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This immigration consultancy promises to combine both focus, experience and expertise that is “at the forefront of Canadian immigration practice” when working on your immigration case.


Apparently, RNG Immigration Consultancy also promises that they will not only assist with your Canadian immigration application but they will also help you find a job along the way.


We put them to the test with our RNG Immigration Consultancy LTD review, separating the facts from fiction.


About RNG Immigration Consultancy

RNG immigration consultants company

To find out more about them, we started our RNG Immigration Consultancy LTD review by looking at the names behind the company.


The company is run in Westminster, British Columbia and is organized by a team of RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants). To make sure they are all authorized representatives (Those who can legally charge for immigration services), we looked at the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) registry.


Out of the four RCICs mentioned on their site, only three of them were on the ICCRC site. Ralph RCIC number R511912, Shahrzadi R511840 and Michele R513634 are all on the websites registry.

rng consultants

But we could not find the latest RCIC, Sally Yap on the ICCRC registry.


One other problem we found with 50% of the RCIC agents was that they have not updated their places of work on the ICCRC website, like Shahrzadi who is said to work for Prudentian Immigration Services Inc and Michele who apparently works for Barclay and Associates Canadian Immigration Services.


This could be a huge oversight on the part of the company, as it either means that they only have one RCIC on the payroll or that they are too unorganized to do a slight admin change to their RCIC profiles.


In terms of online security, it helps that the company is HTTPS secure, meaning that any sensitive information that you type on the site like credit card details or login passwords is safer.

RNG immigration security

RNG Immigration Services


RNG Immigration offers a very large selection of immigration options, namely:

  • Express Entry;
  • Work Permit Applications;
  • Humanitarian and Compassionate Application;
  • Refugee;
  • Caregiver;
  • Temporary Resident Visa;
  • Students Visa;
  • LMIA Application;
  • Appeals;
  • Family Sponsorships;
  • PNPs; and
  • Employment


When we tried to click on any of the services, we were redirected to a site that said the links for these pages are not available. Most of the links merely lead to the CIC website and is not original content from RNG Immigration.


As we continued to explore the company’s website, we tried to learn more about Express Entry and found that the videos on the website, again, only link to the CIC website.


We also thought it was important to note that the Caregiver program has been put on hold for review purposes by the Canadian government. It is not clear whether the program will continue after this year.


The company also does not seem to have a Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions or Refund Policy on their site. This is a definite cause of concern as it is an easy way to ensure that both the customer and the business are protected from poor practice or fraud.


Most websites normally include these documents at the footer of their website, but these legal documents are sadly missing from the RNG website.


Their Employment Services


Next up on our RNG Immigration Consultancy review we checked the company’s employment services. We were sadly disappointed. Not only are there only 14 jobs advertised, but the format of the page makes it difficult to browse, for instance, there are no search bars to type in specific job searches.


The only bonus is that the job descriptions are at least detailed and do have some important information.


When we looked closer we found that the company offers a free assessment. On opening it we found that it was a pretty decent sign up sheet that includes a rather a detailed assessment form.


There was also another add on service we did not see at first glance. RNG Immigration has a link to IELTS courses, unfortunately, these courses can only be taken in Canada, which may not be an option if you are currently living elsewhere in the world.


RNG Immigration Consultancy Reviews


It seems that RNG Immigration does not have a real social media presence, unlike many other companies that use platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay connected with their customers.


We did find it somewhat unusual that RNG Immigration does not think it normal to have any of these accounts.


On the other hand, despite the lack of social media presence, we did find some happy reviews from customers. Here are just a few examples we found.

RNG immigration customer reviews

Ending off Our RNG Immigration Consultancy Ltd Review


There is a lot that RNG Immigration can do to improve on their website, because their website content generally just lead off to the CIC website and has very little information about visa programs, prices or even application processes and requirements.


It helps that the company seem to hire several RCICs, but the fact that we could not find one of the four RCICs on the IRCC registry is a real concern that needs to be addressed by RNG Immigration.


In terms of online security, we can say that RNG Immigration has a secure site, which can assist with online payments without the fear of hackers.


Unfortunately, we discovered that the company had little original content and relied heavily on the CIC website for additional information, which seems quite lax and somewhat lazy route to take as an immigration company.


The fact that the company had no social media presence was something we have never seen before. It did make it harder to find relevant customer reviews as there was just no real information or customer interaction that we could find online.


We had to rely heavily on Google reviews, which did seem to give the company glowing reviews.


We do not believe our RNG Immigration Consultancy LTD Review shows that the company is a scam. It seems that the company is just poorly built and depends heavily on alternative sources of information. Judging from the positive response we did find online, it seems that people have a lot of good things to say about the company and specifically the RCIC, Ralph.


Have you had any experience with this company? Tell us in the comments below.


Think that this is not the company for you? You can check out a list of trusted Canadian immigration companies we have reviewed over the years to find the right match for you.

The Review

6.5 Score


The Good

  • Registered RCIC
  • Positive customer reviews
  • Secure website

The Bad

  • Sally Yap is not on the RCIC system
  • Poor content with continual links to the CIC website


  • Continuous links to other sites for information with very little original content 20%
  • Some registered RCIC 70%
  • Secure site 90%
  • Positive customer reviews 80%
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