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Can Oracle Visas Be Trusted?


Oracle Visas has over a decade of experience in the immigration industry and their dedication ensures that their clients get their visas on their first try. Oracle Visas claims to have a global presence and a fail-safe strategy.

Oracle Visas claims to do immigration to a number of countries and with each visa, there is a new, larger list of countries. We feel that this is a little peculiar.

The first thing we asked ourselves when looking at this website is, who works at Oracle Visas? Who does the immigration processes for Oracle Visas? Who are Oracle Visas RCIC and MARA agent? Unfortunately, these questions were left unanswered.

We are unsure of who founded the company or who is in charge of the immigration processes. This is very worrying.


The Website

The website for Oracle Visas is professional looking and provides you with the basic information about immigrating to a number of countries. Oracle Visas has the important online documents on the website; privacy policy, refund policy and a terms and conditions.

Oracle Visas claims to do immigration to a number of countries:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • UK
  • USA
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Malta

Oracle Visas also does other visas to:

  • Malaysia
  • Singapore
  • Hong Kong
  • South Africa
  • New Zealand
  • India
  • Pak (like that on the website)
  • Morocco
  • Tunisia
  • Turkey
  • Russia
  • Cyprus
  • Ireland

Oracle Visas seems to be very busy with all the different visas that they offer for so many different countries. The only immigration seals that they display on their website is the ICCRC for Canada and MARA for Australia. This raises a huge red flag with regard to Oracle Visas legitimacy. How can you trust a company if they have failed to tell you who will be dealing with your immigration process?


The website has a Blog page but there are only two blog posts that are both short and about Canada. Is this the only country that Oracle Visas is worried about? You can, however, do the free online assessment that is available on the website.

While we were doing research on Oracle Visas, we found a few complaints about the company not being legitimate and scamming people. Oracle Visas replies to the comment saying that it was an ex-staff member.

Social Media

There is a social media link on the page for the Facebook page and it does work. There are no other social media links that are available on the page.

The Facebook page was founded in 2002 and it has over 62 000 likes. The posts to the page are regular and relevant to immigration. The posts do seem to focus more on Canadian immigration and UK immigration. One thing that you must remember is that likes can be bought for social pages on Facebook.


There is no link to a Twitter account but we were able to find two different Twitter accounts. The one account has more activity than the other, which has no posts. Let’s call Twitter account one, the account with “some” activity and Twitter account two with no activity.

Twitter account one only has over 70 followers and the last posts is from the 6th of March 2015. What we found a bit odd is the fact that there are Tweets about diamonds and diamond mining.

Our Conclusion

Oracle Visas has a good looking website and an impressive following on Facebook but is that enough to make you trust them? The fact that they have failed to provide any indication of who their immigration consultants are is a problem. People need to know who they are dealing with.

Immigration is a tricky business and so much can go wrong in a short space of time. As a possible client to any immigration company, you need to know who you will be dealing with. Oracle Visas has failed to provide the simplest form of information.

If you have dealt with Oracle Visas, please leave a comment below and tell us about your experience.

You can visit their website here:

The Review

1.8 Score


The Good

  • Clean website
  • Impressive Facebook

The Bad

  • no RCIC or MARA agents apparent


  • Company Identity 30%
  • Legitimacy 30%
  • Features 10%
  • Service Feedback 10%
  • Published Content 10%
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23 Discussion to this review

  1. AJ says:

    Big Fraud this company,, never ever trust them ..

  2. Ratheesh rajan says:


  3. Roh81 says:

    Don’t waste money Oracal visa is big scammer & cheater please don’t wast time and money I had very bad experience with Oracal be ware

  4. Shabeer says:

    Don’t waste ur money,they will give u good news before the date of payment after they start threatening you that if you dont pay the remaining balance they will keep your application aside. . Even after paying the complete amount there is nothing that they would do. I received two calls from the 3rd party But am sure that call was done by them itself because the interview was really rubbish . This is what happening to me currently. Now a days even no one is attending call, no reply for my mail . Am already in trap. Guys I also proved them the interviews was fake then, at the end they refund my money 2000, still my 6000 is with them. But now they are threatening me if I didn’t write good comments on Facebook or any where, they will file a compliant against me.. really Pathetic.. guys go department of ecomnims Dubai and register ur complaint.. don’t waste ur hardworking money.. I lost already..

