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About Smartways to Canada


Our Smartways to Canada review takes a look at what this company claims to be, A law firm that says it has over 20 years of experience in Canadian immigration. Their services range from immigration appeals to work and study visas.


The company itself is said to be located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and is legally allowed to charge money for their immigration services in Ontario.


The company mentions that it hires immigration lawyers professionals and a RCIC. The RCIC is Ali Shafti whose RCIC code is #R418815, he is a regulated consultant with the ICCRC and can legally give Canadian immigration advice and services.


There is no mention of the rest of the team or who the other immigration lawyers could be. The About Us page does not go into detail about the company, besides the three people it hires.


The Website


The website has had a makeover since we last reviewed it three years ago. The site has a more professional look, which is easy to navigate. This makes it more appealing to viewers.


Unfortunately, a lot of the links lead to dead ends on their homepage. The site mentions a free consultation, but we cannot access the form or any of the links about:


  • Business Visas;
  • Skilled Workers;
  • Sponsorship;
  • Temporary; and
  • Appeal cases


Smartways to Canada review website problems


We also noticed that when we tried to complete the Free Assessment the link does not work on multiple pages on the site.


Another thing we noticed is that the consultations are not actually free, which is disappointing. In one area of their website there is a link mentioning a free consultation, but this link does not work.


However, the company is very transparent when it comes to its consultation fees and what you get when you apply for it. This is a refreshing take that not many companies actually do.

The website has now added a Privacy Policy, and a Disclaimer, although the Disclaimer is very short and does not contain a lot of information.


The Privacy Policy goes into more details about how your information can be used by the company. There is no mention of a Refund Policy, so it is possible there are no refund options.




Smartways to Canada claims to offer many services for Canadian immigration, all of them are listed below. The company offers to provide:


  • Canada business visas;
  • Canada investor visas;
  • Skilled worker visas;
  • Spouse sponsorship;
  • Refugee case work;
  • Federal skilled trade visas;
  • Self employed immigration;
  • Visitor visas;
  • Study permits;
  • Work permits;
  • Canadian citizen applications;
  • Immigration consultations; and
  • Immigration court appeals


The company does seem to offer a large selection of services but when we tried to order some of their services online we ended up with failed leads.


For example, when we tried to order Immigration Consultant Research we got sent a 404 error.


This makes it really difficult if you want to order their services, since many of the links are either faulty or do not exist.



As a user it can be discouraging when you try to use their site. This issue must be addressed as it does make the company look less professional.


Social Media


Next in our Smartways to Canada Review we take a look at their social media presence. On their homepage, Smartways to Canada are very happy to showcase their social media platforms and the number of users that follow them.


There are social media links from the website for just about every social media platform that you can think of from:


  • Google Plus;
  • Twitter;
  • Facebook;
  • Youtube; and
  • LinkedIn


There are three positive reviews on the site from happy customers, but we cannot find other reviews on the website.


Google Plus


This media has not been updated since 2015, and videos that were posted have been deleted from the stream. The site was really active in 2013, but has not posted anything recently. We can assume that the company no longer posts important content on this platform.




The Facebook page was created in 2011 and it has over 34,629 followers, which is not a bad following at all. Most of their customers seem to be Arabic speakers, so a lot of the content is aimed at that market.


The Facebook page seems to be updated at least twice a month with relevant immigration information, although the the blogs are really short and somewhat basic.


Smartways to Canada has not allowed ratings on their page, so we cannot find happy or unhappy customer reviews. This does make it more difficult to see if they are trustworthy as a company.



Their Twitter account was also created in 2011 and it has over 11,000 followers. Unfortunately, the posts to Twitter are not regularly updated. The account itself last posted in 2016 and like their Facebook account, the tweets are in Arabic.




There is a YouTube account that has a few videos posted to the page with one or two that are in English but most of them are in Arabic.


Their last video was uploaded one year ago, and mainly talks about the services they offer rather than any immigration programs or stream updates.




On their LinkedIn profile, the company is listed as having three employees in total. Although the company is said to be part of another called Smartways Group. Not too many other details are included on their profile besides this basic company information.


Our Conclusion


In conclusion our Smartways to Canada Review shows that Ali Shafti is a registered RCIC, who can offer legal Canadian immigration services.


It is disappointing that the website relaunch seems to have a lot of problems, which does make it difficult for customers to order online and get around the webpage.


The company’s social media presence is respectful, but it is rather interesting to not be able to find positive or negative customer feedback on any of their platforms.


They do have links to immigration programs with more information, but the site’s layout is poorly designed and is difficult to navigate.

The Review

5 Score


The Good

  • Regulated RCIC

The Bad

  • Incomplete website
  • Online form links do not work
  • No customer reviews about company history and service


  • Website 30%
  • Transparency 70%
  • Trustworthiness 50%
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