees. Even they didn’t confirm me about the status of my case from last 10 months.

    I will never Recommend to STRATIX CONSULTANTS.Its better if apply your self for any immigration.

  6. Zizoo111 says:

    Dear , can i know trusted one in UAE …

    • Rana says:

      U can try Julie Beeton maybe. She has done many interviews with different news papers and magazines. She is also a professor with PHD. Expensive but legitimate service

  7. Darwin says:

    Hi ,
    Stratix is one of the best consultants. I applied for Canada in 2017 . My Ranking was 330 . Mr Jain continuous support was very help full. My file for PNP was ready before time and as soon as the program opened they submit it immediately.
    i got nomination from New Brunswick and I got My permanent Residency . I am very thank full to Stratix once again
    More power to them

  8. mohd says:

    Dear when i started with Stratix about a year ago Abu Dhabi branch I was initially afraid to make the payment but believe me i was wrong I have got an invitation from the canadian Government in 11 months of time now Mr. Abdullah guide be the clear picture and the team followed me on regular basis. I am happy Now and really grateful to Almighty for granting me this

  9. Yasir Fadol says:

    Hi guys, how much does it cost to apply for Express Entry to Canada fro Qatar?

  10. Shiva says:

    Please don’t trust them , they are cheating , we file a case against them

  11. Blessen Abraham says:

    Highly disorganized organisation, with no one taking any responsibility to help you once payments are made.. service levels pathetic cannot be trusted.. don’t waste money here.

  12. IMAN says:


  13. Anoop says:

    when did you apply > can we trust them 100 % ?

    • Imie says:

      No. They will guarantee ur passing at initial stage to convince you to pay. After first submission and incase you failed the criteria. They will not at all help u fix the problem

  14. I was looking for Canadian Student Visa. I contacted Stratix Consultants in Dubai. They have been very helpful and told me the entire procedure. I finally got the Visa through their assistance.

  15. Abdur Rahman says:

    Great guidance done by these guys for my Canadian visa

  16. I have applied for Canada visa through this consultants from Dubai.I really appreciate their professionalism and very happy for their excellent guidance

  17. I have applied for UK Investor visa here from Qatar through Stratix Consultants. They were highly professional and extremely helpful. I got the visa finally because of their guidance. Best consultants here in Qatar.

  18. Faisal says:

    I visited their office in Kuwait today. The employees were very professional. The consultant I personally spoke with was well mannered and informative. I just called one of their lawyers in Vancouver (Sahba and Associates Immigration Consulting Group) and she told me that they are legitimate. If you have negative information about them please let me know because I am going to start my application with them soon when I graduate university. Thank you.

  19. Thomas says:

    Great post! Have nice day ! :) fwpwp

  20. Joji says:

    Hi Everyone,

    Very bad service in Qatar, I am not sure about the services in other countries. I had wasted two years and a sum of amount for immigration purpose. So please don’t trust Stratix consultant service.

    • slimani says:

      can you explain more please what happens with you

  21. Nasir Al Din says:

    I got Canada Visa through Stratix Consultants in Qatar. Hassle Free Immigration Procedure!! Thank you guys.You are extremely knowledgeable

  22. abhijit ghosh says:

    Good evening sir /madam, I am abhijit ghosh from kolkata, India. I am now working in Mogadishu, Somalia in United Nations base as a dinning supervisor. Before I worked in Kandahar,afghanisthan in Canadian military & American military base for same catering job from 2007 to 2014 .so how I can get a job in Canada? I all ready traveled in Dubai for minimum 10 times by tourist visa.

  23. Mohammed Amir says:

    One of the best Immigration Consultants in Dubai helped me to immigrate to Australia to purse my MBA there.Highly Professional and reliable consultants

  24. Very professional!! Got Canada Immigration through Stratix Consultants in Kuwait.I Strongly recommend them for Canadian Visa Review

  25. Abdur Rahman says:

    Studying in Canada is my dream. Stratix helped me to obtain student visa and they have taken me through the immigration process.They are the best in Industry

  26. Sadiyah Naeem says:

    I wanted to pursue my higher education in Canada. Stratix Immigration Consultants helped to make the immigration procedure smoother and easier.

  27. Sadiyah Naeem says:

    They made my dream come true of immigrating to Canada. Great service and highly experienced staff.