  5. Siddharoodh says:

    I am applying to Canada through agents “oracle visas ” and”migration gateways”are these fake agents? They asking application fees 1500 aed. What can I do pls advice.

  6. Marlo Canedo says:

    I had a training here as a visa consultant for a couple of days. They offered me great salary for starters. I was one of the 3 applicants who got hired out of 700 walk in applicants on that day. On the first day of training, I felt that there is really something wrong about the procedures on how people apply for canadian(or other countries) work permit or visa. Later that day, I befriended everyone and continued my training on the 3rd day. I asked them if that company was really legit, one employee told me that they will just get 2-3 months salary then leave because of the job’s nature. They get registration fee money from the applicants and they will call them using skype or private number and pretend that they sre from canada but in fact, they are just in the back office and calling the applicants and fail them. By doing this, applicant can’t get the registration fee they handed over to the company. I left after a week because i cant take to take money from someone and fooling them. Dont trust this company.

  7. Arnold John says:

    I have come across with oracle visas reviews and i felt as an applicant i am obliged to share my experience. I am currently enrolled with them and receiving interview calls. These guys coached me on things that i don’t know to enhance my interview skill set.I visit their office and often in-touch with them because its my obligation as an applicant to do whats needed. It’s not because i have paid it will be guaranteed that i can fly right away. The point is, people who provide bad rep to this company is just jumping on the bandwagon to promote their own company in a way that it doesn’t look like a sales pitch.Before joining and i have done my research before i sign up with this company and so far i was updated and the expectation was set in a way that i also need to do my part for us to get the desired result for my application. Just sharing my two cents……

    • mape says:

      it’s a waste..
      nothing will happen on your application.
      I process my documents for New Zealand at oracle visa they said employer will contact us for interview.
      first I was so excited hoping that I could passed..
      the “EMPLOYERS” called me at 11pm at night UAE time but when I check the time difference between New Zealand and UAE it is 5 am in the morning in New Zealand, that make me doubt if it’s really the employer or someone is making me fool.
      then I went in oracle office to inform that I received a call from “EMPLoYER”, I hear employee from the back office calling the other applicant and do the interview on the phone..

      it will waste your money it’s fraud.. just like what happened to me.
      They are good at first but after a 6 months of paying goodbye..

    • Shabeer says:

      K then did u get job ? Give me updates. Now where u working

  8. Chris says:

    Am currently undergoing through the process with Oraclevisas. I have paid half way through, and got 1 call for interview with a private number. Am 3 months through, do I continue or stop the payment and process. Please advice ASAP.

    • Well Wisher says:

      Do not make the payment.They are fraud. They have some English women who would be calling you for the interview stating the are from Canada.

      • chris says:

        I have already made payment last month.How do I take them on for fraud? Can’t just watch lose $2500.I have all receipts from them and emails and contract. Please advice

        • Shivakumar says:

          Hello Mr.Chris
          This is Shiva. I have gone throw your comments. i would like to join this oracle visas can you suggest me about this company. is there any thing happened about your application. have you any job throw this company.
          i will be waiting for your valuable comments.

          Thank you..!!

          • Jasmine Curtis says:

            That freaking company is a scam! Don’t trust them

          • Chris says:

            My brother it’s a scam, don’t bother yourself wasting your money.

          • Shivakumar says:

            I think you have been joined in this company right.. Did they returned you money. You been mentioned u have paid half of money in oracle visas.

        • Shabeer says:

          Did u received any job offers ?

        • shabeer says:

          go to dubai econimics and register case against them

          • Husnul says:

            Dear the Dubai office is closed and I am among the victims, where to get updates or amount what I given. Please update by (

  9. Ramiz says:

    Sir I work Singapore 4 yeas
    Sir how to apply form Canada visa for net to work permit visa please sir my phone number 006584135785

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