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About PwC

PwC Law LLP is a “leading” immigration consultancy law firm offering Canadian, American and worldwide immigration legitimate services. With over 20 years of experience in immigration law, PwC Law has quite a reputation. PwC Law LLP claims to “go far beyond” just processing your applications, as they offer services that are personal and have your best interest at heart. Let’s see just how true this is.

There is no visible ICCRC branding such as the logo on the website. We came to find two regulated ICCRC members for PwC Law LLP/Bomza Law Group namely; Tannia Kruzkaya Gonzalez Guerrero and Natallia Valynchuk. We also found a few of their lawyers, namely Mr. David Glicksman, on The Law Society of Upper Canada.

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Website and Services

Upon visiting the home page of PwC Law LLP, we noted the small font, which isn’t exactly ideal but readable. After a few downward scrolls, we found both their Privacy Policy page and Terms & Conditions page right there in the footer.

These vital documents are far too easily forgotten these days. The Privacy Policy was revised a little under a year ago, which means they’re on top of things. The policy was defined in rigorous detail ensuring that nothing is missed or over looked, addressing a total of 16 privacy based questions. The same goes for the Terms & Conditions as great detail and thorough work was put into these documents.

The overall design of this website was quite basic and it’s straight forward and easy to use, user-friendly at its best.

The services offered by PwC include temporary resident visas, business visas, work permits, temporary foreign worker program, labour market impact assessments, certificate d’acception du Quebec, study permits, federal skilled worker program and many others. We were quite impressed by the number of services offered.


Social Media & Online Review

PwC Law LLP has Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, as well as a blog. Though both accounts seem to have been neglected, we’re not moved much by this. Their website is more than a pleasure to browse and the lack of social media activity is almost irrelevant. Their Twitter and Facebook accounts were last updated in late 2015 with no activity yet for 2016. Based on the posts we have seen the same great quality shown on their website presented here. We would like to see them interact a bit more on their social media accounts though.



We do have confidence that PwC Law LLP is able to handle your immigration requirements. The company possess both regulated ICCRC members as well as The Law Society of Upper Canada members, so credentials are not lacking at all. For the most part, we are quite happy with what we have found in PwC Law LLP, though we would like to see more social media action.

You can visit their website here:

The Review

7 Score


The Good

  • Regulated
  • Terms & Conditions page
  • Privacy Policy page

The Bad

  • Poor website design
  • Poor Social Media Upkeep


  • Company Identity 70%
  • Legitimacy 80%
  • Feedback 60%
  • Published Content 70%
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