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Solutions Immigration Consultancy Inc. was founded by Sol Gombinsky in 1997, he is also the Principal Owner. Sol Gombinsky worked at the Department of Immigration (formerly known as Manpower and Immigration) from 1967 – 1997 and he therefore has years of experience. Sol Gombinsky is also an RCIC agent (RCIC # R411199), his number is provided on the Homepage.sol-gombinsky

Cari Gombinsky is also an RCIC agent at Solutions Immigration Consultancy Inc., she has worked there for over 12 years. Cari is also the Acting Manager at Solutions Immigration Consultancy Inc. Her RCIC number is R411207 and she received her BA from the University of Toronto.cari-gombinsky

On the About Us page there is talk of a third RCIC agent but there is no name or RCIC number given. Solutions Immigration Consultancy Inc. provides their services in number of languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Russian, Hebrew, Urdu, Tagalog, Portuguese, Spanish, Rwandese, Swahili and many more apparently. We are unsure who provides these services as there is no mention of any other staff members on the website.

View the website here:

The Website

The website for Solutions Immigration Consultancy Inc. was created in 1999 and it is relatively basic and outdated. The website is easy to use and provides you with the basic information that you need. One thing that the website does not provide is a privacy policy, a refund policy or a terms and conditions. This is cause for concern as these are extremely important documents.

The website for Solutions Immigration does provide a free online assessment and it is very thorough. Sol and Cari Gombinsky both check out as legitimate RCIC agents and they definitely have years of experience behind them. What we do not understand is why there is no mention of the third RCIC agent or other staff members on the website.

There is a page for Feedback but there are no client testimonials, it is only an option for you to leave feedback. We searched online and we were unable to find any client testimonials for Solutions Immigration. This is not necessarily a bad thing for Solutions Immigration.

Sol Gombinsky has also created a consultation and training program that is available to other immigration consultants, students and paralegals. It is an online training academy called CITA.

The information that is provided about the various Canadian visas is quite limited and we feel that more effort could have been put into this. People do not want to visit another website to read about visa options, it should be provided on the Solutions Immigration website.

There is also an option on the website under Resources where you can look for a job in Canada. What solutions Immigration has done is list links to job search sites. We feel that this is a useful feature on the website but we wish that it was given more presence on the website and made more noticeable.


Social Media

Solutions Immigration Consultancy Inc. does have social media links from their website for Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The Facebook page was created in 2013 and it only has 12 likes. There is only one post on the Facebook page and it is from as far back as the 21st of December 2014. The page has been given absolutely no attention and it serves no purpose for Solutions Immigration.

The Twitter account was created in 2009 and it only has 25 followers. There are no Tweets for the account and Solutions Immigration has not even bothered to upload their own profile picture.

There is a link for LinkedIn but it does not take you to a Solutions Immigration account, it merely gives you the option to share a link about Solutions Immigration.

Our Conclusion

Solutions Immigration Consultancy Inc. has a very basic website and it provides the basic information. We feel that there is information lacking on quite a few things like the online documentation and the lack of information on visa options.

Sol and Cari Gombinsky do check out as legitimate RCIC agents but we feel that there could have been more effort put into the website and to their social media presence.

If you have dealt with Solutions Immigration Consultancy Inc. please leave a comment below in our comments section, we would love to hear from you!

The Review

4.8 Score


The Good

  • There are two registered RCIC agents

The Bad

  • There is no privacy policy, no refund policy and no terms and conditions
  • There is a poor social media presence


  • Company Identity 60%
  • Legitimacy 70%
  • Features 50%
  • Service Feedback 10%
  • Published Content 50%
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