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We took a good look at this immigration and relocation specialist during our OCSC Global review.  They promise to deliver customized solutions that meet their clients’ needs. Discover how far you can put your trust in this company.


About OCSC Global

OCSC website

The company states that they have been in business for more than 25 years and that they almost have a 100% success rate. OCSC goes on to say that they offer competitively affordable prices to their clients


The company has a very large selection of immigration services that it offers to Canada, the U.S., the U.K., Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.


To keep up with their customers, OCSC Global has branches in:

  • The U.S.;
  • Canada;
  • Australia;
  • Singapore;
  • Taiwan; and
  • Indonesia


OCSC Global Services


Next, in our OCSC Global review we looked at what services this immigration company offers and found that their services extend to:


  • Skilled Workers Class Immigration;
  • Permanent Residence visas;
    • Federal Skilled Worker Visa:
    • Federal Skilled Trades Class Visa;
    • Canadian Experience Class; and
    • International Graduates Visa
  • Business Class Immigration like:
    • Quebec investor program; and
    • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Investors Programs


But these are not the only services OCSC offers, they also focus on:

  • Business set-up;
  • Career placements and assistance; and
  • Accommodation services


We also noticed that OCSC includes investors programs on their site. We hope they have stayed updated on the various investor visas, seeing as two of the biggest programs have been closed for at least three years.


The company offers a free online assessment. This will at least give you the chance to find out if you can apply for certain visa types like the Federal Skilled Worker Visa.

OCSC global review assessment


The Website


As we went through their website we found that OCSC has a blog section, which we were at first very pleased to see, unfortunately, the company last published a blog in 2016.

OCSC blog

This is an issue that the company really needs to look at as the world of immigration is constantly changing and new regulations and policies are implemented over the years. Customers must always be kept up to date with the latest changes in the visa application process as this may affect if they applications succeed or not.


We were happy to find that the company has a Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy on their website. But when we opened the documents, we found that the “Terms and Conditions” did not cover any real legal issues for hiring the company. Not only that, but the company also has no mention of refunds or how customer information is kept safe and used by the company. The Terms and Conditions section merely referred us to a service page.

OCSC privacy policy


We were even more disappointed when we tried to open their Privacy Policy and it linked to the exact same page as the “Terms and Conditions”.


We would seriously suggest caution when hiring OCSC Global services if there is no real legal protection for the customer.


Our OCSC Global review also found that the company website is not secure. It does not have the necessary HTTPS code that shows that the website is more secure against third-party hackers.

OSCR not safe

What this means is that you should not enter in sensitive information into this site, like your credit card details, as you may end up as a victim of a hacker.


Online security is a huge issue and we suggest that OCSC Global take a real good look at making their site more secure for their customers.


We tried to figure out if the company hires any RCIC (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) or immigration lawyers since none are mentioned on the site.


We went through the ICCRC (Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council) registry to try and find immigration specialists but came up with no results.



This is worrying as only an RCIC or qualified immigration lawyer can legally assist you with a Canadian visa application as a paid service. Because we were unable to locate the agents used by OCSC Global, we have serious doubts about the company’s credibility.


Please note, if you do not use an authorized legal representative like an RCIC or immigration lawyer, the IRCC can reject your application.


Social Media Review for OCSC Global


It seems the company only has one social media account. This Facebook account has a pretty decent following of 20,007 people and unlike its website blog the content is more recent. Most of these Facebook posts have to do with Express Entry draws more than anything else.


OCSC Global also makes use of other blogs and links them in quite a few of their posts.


We noticed that the company replies very quickly to customer queries on messenger. OCSC is more responsive than some companies but there is still some improvements to be made as the company does respond on their page to some of the customers, but not the majority of them.

OCSC facebook

Overall, we liked that the company enabled the review option on their page, which shows that they have a healthy rating of 4.9. Here are a few of the reviews that customers posted although, none of the reviews say what they loved about the company’s services.


There is another example where we got conflicting information about the company. As we stated earlier, some of the services the company offers are for career placements and assistance, but in a message between the company and a customer, they state that they do not offer job placement services.

OCSC conflicting info



We end off our OCSC Global review with a final tally of their services. The company seems to offer some great services and even has a free assessment you can complete.


Unfortunately for the company, there are a lot of gaps that we cannot account for. Their lack of an affiliated Canadian immigration lawyer and an RCIC is a real concern.


The fact that the company does not seem to have any legal documents like a Terms and Condition, Privacy Privacy or even a Refund Policy cause a major concern about customer security. This is worsened by the fact that the website of OCSC is not a secure one and is vulnerable to third party interference through hackers. It’s not exactly a place you want to make an online payment on.


The only thing we can praise the company for is that they are at least somewhat responsive on social media even though they could make improvements there too. They post regularly enough but most of the blogs are from third party sites anyway.


We suggest real caution if you plan to hire their services. One of your first questions should be “Who is your authorized representative” and if they do not have an answer or try to say they have a professional, beware!


If you want to find a great Canadian company you can check out our trusted agencies reviews.


Have you had experience with this company? Would you recommend them to your friends or tell them to steer clear? Please let us know below.

The Review

3 Score


The Good

  • Positive customer reviews and free online assessement

The Bad

  • No Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions or Refund Policy on their site
  • Website is not secure for online payments
  • No affiliated RCICs or immigration lawyers


  • Positive customer reviews and free online assessment 80%
  • No Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions or Refund Policy on their site 10%
  • Website is not secure for online payments 20%
  • No affiliated RCICs or immigration lawyers 10%
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