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Resettlement Solution is an immigration company that will help you immigrate to Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. However there is not much information that is provided about who started the company, who the immigration agents are or their names. On the website they do indicate that Resettlement Solution has both MARA agents (Migration Agents Registration Authority), which is the Australian association that deals with immigration, and RCIC agents but no agent numbers or names are given. There are also no names given for immigration agents for New Zealand and the U.S.

The Website and Social Media

Resettlement Solution claim to be the only immigration agency in Kuwait and Qatar that they have MARA and RCIC agents for immigration to Australia and Canada. We know that this is not true as we have reviewed other immigration agencies in these areas. What we found to be a problem with this though is that there are no names given for the agents or even an immigration number. This immediately raises red flags for us.

On the homepage there is an option to “Migrate to Canada” but when you click on the different options it either takes you to the free online assessment or it shows you more options for how to migrate to Australia. We found this confusing as it provided no information about the different visa applications or the process that you will go through. No real information is ever provided.

There are social media links that you can click on to take you through to the various social media pages. The Facebook page for Resettlement Solution has a large following, 49 674 people have liked their page. There are regular posts by Resettlement Solution and they are often congratulating people on being granted their visas BUT that they must contact them to get their visas within 6 months. Surely these people knew that they had applied for visas? The Facebook page for Resettlement Solution was only created last year.resettlement facebook

The link for the Twitter page for Resettlement Solution does not work. When you click onto it you are taken to the Facebook page. We looked for the Twitter page for Resettlement Solution but we couldn’t find anything. There is also an Instagram account for Resettlement Solution, it has 10 posts and 50 followers. The only images that are posted to the Instagram account for Resettlement Solution are adverts and infographics. In each of these images the logo for Resettlement Solution is cut out. We found this a bit odd as we would assume that they would want their logo visible.

There are testimonials that are provided at the bottom of the page but not one testimonial mentions Resettlement Solution. In the testimonials it just indicates that using an immigration agent is beneficial and it saves you time. There are also payment options that are provided for you to read through. They provide you with their banking details and methods of payment.


Immigration and visas are very complicated in their process itself, I recommend that one gets professional advice, and almost all the countries have registered migration agents like MARA in Australia, IAA in New Zealand and ICCRC in Canada. Only deal with registered guys, they do not lie and steal.





At the bottom of the homepage there is a list of companies, we are not sure whether these are companies that resettlement Solution works with or not. The logo for MARA and the ICCRC are there but you are unable to click on any of these logos. With other reviews that we have done on scams this has always been a give-away to a possible scam.

The website has no terms and conditions page, no privacy policy and no refund policy. The website was also only created on the 5th of March 2014.


Resettlement Solution has a large following on Facebook, however the fact that their website is so new and that there are no manes of immigration agents for either MARA or ICCRC is troubling. One positive does not cancel out all the negatives.

There is so little information on the website for Canadian and Australian immigration that we have to wonder if Resettlement Solution put any effort into creating the website. We are very unsure about the legitimacy of Resettlement Solution because there are too many problems we have found. We would advise you to proceed with caution.

If you have dealt with Resettlement Solution please leave a comment in our comments section below.

You can visit their website here:

The Review

1.6 Score


The Good

  • They are aware who MARA and the ICCRC are
  • The Facebook page for Resettlement Solution has a large following

The Bad

  • There is no terms and conditions page, no privacy policy and no refund policy
  • There are no names or numbers given for MARA and RCIC agents
  • The website is only a year old


  • Company Identity 20%
  • Legitimacy 20%
  • Service Feedback 20%
  • Features 10%
  • Published Content 10%
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14 Discussion to this review

  1. COMPLAIN says:

    its happened to me when i paid 3000 qatari riyal for processing pay for applying tourist visa canada they told its very easy to take tourist visa thats why i paid from Mr, Nirbhay Kataria RESSETLEMENT SULUTION QATAR. any body can help any idea how to refund my money.. when i paid no bodby give receive the call nobody reply the email also

    • nirbhay says:

      Please do not misguide people Mr Celso as without submitting any xyz Documents no country will give you the visa. So please don’t tell wrong stories to the people so that they get misguided.


  2. salam khan says:

    these guys are joke actually and fraud dont go for them they will just ask your money and then they will vanish. they will not attend your phone & will give excuses and in the end they will say sorry your application is rejected.

  3. ayob says:

    All Consultant r same,even Registered Resettlement solution only demand money first weather client get visa or not. Before registration to any consultant please check you r eligible or not for PR. Otherwise these consultants charge fees and later on they did not even call or making excuses like IELTS/Certificates etc.

  4. Sameh Fouad says:

    I am your client since 2014. I have been suffering from your ignorance and wrong information I obtain from you. You are not answering my emails, and I struggle for a consultation from you, although I paid 600 KD to you. Moreover, when I make any appointment, no one from your office answers my questions. You look like hiring unqualified people. I regret to sign a contract with you. You also do not care about your customers, you care only for your employees. When I came to file a complaint, you simply told me that if I am not satisfied, you can go to another agent. So you only take money and help in the assessment and that’s it. Now my assessment is expired, and I am struggling to get help from you on how to renew it. To whom want an agent, I do not recommend Resettlement Solutions at all.

  5. Ricky says:

    I would like to iapply for working visa to Canada and may I know what is the qualification and requirements thanks ..

  6. Mohammed Riyaz says:

    Could you please refer any registered and genuine immigration consultant who assist in getting job and PR for Canada, here in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

  7. Iqbal U says:

    Resettlement Solutions is one of the best consultant for immigration purposes. The author for this article have not done enough research and further complicate things. I recommend them all the way.

  8. Lolita S. Galvan says:

    Good day to you! I am Lolit from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I just want to ask if the Resettlement Solution here in Riyadh is registered immigration company to help us immigrate to canada?
    Thank you.

  9. Dina essam says:

    They are one of the registered agents in MARA website.
    So why the review says it is not?
    And doyou tink this doesn’t mean they must be good or trusted enough

    • Canadian Visa Review says:

      Good Day

      We will review this, and make changes where necessary.

      Thank you

  10. Rose says:

    Hi. thanks for the useful info on your website and the reviews. I live in Kuwait, and I would like to know if there is any Verified/Certified immigration company based here, from whom i can get correct info on immigration and stuff. If you know any such organization please give me the link of their website, so i can contact them. Thanks.

  11. Abk says:

    I think u should review them again they have their MARA and ICCRC license no mentioned on their website

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