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About Reach Immigration


It is difficult to comment on who Reach Immigration is and what they do. The reason for this issue is that their website contains near to no useful information. Through heavy investigation, we determined that they must be a group of lawyers specializing in immigration.


However, nowhere on their website will you find any names of the people who work there. This is frustrating because, without this information, it is really difficult to check the legitimacy of the company. Apparently, they are registered with the Ontario legal society, their membership number is #1382616, but you cannot follow up on this number without the names of the registered members. So for all we know, they might not be registered at all.


One of the few detailed pages on their website reveals that Reach Immigration has several offices in the middle east and Egypt. According to their site, they have offices in:


  • Amman, Jordan;
  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia;
  • Jeddah, Saudi Arabia;
  • Baghdad, Iraq; and
  • Two offices in Cairo, Egypt


Operating from these offices, they claim to provide immigration assistance to many countries across the world. Specifically, they help skilled migrants move to Australia and Canada, and they also help investors through immigration programs to:


  • Portugal;
  • Belgium;
  • Bulgaria;
  • The U.K.;
  • The U.S.;
  • Dominica;
  • Malta;
  • Spain; and
  • Many others


Though the above list is long and impressive, our Reach Immigration Review focuses on their Canadian immigration services.


Reach Immigration Logo


Reach Immigration’s Canadian Immigration Services


Reach immigration only offers assistance with three Canadian Immigration programs. According to their website, these programs  are:


  • Canada Entrepreneur – Manitoba;
  • Canada Skilled Migration; and
  • Investors Migration – Canada (British Columbia)


There are so many different immigration streams to Canada, so we found it quite strange that these are the only categories they assist with. The links to these pages are disappointing because you will find very little content on the specifics of these immigration programs.


Apart from them saying that they provide “immigration services”, it is not clear what exactly they do. They do not mention consultancy and nowhere is there mention of immigration consultants.


It seems as if the free evaluation on offer is the only way you can access more information on immigration. This is frustrating because you have to give up personal information for just a little bit more detail about the company and their services. Even if you do give them your details, there is no guarantee that your information will be kept private or if you will receive any helpful information about the company.

Reach Immigration Canada Law Society Membership Number

Reach Immigration’s Social Media and User Reviews


It is clear from Reach Immigration’s social media that the company mostly deals with Arabic speakers, seeing as all of their social media accounts are in Arabic. It is difficult for us to comment on the legitimacy and user satisfaction of this company due to the language barrier.


However, we did find their Facebook page to be very impressive. Reach Immigration has a large following of 482,581 and they regularly post to their newsfeed. Unfortunately, they disabled the review function on their Facebook which concerns us.


They also have an active Twitter page with 2,835 followers and an Instagram with 2,303 followers.


On their website, you will find a link to a Linkedin profile. We tried to them, but according to Linkedin, the profile is either private or it does not exist.


Reach Immigration has a dedicated testimonials page on their website. As with all testimonial pages, we advise that you should not take them too seriously. Companies will only include positive testimonials on their site and there is no way to check if the reviews are real or just written by the company.


Reach Immigration Facebook Videos

One of many videos on Reach Immigration’s Facebook.




It is clear that Reach Immigration targets the Arabic market. We would like to give an honest and complete image of Reach Immigration; however, seeing as our skills in Arabic are not good enough to give you a complete idea about this company. We can only comment on what we found in English, so our Reach Immigration review should be read with that in mind.


We liked that the company has a free evaluation service and their Facebook presence is really impressive. Even if Reach Immigration does not have the most detailed website, at least they give you the option to find out more at no visible cost.


That being said, we did not like their empty website. The company really only provides the bare minimum. We could not find out who they are or what exactly they do. Perhaps all of this is available on their Arabic site or on their Facebook.

If you are an English speaker and you are looking for a more detailed immigration service, there are many to choose from. Visit our website for a list of some of the best Canadian Immigration companies in the world.

The Review

6.8 Score


The Good

  • Free Evaluation
  • Great Social Media Presence

The Bad

  • No clear mention of accreditation or authorization
  • Low detail content


  • No clear mention of accreditation 50%
  • Bare Website 40%
  • Great Social Media Presence 100%
  • Free Evaluation 80%
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