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A Website That Lacks Any Real Information


Somira Canada Group was founded in 2009, by who you may ask? We are not sure because this website lacks a great deal of important information. Somira Canada Group deals with immigration and education and they claim to help you get your first step towards your life in Canada. Somira Canada Group has highly experienced and licensed immigration and education consultants.

Somira Canada Group claim to have helped over 600 families with their immigration process. Who are these people? What do they have to say about Somira Canada Group’s services? We don’t know because there are no client testimonials on the website or online.

The office for Somira Canada Group is in Toronto, Ontario.

Immigration Agents

Somira Canada Group has two immigration agents registered with the ICCRC, Olena Koroleva and Marina Tarassova. Olena Koroleva’s RCIC number is R506242 and Marina Tarassova’s RCIC number is R420239. Both of the RCIC numbers are provided on the website.

We checked the ICCRC’s website to make sure that Olena and Marina were registered with the ICCRC. Olena Koroleva has the same RCIC number as Olena Korolova. It may be a spelling mistake on the website but if Somira Canada Group can’t even spell their immigration agent’s name correctly, how can you be sure that they will get your immigration documents right?

It also says under Olena Koroleva’s name that she can help clients in English, Russian and Ukrainian yet there are no other language options on the website.marina


The Website and Social Media

The website for Somira Canada Group was only created in September 2013 and the company was founded in 2009. The website is extremely basic and there is really nothing special about it. It is easy to navigate but it doesn’t really provide you with any information on the various visa options that Somira Canda Group offers. It has no terms and conditions, no privacy policy or a refund policy.

There is an option for an assessment that you can fill out if you look at the Express Entry page. However you have to download and save the document to view it. One of the first sections of the assessment is a payment option.

Somira Canada Group makes it clear about their billing and what they charge. The starting fee is from $750 (USD) up to $4500(UD) depending on your case obviously. Why is it not charged in Canadian Dollars?

There are videos on the website and they do relate to the specific page and what is being said but it seems as though they merely searched YouTube for videos about Canada.

Somira Canada Group claims to deal with education too but on their Education in Canada page they speak vaguely about how good Canada’s education system is, not what they actually do to help you. Somira Canada Group claims to be recognised by ICEF which is an educational group that connect international students and organisations. Somira Canada Group says that ICEF stands for “International Consultants for Education and Fairs” and we cannot be sure of this because it does not state that on the ICEF website.

There is absolutely no social media presence for Somira Canada Group, no Facebook account or a Twitter account. When we searched online we couldn’t find anything. This is not a good sign for Somira Canada Group.


We do not feel confident enough about Somira Canada Group to call them trustworthy. The fact that they misspelt their own immigration agents name is very suspicious. We would not recommend that you use Somira Canada Group as your immigration agents.

The website is far too vague and the assessment calls for a payment straight away and it is quite a large amount for an assessment.

If you have dealt with Somira Canada Group please leave a comment in our comment section below.




  • A registered RCIC agent


  • A RCIC agent’s name is misspelt
  • No terms and conditions, refund policy or privacy policy
  • No social media presence
  • Very basic website
  • No client testimonials


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12 Discussion to this review

  1. Sion says:

    Its totally Scam my friend came across with this agency and she lost 1500 US$, So better stay far…and DON’T TRUST THEM.

  2. Anton says:

    I have tried them and they really disappointed me, only thing they will do for your US$750 you have to paid them to begin your immigration, they will fill required applications and submit those applications to Canada embassy. You will not get any kind of reasonable answers. It takes ages to receive any reply after you paid them. And in the end you almost always will got – “we can’t do anything with this issue” . I am lost my US$750 but more important that i am lost around 4 months of time with Somira Canada Group and it seems likely my visa was refused due to unprofessional work. I want to warn anyone who thinking about Somira Canada Group to avoid such cooperation. Please look for more professional company. Good luck.

    • Meghmala Chouhan says:

      Seriously, me & mu husband are planning to approach “somira group”, as the process is short (4mon), i/o that 12-14 months through express entry etc…..
      They are working with other name too, i.e, immikor.canada too.
      Anyways, thanks for your valuable comments. we’ll take care & also please suggest if you have found any other information regarding to immigration to Canada.


  3. okeke james says:

    please can any one testify he or she have moved to canada through this agents?..

  4. Adah Blessing says:

    Am highly interested i



      • Nassser says:

        Hello Dear please don’t waste your time. this agency is totally scam I paid them 2 times but nothing happened so please be careful

  5. ajay says:

    very true commnets above.
    i also found it suspicious since the assement form is in word / excel format without proper format.
    the other major doubt is that the payment needs to be made in the name of director. strange..
    thirdly quite surprising to know Russians handling canadian immigration.
    its simply fake.

    • Nasser says:

      Hi Dears
      Did anyone has moved to Canada by Somira Canada Group???

      • daisy says:

        stay away from this office. Total scam.

        • Nelly says:

          Did you try them Daisy ?

          • Nassser says:

            Stay away from this agent is totally scam, I paid 30$ by western union then they told me that they have changed there account number and they told that I have pay again and paid and the toke all the money until now 2 years nothing happens. So please be careful

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