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Opulentus Overseas Careers is an immigration agent that has been around since 1998 and has years of experience. According to their website, Opulentus Overseas Careers is based in Mumbai, India. They also have offices in the U.K, Canada, Ireland, and the U.S.A.


In their “About Us” page the company claims to have never failed to process a successful visa to Canada, Australia, and the U.S.A. The company says they have a number of immigration consultants who are professional and very experienced. The company works with independent consultants who they have failed to name. According to the company, these consultants are registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). It is not possible to verify this because they have not been named.


Opulentus reviewed


On the other hand, Opulentus Overseas are registered by Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA). MARA regulates agents who offer immigration services to Australia.


Website and Services


The home page for Opulentus Overseas is quite busy and lacks neatness, distracting you from the information that they provide. There is so much to take in that you just get overwhelmed.


Otherwise, as an immigration agent, Opulentus Overseas website is well labeled with well-written information about their services. They have all the pages you would expect on an immigration website, such as a Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, and Terms and Conditions page.


The website also has a “Blog” page with well-written articles about immigration that are up to date. In addition to that, they also have a “Forum” Page that is very active with many participants.


Opulentus Overseas Careers provide immigration services to many countries including Canada, Australia, and Ireland.




The company provides the following Canadian immigration services:


  • Provincial Nominee Programs;
  • Study Visa;
  • Work Permits;
  • Express Entry; and
  • Work Visas


The website also clearly states the charges for each visa service that they provide.


Social Media and Online Reviews


The social media presence for Opulentus Overseas is quite good. Their Facebook page has 88, 405 likes and their latest post was on May 16, 2018. Their posts receive a lot of likes and comments so they are reaching their target audience. They also reply to users’ comments and assist them with their queries and direct them in the right direction. Their Twitter page has 2, 678 followers and their last post was on May 16, 2018.


Opulentus Overseas have a Testimonials page on their website that is full of positive reviews form their clients. A majority of them seem to be Australian immigration clients.




As an immigration agent, Opulentus Overseas Careers have good company identity and years of experience. Their website is a bit basic and cluttered and could do with a makeover to make it flow more smoothly. The information provided is informative and helpful and is easy to read and understand even if English is not your first language.


The biggest concern is the lack of clarity on who handles their Canadian immigration matters. Are these consultants indeed registered with the ICCRC? For this reason, we advise anyone seeking to hire them for immigration services to proceed with caution and due diligence.


For more in-depth reviews visit our website here.

The Review

4.8 Score


The Good

  • Website Content
  • Social Media Presence
  • Services

The Bad

  • RCIC


  • Company Identity 50%
  • Published Content 60%
  • Legitimacy 40%
  • Website Features 40%
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2 Discussion to this review

  1. Anonymous says:

    Rude and uninformative

  2. nichel Dsouza says:

    I am having such a harrowing experience dealing with this organization. Their service is only efficient till the money has been deposited in their account. I can also boldly claim that the only time this organization has pro-actively called me is when the money had not reached the account. I feel like I am stuck with these guys and there is no way to get out.

    Let me list out some of the issues so that you get a clear Picture

    * Direct Contact Number:
    – There is no Direct number. The only way to get in touch with them is that you have to schedule a call. So now you are in a situation where you pay a large sum of money for service which will only be provided to you at their convenience and not at yours.
    – You need to book time slots for them to call back. More importantly, free slots are available only after 3-4 days (This is not an exaggeration). Consider if you only want to ask them a query about filling up a form, you will need to wait for 3-4 days to do the same.

    * Customer Service:
    – Your case officer always keeps changing.
    – They have a process in place to handle your case and at each stage you will have different case officer. The problem here is that the representative just reads your requirement of a script and are is no position to advice you on anything other than what falls in their script.
    – More importantly they are apathetic towards your issues. Imagine our Vodafone and Airtel Customer service and multiply it by 5.

    – I will share some facts with you inorder for you to get a clear picture, otherwise as reader you may think this is just the rantings of a very unsatisfied customer. Unsatisfied yes, but not without cause
    > They Recommended me that I send my educational docs to IQAS (Alberta) for verification which takes about 3 months. On the other hand, a friend of mine who is applying at the same time through the same agency was sent to WES which takes about One and half month. On questioning them, they said that WES would take more time for Verification. I did mention that WES has mentioned the time frames on their website. Then they said that I was directed to IQAS because of some issues with the WES assembly body. My friend send his document to WES 2 days after I did and received it a whole 2 months before me.
    > Then came the stage where I had to get referral letters for my work experience. I was informed on numerous occasions that I did not need a referral letter for work experience below 1 year. However after submission of all my documents requested by them, and giving them the required credentials to upload my application I had to wait 5 whole days before finally getting someone to answer my call and telling me I needed the referral letter of the company I worked for below one year. I put 9 mails between these 5 days asking them for an update and all you get is computer generated mail saying “Thank you for your mail we will revert shortly”

    *No Call Back
    -They never call you back…EVER. You need to book a slot and after 4 days when they get the time, you will get a call by someone who is absolutely incompetent and will probably reply to all your queries with answers like “Let me review your profile and get back to you” & ” I apologize for the inconvenience”.

    I have been with these guys for 6 months and I absolutely HATE every single day of it. Ohh and the most positive aspect of all, they make you realize that you should have done this stuff on your own in the first place.
    #opulentus #Overseascareer #Opuletusoverseascareer #opulentusoverseas

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