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Pinoys2Canada Review website

Pinoys2Canada Review


To begin our Pinoys2Canada review we start with the company’s image and what they claim to provide to their customers.


Pinoys2Canada is a Canadian immigration consultancy that is based in Pasig City in the Philippines. The company provides immigration services for both temporary and permanent residency in Canada.


Unfortunately, we could not find out when the company was created, who they employ or who owns it.


Their Website


The company’s website is easy to navigate. Their content about immigration programs is useful and does go into a lot of detail sometimes, unfortunately, some of this information needs to be updated. An example of this is the Live in Caregiver Program which is closed to all applicants at the moment and may be permanently removed altogether.


We liked that the company offers free assessments to their clients.


We noticed that Pinoys2Canada also has a page dedicated to their partners. These companies seem to be linked to IELTS courses, volunteer work and even job services.


Pinoys2Canada review partners


The company has a news blog feature that we enjoyed. The only problem is that many of the latest articles they published is news from last year, for example, the article that talks about Dependents came out in May in 2017, but the company only published it in June 2018.


Though this is not a huge issue, there may be problems if the business does not keep up to date on Canadian immigration news.


Pinoys2Canada blog


Another problem we came across was that we could not find the company’s Terms and Condition, Refund or Privacy Policy. These documents are meant to help protect both the company and the customer from fraud or misuse.


Their Services


Next in our Pinoys2Canada review, we look at the services and products of the company. They offer services for:

  • Atlantic Pilot Program;
  • Business Visas;
  • Canadian Experience Class;
  • Express Entry
  • Provincial Nominee Program;
  • Investor Visas;
  • Student Visas;
  • Visitor Visas; and
  • Work permits


Though the company says that it is a Canadian immigration consultancy, we could not find any RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) hired at the company. There is no mention of their names or if the company used immigration lawyers that are authorized representatives.


Only legal immigration lawyers and RCICs can offer paid immigration services. If you apply with someone who is not qualified, the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada can deny your application.


Social Media Reviews




Pinoys2Canada facebook


The company has a really large following on Facebook of 146,754 people. The reviews on the company also seem to be really positive, although we did notice that many of the reviews were comments about wanting to live in Canada rather than the services of Pinoys2Canada.


Pinoys2Canada social media


The company also had some nice reviews like the following:


Pinoys2Canada social media reviews


They do not post often on their page and it seems that they are not really responsive on messenger where they take up to a day to reply. There are also users that the company does not reply to at all. This does not give the company the best image.







In comparison, the company has a more modest following on Twitter compared to Facebook, with 405 followers. The business also seems less active on their account having last posted in March 2018.


Most of their posts are about customer reviews and there is some mention of immigration information. There does not seem to be any interaction between the customers and the company on Twitter.



Pinoys2Canada instagram


The company’s Instagram has a small following of 737. Here they post about successful clients getting their Canadian visas and very few posts about immigration, Express Entry draws and policy changes.


We did find other reviews that talked about issues customers had with the “free evaluation” offered by the company.






Pinoys2Canada seems to have a lot going for it. It has a user friendly site, free evaluation services, along with basic content about certain immigration programs, but there are issues.


Missing documents like a Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Refund policies are a major problem. There is also the problem that we could not find the authorized representative on the company site. We could not prove that the company hires either an immigration lawyer or that they have approved RCICs.


It does help that the company seems to have a lot of positive reviews about their services. Although, the lack of up to date information, customer interaction and the company’s posting do not support this image.


We would suggest caution if you do hire their services. Request information about their consultants before you do any payments to make sure your application will not be in any danger of being rejected by the IRCC.


This is the end of our Pinoys2Canada review, if you are tired of searching for a trusted Canadian immigration company, check out our reviews and find the perfect one for you


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The Review

4.8 Score


The Good

  • Good online reviews
  • User friendly website
  • Basic information about visa programs

The Bad

  • No names of authorized representatives
  • Low customer interaction on social media
  • Missing legal documents like T&C, Privacy Policies and others


  • Lack of information about RCICs or immigration lawyers 20%
  • Good basic content about immigration programs and visas 70%
  • Decent number of followers on Facebook 70%
  • Very little customer interaction on social media. Users requests are sometimes ignored 30%
  • Mostly positive customer reviews on social media platforms 90%
  • No Terms and Conditions, Refund or Privacy Policy 10%
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