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Scotia Consultants – Jack of all trades but master of how many?

bulusm2Scotia Consultants are an immigration consultancy firm based in Bangladesh. The president and CEO of Scotia Consultants is Dr M.D. Jamilur Rahim and he is also a member in good standing with the ICCRC (#417527). Confused about the Dr M.D. title? We were too – as it turns out, Rahim comes from a medical background having completed his MBBS from Mymensingh Medical College, Bangladesh. Thereafter, he went on to study Information Technology and Management in United States and Canada and has been working in the field of Canadian Immigration since 1996.

Scotia Consultants apparently have three main offices located in Toronto, New York and Dhaka. They also have three representative offices in London, Melbourne, Jeddah and Stockholm. According to their website, Scotia Consultants was established in 2000 and has “become one of the leading and most trusted names in Canadian Immigration worldwide within a very short span of time.” They go on to state that Rahim has fast become “the best known, most reliable and sought after Immigration Consultant amongst the people of Bangladeshi origin living either in Bangladesh or anywhere else in the world.” Such large claims require backing, let’s find out if they are what they say.

The Service

According to their website, Scotia Consultants’ main objective is to “build public awareness and encourage qualified applicants to be represented properly with utmost care by authorized persons, not by any middlemen, or unauthorized people and thus protect them from being misrepresented or misguided” – While we commend them for this kind of commitment, we are quite weary that all they do is make tall claims.

Under their ‘Services’ tab, they provide a detailed description of what you can expect from them as an immigration consultancy, including an introduction into the different visa programs that they have to offer as well as a free assessment. We also appreciate that they have also detailed their entire process and requirements on this page.

The Website

There’s an old saying that goes: “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.” If we were to judge this site based on appearances only, we would give it a thumbs down. The site lacks a terms and conditions, a refund policy and a privacy policy. What’s more, their interface looks somewhat outdated, with no real effort put into it. They have not even provided a proper logo.  We noted that Scotia have included a ‘Useful links’ page to assist the immigrant get better acquainted with life in Canada.

What we did find concerning however, was the fact that the latest updates on this site was in 2014. Where have they gone?

Social Media & Online Review

CaptureScotia Consultants have not provided any social media links on their site, but we did find a personal Facebook profile with their name. We suspect it must be Rahim’s personal account, but furthermore there is no other social presence. We were unable to find service feedback online which we did find oddly suspicious since they claim to be in operation for more than a decade. Where are their past successful clients?



While we commend how simple and to the point Scotia Consultants are, we are concerned that their site is so outdated and their online presence non-existent. With the last update being in 2014, are they even in operation still? Rahim remains an active RCIC member yet there is no real evidence of any past clients which does slightly bring their reputation to question.

You can visit their website here:

The Review

4.4 Score


The Good

  • RCIC member

The Bad

  • No social media
  • Outdate site


  • Company Identity 50%
  • Legitimacy 70%
  • Service Feedback 20%
  • Feedback 20%
  • Published Content 60%
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3 Discussion to this review

  1. Jessica White says:

    Alexa, it’s a fake review with bogus allegations. Your baseless review is so fake that you didn’t even notice that Scotia only serves overseas clients and there is no question of charging the amount you mentioned as it charges one fourth of it! It’s a pity and shame that you wrote this to serve someone else’s purpose without any ties to Scotia Consultants whatsoever!! I open challenge to show even a trace of proof that you were their client. I know you can’t. They are the most honest and ethical immigration firm I have seen and thousands out there would second my statement. A fake review by a disgraced moron like you won’t hurt their unparalleled reputation anyway…..

  2. Alexa Cavalieri says:

    Extremely horrible owner. Dr Jamil Rehman is nothing short of a scam artist, do NOT trust him at all, from his lack of professionalism to his demeanor. He was nothing but disrespectful to my family and our needs, he was extremely vile in the proceedings to my case, he took money from me and never ever followed through on one of his promises.
    I had to constantly call him and get a hold of him, he was too busy always and never showed that he cared as more time passed. I was referred here by one of his friends, who in the end told me I should pursue legal action against him. He is a big waste of money, very very low quality, complete crook, I have every reason to believe is is not even a human being. All the reviews on here must be lies or he paid his family friends to write them.

    I have filed a formal complaint against him with the BBB and will warn everyone and anyone I can in my power to never deal with him. He is a crook, his entire family showed us so much love and care when he first took our case, I met his wife even when she was at the office. He so far robbed me of 15,000 dollars over a period of a year and a half and would have kept leaping on. I am a single mother with a daughter, I work two jobs just to pay the bills, I wanted to bring my mother here from back home as she was sick and not well, and he took what little savings I had and completely ruined my life.

    • Mustaq Ahmed says:

      Well, we know by now that you were paid by a crooked real estate agent named Amit Dhankar to write this! He is being investigated by RECO and Tarion for cheating with clients!! All we can do is to pray for you are you are sick and being exploited by that crook. Get well soon!!

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