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Who Are Your Affiliates Mr Stevens?


Stevens and Associates is an immigration consulting company that is based in Vancouver, Canada. The company was founded by Don Stevens in 1989 and he has since helped over 10 000 individuals, families and businesses immigrate, live and work in Canada.

Stevens and Associates works with other agents and affiliates and they will help you immigrate to the USA, New Zealand and Australia. If you are interested in getting your citizenship through investment you can do so for countries like Antigua and Barbuda, Cyprus, Malta and Portugal.


On the site it does say that Don Stevens is an RCIC agent but there is no RCIC number provided. The seal for the ICCRC is displayed in the footer of the website. We searched on the ICCRC’s website and we found a Mr. Robert Donald Stevens (R419735) but we are unsure if this is Mr. Don Stevens.



View the website here:


The Website

The website for Stevens and Associates is simple and easy to use but the light grey writing on the white background made it difficult to read some of the information. There is no terms and conditions but there is a privacy policy and an extremely short refund policy. However, the privacy policy does not work so this was in no way helpful to us.

Throughout the website there is talk about affiliates and agents that Stevens works with but there is no mention of who these people are. Stevens and Associates claims to have affiliates and agents in the USA, New Zealand and Australia.


According to the website the US affiliates are lawyers from a firm that has been operating for 30 years. What is the name of the firm or the lawyers that Stevens and Associates work with? We have no idea. The New Zealand representative is also an unnamed lawyer and the Australian affiliate is a Migration Agent yet there is no name or number provided.

Stevens and Associates claim to have agents worldwide that will be able to help you with your immigration needs. Stevens and Associates claims to have agents in the following countries:

  • Brazil
  • China
  • Dubai
  • New Delhi (misspelt on the website)

However, there are no names of agents provided for any of these countries. The only contact details are for the office in Vancouver and Beijing. Where are the other contact details for the other offices?

On the website it clearly states that there is a free online assessment for you to take, this is not true. There is a guide for writing a resume when looking for a job in Canada and a contact form. But there is no free online assessment.

Stevens and Associates also claim to be able to help you find a job when looking to immigrate to Canada.  There is a HRMA (Human Resources Management Association) seal at the bottom of the page but we do not know who is recognised by this organisation.

Lack of Social Media

There are no social media links from the website and when we searched online to find social media accounts for Stevens and Anderson we were unable to find anything.

It is very strange that Stevens and Associates has no social media accounts considering the size of the company.

Our Conclusion

Stevens and Associates has a very questionable legitimacy and we cannot be sure of the reliability when it comes to getting you to Canada. Is Don Stevens Robert Donald Stevens? Why are none of the affiliates and other agent’s names listed on the website?

We feel that Stevens and Associates has far too many unanswered questions about their website and their legitimacy. There are no client testimonials and they claim to have helped over 10 000 families, individuals and businesses immigrate to Canada.

If you have dealt with Stevens and Associates please leave a comment below and tell us about your experience.

The Review

3.6 Score


The Good

  • There is a short refund policy

The Bad

  • It is unclear who the RCIC agent is
  • There is no social media presence
  • It is unclear who the affiliates and agents are


  • Company Identity 50%
  • Legitimacy 60%
  • Features 40%
  • Service Feedback 10%
  • Published Content 20%
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