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Overseas Immigration is an immigration company that provides immigration services to Canada. However, Overseas Immigration not only deals with immigration but recruitment too and they claim to be the elite suppliers of workers to their clients. Sounds a bit like a cattle service but that may just be us.

Overseas Immigration claims to have over 10 years of experience but when we read their About Us page they say that they are in the eighth year of business. This seems a little strange and misleading. We found out that the CEO and the RCIC agent is Kuldeep Bansal.



On the Contact Us page there is also a list of Overseas Immigration staff members. Kuldeep’s RCIC number is not listed on the website but we found it on the ICCRC’s website, R407527. We also found out that Cynthia is the Marketing Manager as well as a paralegal. No surname or credentials are provided for Cynthia.


View the website here:


The Website

The website for Overseas Immigration is nicely laid out and it is easy to use. With this being said, when you are wanting to look for information about their immigration services and you click on the option, you are either directed to the CIC’s website or to a specific province’s website. It is a very lazy way of doing things and if Overseas Immigration claims to have the years of experience that they do, then surely they can provide their own information?

On the website they also claim that they have the expertise to provide their clients with FREE advice. We are unsure whether they mean that they give their services for free or that they have a free online form, which they do.

Something that we found strange is the fact that they claim to be members of a few organisations like the ICCRC (this is true), CAPIC, Canadian Restaurant and Food Services Provider, Retail Council of Canada and the Law Society of British Columbia. You are unable to click on any of these organisation’s seals and we really do not know who the lawyer is at this company.

On the website Overseas Immigration claims to provide their clients with services in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • Punjabi
  • Hindi
  • Urdu
  • Chinese
  • Cantonese
  • Mandarin
  • Thai
  • Cambodian/Khmer

However, there is no option for the Overseas Immigration website to be translated to another language.

When we were going through the website we found a few pages that did not work or were not found. There is an option to look at a Gallery but when we click on the option you see Page Not Found. This also happens when you look at the Provincial Nomination option and provinces like Alberta and British Columbia do not work.

There are no important online documents on the website like a privacy policy, a refund policy or a terms and conditions.

Social Media

There are two social media links from the website for Facebook and Twitter. The Facebook page is a personal account for Kuldeep Bansal and as we aren’t friends with him on Facebook what we can see is limited. There are posts to the account saying that truck drivers are wanted. When people comment on the posts Kuldeep replies saying that the individual should either add him on WhatsApp or message him and he provides his personal number.


The link for Twitter does not work and we were redirected to the page that we were on. We did find a personal Twitter account for Kuldeep Bansal with over 200 followers but no posts.

Our Conclusion

The website for Overseas Immigration is laid out nicely and is easy to navigate but it lacks important information and the information that is provided is not their own. The fact that Overseas Immigration has put organisation’s seals on their website with no indication of how they are linked is worrying. Who is the lawyer that is registered with the Law Society of British Colombia?


If you have dealt with Overseas Immigration please leave a comment below and tell us about your experience.

The Review

3 Score


The Good

  • There is a registered RCIC agent

The Bad

  • There is no important online documentation
  • There is a poor social media presence
  • There are organisation's seals listed on the website with no indication of how they are members


  • Company Identity 40%
  • Legitimacy 50%
  • Features 40%
  • Service Feedback 10%
  • Published Content 10%
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4 Discussion to this review

  1. Harry says:

    Court certifies class-action suit involving 450 foreign workers who got no jobs against Overseas Immigration Services, Overseas Career and Consulting Services, and Trident Immigration Services


  2. Adrain Carrestosse says:

    Overseas Immigration is one of the best immigration services based in Surrey. I would highly recommend to all those people who want to immigrate to Canada. My file had a complicate case which was handled professionally by Mr. Kuldeep Bansal. I am really happy with the services . Thanks to overseas immigration. I am a permanent resident of Canada.

  3. saiminesin says:

    Overseas immigration is a scam. Kuldeep Bansel is a liar as well as the team working for him. He might be ICRC member but he is playing games. Don’t forget that he is also the CEO of this company. He came here to Dubai & make open days about many jobs category & whoever want to work in Canada they need to pay him 20000 UAE Dirhams. 50% to open a file for you and 50% after when you received LMO or LMAO . Seem convincing right? Don’t get fool by that , it’s not true service. He will take your 50% when you open the file even he don’t provide you LMO, he will convince that he will refund you if you don’t receive LMO in 6 months. But he never did, you call them they put you on hold or transferring , so your call was never entertain. You send them thousands of emails but no reply. In some case to make more reliable he will provide you LMO just before expiry date …. Let’s say one week before … So you rush to applied the visa in Canadian embassy with all required documents but guess what you will never get an visa approval …. Wanna know why ? Beacause he is giving FAKE LMO’s but of course you had no idea it’s legit or fake unless you apply in embassy …. So when you don’t get visa approval you contacted them and they will tell you that Visa office refuse you not them…. Just like that now he will get full payment …. Anyway these are story of my life with Kuldeep and there are thousands of people’s just like me ….they came here in Dubai and make millions and take all the money earn here hardly. They will burn in hell.

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