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How Smart is Smartways To Canada?


Smartways To Canada is a Canadian immigration firm that is registered and allowed to operate legally in Ontario. The RCIC agent, Vice President and Managing Director are all one man, Ali Shafi.

Ali Shafi seems to be a man of many talents that is very passionate about providing Canadian immigration services. On the website it clearly states that Smartways To Canada was established by RCIC agent, Ali Shafi. Did Ali Shafi demote himself to Vice President too?

Nowhere on the website is Ali Shafi’s RCIC number listed so we had to find it on our own as the ICCRC seal does not take you to the website. Ali’s RCIC number is R418815.


View the website here:


The Website

Smartways To Canada’s website is extremely simple and at the same time cluttered with content that just doesn’t get to the point. The images that are used on the website are blurred, boring and Ali Shafi has placed himself in most of the images. These appear to be stock images that he has found off the internet and then pasted his own picture in the image.smartways-bad-image

Besides the website that needs a total revamp, the content on the website seems repetitive and far too long. There is no real point to the information as it just carried on and on.

There is a page dedicated to Free Assessments and Smartways To Canada has a free assessment for three different visas:

  1. Canada Federal Skilled Worker
  2. Canada Business Immigration
  3. Canada Family Sponsorship

Something that we found rather annoying was the constant pop-up to sign up to Smartways To Canada’s newsletter and the rather annoying lady that you cannot mute on the homepage.smartways-lady

The website has no privacy policy, no refund policy and no terms and conditions.


Social Media

There are social media links from the website for just about every social media platform that you can think of.

The Facebook page was created in 2011 and it has over 22 000 likes. The posts to the page are relatively regular but they are all in Arabic so we were unable to understand what the posts are about.

The Twitter account was also created in 2011 and it has over 10 000 likes. The posts to Twitter are not regular and they are also in Arabic.

There is a YouTube account that has a few videos posted to the page and there are one or two that are in English but most of them are in Arabic.

The LinkedIn account is pretty basic but what we found quite strange is that Ali Shafi is the General Manager at Canadian Development Centre (CDC) and he has been there since June 2014 until present. We looked this up and found a website that was under construction.



Our Conclusion

Even though Ali Shafi is a registered RCIC agent we are unsure whether or not he is trustworthy. One thing that you need to bear in mind is that his impressive social media presence on Facebook and Twitter could be fake. It is possible that he bought his likes on Facebook.

We think that Smartways To Canada is a scam but if you have dealt with them please leave a comment below telling us about your experience with this company.




  • There is a registered RCIC agent


  • There is no privacy policy, no refund policy and no terms and conditions
  • It seems as though Smartways To Canada has bought their Facebook likes
  • The company only targets Arabic clients


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