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Smart International Immigration Solutions claims to be a specialist migration consultancy that was established in 2007. They offer immigration advice and visa applications services. They also claim to have registered migration agents that are highly trained in the relevant legislation.

We are unsure who these registered and experienced agents are because there is no mention of them on the website at all. Smart International Immigration Solutions says that they are only able to help people that wish to immigrate to Canada or the UK. On their About Us page they say that their agent’s name is provided on their Contact Us page, there is nothing of the kind there.


View the website here:


The Website

The website for Smart International Immigration Solutions is very basic and cluttered. Upon first look, the website seems to have everything but that is definitely not the case. When we clicked on Business Opportunity, we were directed to a page that contained no information other than that the Franchise department was being restructured. Their FAQs page has no content on it so that was yet another downfall for this immigration company’s website.

We saw that there was also an option to read through Smart International Immigration Solutions’ Blog but the blog doesn’t contain much information. The “articles” are maybe 3 lines long, they seem more like headings. There are options to leave a comment and we couldn’t find any. The last blog post is from the 23rd of November 2014. All the posts are also from different people.

The website does have a Testimonials page and funnily enough, this is the first place that we found a name on the website. As we said before, there is no other indication of an RCIC agent or staff member anywhere else on the website.siis-testimonial-2

There is a link to the ICCRC’s website from the Smart International Immigration Solutions’ website but it does not direct you to an agent. With the name of Mr. Manjit Singh Mahal, we did an RCIC agent search and we found that Mr. Mahal is in fact an agent, his RCIC number is R506738. We are not sure whether Mr. Mahal is an agent for Smart International Immigration Solutions. They also claim to do immigration to the UK, where is an agent name or immigration seal for the UK?

What we found strange is that Smart International Immigration Solutions offers nurses a fast track into Canada. They claim that nurses will get into Canada within 2 months. The information provided looks like it is from an advert and not part of their website. This is very worrying.


There is a privacy policy for Smart International Immigration Solutions but there is no refund policy or a terms and conditions.

Social Media

There are social media links on the website for Twitter and for Facebook and they are made very visible

The Facebook page was created in 2011 and it only has 189 likes. The last post on the page is from the 23rd of October, then the 16th of October and then the 6th of December 2014. The posts are definitely not regular but some of them are relevant to Canadian immigration.

The Twitter account was created in 2010 and it has 23 followers. The Tweets follow the same routine as the Facebook posts, there are barely any.

The social media presence for Smart International Immigration Solutions is not so smart.

Our Conclusion

We think that Smart International Immigration Solutions (SIIS) may be a possible scam because they have failed the very simple task of naming their immigration agents. There is a long story about how qualified their agents are yet there are no names or RCIC numbers provided.

The information provided for the various visa applications is very basic and is done lazily.

If you have dealt with Smart International Immigration Solutions please leave a comment below in our comments section, we would love to hear from you!




  • We were able to find an RCIC agent, Mr. Manjit Singh Mahal but we are unsure if he works for Smart International Immigration Solutions


  • There is no terms and conditions or a refund policy
  • There is no mention of an RCIC agent or an RCIC agents name
  • There is a very poor social media presence

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5 Discussion to this review

  1. karan.daver says:

    They are the best immigration consultants. Specially Sanjay ji . He rocks.

  2. Jaswinder Singh says:

    Sanjay Sharma who is supposed to be the owner of this consultancy (which I doubt) has no knowledge and he is seriously a shame. Plz don’t waste your time going to him as you would only land up wasting your money. More important, you can still earn money but your time will be wasted which is precious as these people would not be as serious and sincere as it is not directly impacting their life. you are just one more money card which is for the purpose of use and throw for these loosers.

  3. v singh says:

    So unprofessional. The worse place. Very poor service. Good only till they get your money. They claim that all their clients gets an interview, because they send file so unorganized that visa officer has no choice other than call for an interview to sort out things.

  4. satinder says:

    They are thieves, don’t go to them ,they will get your money and then not be available to you on the phone,I depended on them and they cheat me .

  5. Jyotsna kapoor says:

    Worse service ever…. Highly not recommend to anyone. Worse customer service. No one has answer for my questions and no updates for my file….. So pissed off..I really wish if I could talk to someone about this or make a complaint about their all stupid consultant. They told me we will call you back and never call back or no email. Already paid the fee and all….. Chor hai jeh sab….

    Please don’t go to them.

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