  28. Malik says:

    Hi my name is Malik i applied for immigration through stratix consultancy after applying from number of agencies. Finally i got my permanent residency visa for Australia under 189 sublcass. It was a very good experience for me . During the whole process i was guided professionally . Thank you stratix once again

  29. Wajeeh says:

    Can any1 let me know who is the best agent for canada from kuwait.

  30. Ahmad Wahid says:

    Don’t trust Stratrix Qatar, they are not professionals, all staffs doesn’t know the actual process just bluffing.

  31. Shahid Khan says:

    Worst agency in Qatar, don’t trust them, they will do dirty game and make you felt as a stupid.

  32. Antonio Ramos Jr. says:

    Hi all, I went to 3 immigration consultants in Qatar, but from all these I am not at all convinced because the information from 3 consultants are 3 different things, agent from Strartix just gave some information and he even was not interested to talk or give proper basic info’s just for name sake he gave some figures and a sheet of paper for registration etc and just trying to convincing me to register their. Then I contact one of my friends in Canada and I understood that the consultants have not much role in the process, if you are bit educated you can do it by your own by following the proper guidelines from CIC website. So I decided to process directly rather than depending on consultants or else I will seek the direct service of immigration lawyer, even the reviews are not giving confidence to trust them.

    • She says:

      I had the same impression of the consultant I talked with from Stratix. I’ve read about people doing their own application and I’m thinking of doing the same but I don’t have any idea how. If it’s not too much to ask, Update us of your progress please. Good luck!😊

  33. She says:

    So if Stratix is not a trustworthy company, can you please recommend a legit immigration agency that can assist me? I’m now working here in Abu Dhabi and I’m looking to migrate to Canada. There’s actually an agent from Stratix that’s been convincing me to get their service, but I wanna make sure it’s not a scam so I’m here researching. I would really appreciate a recommendation from ya’ll.

    Thank you

  34. Ammerul Alaam says:

    Unprafassional agency, thay are trying to misleading poor pple like me.

  35. Amber says:

    Stratix consultant is the best consultant in Qatar. Finally my friend has received his Canadian PR Visa and suggested me to visit them. The staff are highly knowledgeable and i would rate 5 / 5 in terms of their knowledge, timely response, can call or visit them anytime i like for any query and clear picture about the payment i am going to make step by step. I would highly recommend this consultancy to anyone planning to migrate Canada.

  36. Mohammad Rehman says:

    The consultancy is really good. They give you the true picture and ground realities of the process before you start…not only me but I also referred my friends to them and we are all satisfied with their assistance..Moreover, I found their follow up to be the best of all as they have a special desk for that and it makes them better than the other consultant in Qatar I chose before to process my case last year. i give them 4.5/5 and would recommend others too.

  37. Chris Joseph says:

    Stratix Consultants Qatar is a very bad consultancy, they just convince you and once you paid the fees they wont even answer your calls or no reply to the email. I had a very very bad experience with them, I wont recommend this agency even to any one including my enemies. There are consultant name Ravneet, Munaf, Erica, Mai and the branch Manager Kamal everyone is same and their strategy to get your money and make you run for nothing and I am pretty sure that they dont keep their words and keeps on changing based on clients. Ravneet is the worst he will just lie on your face and just make you feel like stupid. If you really want to do immigration, please go to some trustworthy immigration lawyers directly. instead of going to this kind of cheaters.

  38. Shiju George says:

    hello sir,

    I am planning to migrate to canada for that i want to know the trusted canadian consultants in kuwait.

    • Raja says:

      You can visit stratix consultants i have got my visa through them

  39. Thiru says:

    Could you suggest me for Canada immigration approve manpower consultants in kuwait

  40. I.v says:

    Bad service experience with stratix. They will shoot up your initial assessment score for you to be convinced to consider their assistance. But once application is lodge online the result is way too far. Neither they will help u fix the problem.

  41. I.V says:

    Very bad service. For small time immigrant applicants it’s not worth your pay. High score assessment given to potential clients to convince them to proceed with the processing assistance for migration. However, once you face any problem after they lodge your application online Stratix don’t simply care to fix or assist you.

  42. Stephanie says:

    Can you recommend any consultants that you trust to process my application to immigrate ?
    I have found Strantix very unprofessional from day 1 and will not be using them.

    • Canadian Visa Review says:

      Hello Stephanie

      Thank you for your feedback! Please visit our Trusted Agent reviews page to find an agency that will be able to help you. We hope you’ll find this information useful.


    • abi says:

      North America Service Centre.

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